Thursday, August 12

Pepper Lunch is LOVE

We always love yakiniku-grill it yourself style of eating thus we were surprised (we went in not expecting for any) and delightful to discover an extraordinary yakiniku-sizzle-it-your-way Japanese restaurant located at Edsa Shangri-La lower ground--Pepper Lunch. It was indeed more than ‘pakonswelo’ as I called it after we failed to witness Twilight Saga-Eclipse despite scouting two malls that morning.

 Apart from the usual charcoal grilled yakiniku, Pepper Lunch uses a unique electromagnetic cooker patented in Japan. It might sound just a typical sizzling plate though but this cooker heats up to 260 degree Celsius and could keep foods hot for long. What’s interesting with this was, foods were served fresh and raw (as in may dugo pa!) Kudos to the monitor mounted near the restaurant’s entrance showcasing ‘How to’s’ that we found ourselves in queue to order. Here it goes…

Gil had Cut Steak and Burger- P360 which I was actually eyeing. It comes with a variety of veggies and a separate bowl of pepper rice. It was served as this, before…

Saturday, August 7


It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I just so miss writing but the moment I started typing, I was lost in words. Ganun cguro talaga pag hindi inspired! :)

Not until today that I finally (finally!) received my e-passport! Weeehh! I’m so excited! Yesterday was supposed to be the delivery date (together with Sir Jun’s- an officemate) but upon checking at LBC, wala pa raw sa kanila. Odd kz I have another officemate who renewed for passport that same day I applied (hapon sched nya and finished 9 in the evening) but his passport was delivered Aug.3, two days earlier than mine! The only difference was that he was assigned at 2GO while we had LBC. (I had my e-passport delivered Thursday, August 05).

Bottom line: Ask for 2GO or any other courier other than LBC if you have a timetable to meet.

I applied for an appointment at DFA website. First visit sometime in May, earliest available date was September. When I visited again last June, I was surprised to see July 22 as the earliest and so I, together with two girl colleagues, picked July30- in time for payroll. Few days after, I checked again and earliest date was moved to July20 and so I re-sched. That was morning so I was surprised to hear from Sir Jun and Jeff that they got an appointment on July 06 that afternoon. Needless to say, I had my final appointment on July 06 at 10am.

Bottom line: Be persistent. DFA available dates change from time to time.


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