Friday, October 25

Staycation: Thistle Hotel- Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru (Malaysia) has been the usual destination for working people in Singapore for a quick get-away either for pleasure or to take advantage of cheaper rates (since denomination used is Malaysian Ringgit) or just to experience new environment without spending too much time and money. Travelling to JB from Singapore is just around 20-30 minutes, including the time spent on Immigration checking.

For the past years, we have sampled few hotel accommodations at Johor Bahru. Its way cheaper compared to staying in hotels in Singapore (additional passport stamp as a bonus). 

Saturday, June 1

3D2N Superstar Virgo Cruise

It has been a year but it still thrill me reminiscing the luxury of our 3D2N free Superstar Virgo cruise experience, one of the perks being Mrs Querubin as I was able to tag along in celebration of Gil company’s 10th year anniversary. Aside from the dinners onboard and 2-hour company group games on day 2, everything was free-and-easy, indeed a treat for honeymooning couple like us! 

Saturday, May 18

Hong Kong- A Travelogue Day 1

Travelling from Macau to Hong Kong is just an easy-breezy 1-hour ferry ride. No reservations needed as you just need to queue up at Macau Ferry Terminal and choose your preferred ferry company. We availed Turbo Jet being the most blogged ferry choice bound to Tsim Sha Tsui where our hostel is located. Economy seat was at HK$154 each (around Sgd$25 or Pph820). Aside from Economy class, they also offer VIP Cabin and Super Class at a higher rate. Check Turbo Jet website here.

Gil and the queuing counters at the back

MAC-KLN (Kowloon)? All this time I thought we bought MAC-Tsim Sha Tsui! Tsk

Tuesday, April 30

Hong Kong Accommodation


We were surprised to learn that Hong Kong offers a reasonable range of accommodation from cheap hostels to 5-star hotels located both in prime and rural areas of Hong Kong. Of our 5D4N stay in Hong Kong, the first three nights were spent in a cheap hostel at Mirador Mansion named USA Hostel. I'd admit it was the tiniest room we've gotten into, but the fact that it has two large windows, on the side and right in front of the beds, the room became a little bit larger and pleasant to the eyes. The chandelier is quite big for the room but  it gives the room warmth and a little cozy feel.

the i-Square Mall right in front of our window

Monday, April 29

travel plans for 2013

It's very unusual  for me to blog about upcoming activity or travel since I tend to feel and savor the excitement first before I spill it out to public. I don't even post status on fb about our future plans, not unless we were so overwhelmed of the trip--like the first time we experienced (free) Superstar Virgo Cruise. This time, I wanted to remind myself that we have a lot of future expenses and that we must be very serious in cost-savings beginning today! Lol 

For my supposedly birthday celeb, we've booked 2D1N Nirwana Resort Hotel stay in Bintan, Indonesia with breakfast and 60-minute massage plus ferry and land transfer. All these for $318 ($129/pax+$60 surcharge). But since my work conflicts with the scheduled date, we decided to move it to June for our 2nd year wedding anniversary.

Right now, we're planning to extend our stay there for at least 3D2N so we could lounge and rest and enjoy for a little bit longer. 2D1N isn't relaxing enough to hear, right? A night extension with buffet breakfast would cost us a hefty $160 ($80/pax) but still a good deal compared to similar 4-star hotels in Singapore.

Comes August, we will be flying back to Philippines for a 4D3N Puerto Princesa trip with family. We've booked the airtickets already except for our Sg-Mla flight on Aug7. And yes, I haven't booked yet the hotel and tours for the trip. I guess I should be starting reading by now of the best (and affordable) accommodation in Puerto Prinsesa. It's gonna be nay, mama, papa and bebe's first ever flight so we must make sure that everything's perfect! :)

Too much of being ambitious, I'm still thinking of another trip by time for Christmas and New Year since we'll not be going home to Philippines by then. Knowing the fact that homesickness strikes the most during this season, we should be planning for something that will occupy our mind for the season. I'm actually planning of Indochina trip covering two-three countries the most. I'm thrilled and already excited for this.

Calling all the good vibes to favor on our side so we could push-through all our travel plans this year. This means praying and hoping that all our family members are safe and in good condition so we could have a guilt-free vacation Gil and I believe we so deserve.

Cheers to more travels for us all! :)

Update: Gil's now processing his visa to Taiwan for three weeks work assignment (2nd to last week of June), sponsored by his company. Of all places (Philippines and Taiwan are not in good terms these days due to some disputes) and of all available dates (hello?! It's our 2nd wedding anniversary!)  And yes, I guess our 3D2N Bintan Indonesia booking will be forfeited. Sigh! 

Friday, April 26

MACAU- A Travelogue Part 2

I knew I have to finish this entry before I can proceed to the second leg of this trip. Ok, let's start..

We we're surprised to wake up the next day wearing the same pants and shirts we wore the first day.  The planned casino hopping for last night failed and besides, I don't sleep with pants! I'm a certified slumber addict (and can sleep the whole day non-stop!) and so a comfy cotton attire is a must, except for some so-tiring-I-forgot-the-whole-world situation like last night. *Yawn* 

First, we packed our things up. It's customary for us to prepare our things first so we could enjoy the remaining time in the hotel before check-out. After packing and doing the usual stuffs, we went down to the restaurant located at the 2nd floor for the buffet breakfast.

Gil and I fancy buffet breakfast. It's one of the hotel thingy that we're always looking forward to. Given that Sintra Hotel is a 3-star hotel, buffet servings are limited but quite reasonable. I've tried to make a porridge similar to that I've had in our Superstar Virgo cruise, but failed! Food was a soso... just glad to have made great black coffee! :)

Friday, April 12

Nice read

I've been reading a lot of business travel stories of a Singaporean blogger lately and I cannot help but realize that I exactly wanted to do the same thing, work+travel+leisure, all at the same time. She's been assigned mostly in South East Asia particularly India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand etc including Manila, Philippines and her honest opinion about these places really transported me there, as if I was with her right at that very moment. I particularly loved her Manila and India entries! :)

I admire her the fact that she tackled about the usual scenes and happenings around the area, and not mostly about the grand and luxury of the trip. As mentioned, those were business trips and so vacation trips would somehow speak of another language. But given the chance, I won't mind mixing work with pleasure (and getting paid at that), lol. I was already setting my mind into it in the future! :) 

I was all smiles when I finished her Manila experience entry way back 2007. Check this out:

Monday, March 11

KL trip in a day

Our friend booked the last coach trip from Singapore- Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia. The trip started around 10pm and I was expecting we’ll just doze off the travel and will reach KL in time for sunrise. Failed! Gil and I were awakened by the driver’s noise shouting like speaker that we’re already in front of Berjaya Hotel, the last destination for this trip…at 2:38 in the morning!

With Singapore Dollars on hand and nowhere to stay, we braved the dimly lit highway of Berjaya area looking for open Money Changer shop at this wee time.  But aside from ‘Teksi’ drivers chit-chatting awaiting passengers and few beggars feasting on garbages, all we got was a 7-11 store whose staff instructed us to try the nearby Berjaya Hotel. Luckily, we were able to exchange Malaysian Ringgit (at a very low rate) since it’s actually the hotel’s staff personal money. Not bad though.


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