Wednesday, October 26

2011 Recap

We consider 2011 as our year as blessings pour down on our way continuously since the year began. Gil officially asked me to marry him January during our 3rd year Anniv  trip at Kinabuhayan Café. The wedding was supposedly December of this year, or the same January 18th but seemed like God has a better plan for us, as always.

February was a busy month spent with work and preparation for our 1st time out of the country trip, Singapore-Malaysia second week of March. Good thing we were sponsored by Gil’s best friend Dhel and so we had free accommodation along with unlimited treats and freebies (Yey!). I only stayed for 5 days because of work while Gil stayed for two weeks, the first week to accompany me strolling around and the last week to apply for work. He started sending out applications after I left Singapore and during that one week, he got the job! He went back to Pinas to resign from his almost 10 years job at Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. and went back to Singapore 2nd week of April, after we have completed all our wedding requirements.

happy deepavali!

Diwali: The Festival of Light
Deepavali (Diwali), also known as "Row of Lights", marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year based on Lunar Calendar. The name itself derive from Sanskrit; Dipa means lamp, and Awali means row. -source here.

As Singapore participates with India's Deepavali festival, the working people including me and Gil rejoice as this day was declared holiday. The past few weeks been so stressful that a day-off would favor our much awaited us time--rest and shopping-on-a-budget at that. And yes, more movie time at home.

...and new look to my blog as well! ^^


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