Monday, June 29

Farewell Date (Part 2)

We had a soothing Swedish and Shiatsu full body massage yesterday courtesy of Ms. Nila, a great masseuse of Touchpoint Spa in Tagaytay. It’s relaxing, painful (kumusta nmn ang mga lamig ko sa balikat at likod! Lol!) and a funny experience exposing our butt and my **** (I was on my chest and was surprised when she held my hand and lifted me up naked! Lol!) We went over to Alfonso last Friday, right after office and went back to Manila Saturday night together with Nay and Tay.

We’ve been longing for this day to come since this is gonna be our last date together (well at least for the next five months). We dropped the idea of IMAX Theater since we only got the second row seats reservation (but still took the chance of having a better seat thus we went over to the ticket booth early today, only to find out that only the last full show of 10pm is available and all others were fully booked). We had the Center Stage instead, anyway, the same Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen will be shown (sour graping! Lol!)

After we secured the 1:30pm movie tickets, we headed towards Sbarro for ‘brunch’. I had Baked Zitti in Alfredo sauce and Ham and Cheese Stromboli while Gil had Meaty Lasagna and Chicago Pasta Stuffed Pizza (seems like we’ll have our LAST lunch indeed!). It’s a whole lot ‘bland’ breakfast and lunch (if only we’d chosen Max’s or Almon Marina or Kaya Korean Restaurant instead) that we ended up asking the waiter to pack them all for take-out. Don’t get me wrong, Sbarro’s good. It has preserved the Italian/European touch in it, far beyond the typical Filipino ‘panlasa’ (or maybe we’re just expecting for tastier and more palatable Italian stuffs!).

Gil's Meaty Lasagna with Sbarro's garlic bread and Chicago Pasta Stuffed Pizza

My left-over Baked Zitti in Alfredo Sauce and Ham and Cheese Stromboli.

We’re just in time for the scheduled movie. I was just beginning to get hook at Sam Witwicky’s character (played by Shia La Beouf) when my usual PMS started (got the unexpected visitor this morning). The result? I never had much of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee for I’ve stayed a lot in the CR (I should have taken Mefenamic first before everything else!). Anyway, I bombarded Gil with questions (what happened? who is that? why is that so? Etc etc) when I came back of which he patiently answered (Thanks sweetheart!). The Transformer’s great! We did enjoy and had fun though! c”,)

Got the 18th and 19th seats! :)

I wanted to treat Gil to an ultimate experience today, so I surprised him with a Manila Bay Dining Cruise at around 5:45pm, in time for sunset- thus we proceed to CCP Harbour Square after the movie. The cruise alone is P250.00/head while cruise with dining is P495.00/head (The food is being catered by Barbara’s- a fine dining restaurant located at Intramuros, Manila).

the M/V Spirit of Manila as background :)

I’ve been to Manila for years and I’ve been seeing this ferry cruising along Manila Bay during Baywalk times (the ferry was called then My Tennessee Walker replaced by today’s M/V Spirit of Manila). I thought all along that it would cost me a fortune to try this since it catered mostly to foreigners, but I was wrong. It is ideal for couple (and was featured 2nd to QTV’s Ang Pinaka: Romantic Valentine Getaways), families and group dates since it has live band and the center part could be used as dance floor.

Korean nationals partying! :)

The Manila Skyline is indeed breathtaking! And to witness the sunset while holding your love one's hand could truly be called 'a moment'...

Harbour Square is an ideal barkada destination since various restaurants and bars could be found along the bay as Starbucks (where the M/V Spirit of Manila docks in front), Singkit, Icebergs, Shrimps Ahoy, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio’s among others.

After the two-hour cruise, we freshen up with Icebergs’ Strawberry and Chocolate sundaes. Wanna have some? :)

It’s Gil who was craving for sisig this time thus we crossed the street towards Dencio’s after (what’s with sisig ba? lol!) I’ve heard a lot about Dencio’s ‘krispy sisig’ so why not try one? (We’ve tried their counterpart- Gerry’s Grille- and it’s superb!). Anyway, the place is great! It’s somewhat dim light with some sort of native touch on the ceilings and interiors. The krispy sisig is soOo good along with calamares with sour cream I think on the side. The whole thing was made even more mouth-watering with chili-toyomansi which Atchie- the waiter in charge-courteously handed us. (We’re glad we’ve regained the appetite we’ve lost during lunch! Lol!)

Pugad Dencio's famous Krispy Sisig and signatured Calamares.

We’ve reached home before 11pm. It's another precious day with him I'd surely treasure for the rest of my life! Something to keep for and a memory to dwell with for the next five months while he's away!

How was it?

...a bitter-sweet day knowing he'll be gone in a day or two from now. If only I could do something about it! :(

I love you so much sweetheart!
I'll surely miss you! :(

Monday, June 22

Farewell Date (Part 1)

It’s another 5-month Japan assignment for Gil.

Actually, we’re not at all expecting for this trip anymore due to the serious recessions our company is currently facing. But then, he was scheduled July 01, to return back end of November. Sad…and it would definitely mean dose of adjustments on both sides. We have each other every minute of the day till the wee hours (his residence is just a stone-throw away from mine and that we went to the same office together). But this is of course a blessing we should be thankful of…

We planned of going to Alfonso, Cavite today to visit his Nay and Tay and their newly constructed house, which is just a few minutes travel from Tagaytay proper. But due to some important reasons, we decided to have it next weekend. Since the planned activity was postponed, I thought we’d just stay home and have the usual dvd marathon till the wee hours. Surprisingly, he invited me out. With no directions at all, we landed at SM Mall of Asia and have a one-on-one Bowling tournament. (Fee is P120/head per game + P30 shoe rental).

waiting lounge

We used to have Bowling Tournament sponsored by the company twice a year, but unfortunately, we won’t have it this year (Another effect of global recessions!). **Sigh!

Some of our pictures-in-action:


Grabe sa pose eh noh? :)

this is it! haha!:)

eto pa! :)

this is mine! :)

gil's (yipee!)


As gentleman as Gil could be, he managed to maintain considerable gap between our scores. Haha! :D (I love you sweetheart!) In fairness to him, he did well…I’m just a little more sporty in and out (hindi naman obvious sa figure! Lol!)

I was craving for sisig then and so we proceed to food court after along with inihaw na pusit and sautéed vegetables from Inihaw Express. Yum! Yum! Sad, cam battery’s low (sigh!).

…till next update!
(Farewell Date Part 2: to be posted soon!)

Thursday, June 18

why 'ZEBY'?

Gil and I were usually asked ‘why ZEBY’ of all the endearments possible?

It was not actually planned. We used to call each other ‘bes’ or ‘besy’ (yah, we started as such!) during which he was still committed to someone else, and so do I.

Obviously, the relationships we had then didn’t materialized and we were lucky to be in an I-fell-in-love-with-my-best friend-stories who cling to each other though thick and thin.

The ‘zeby’ and ‘zeb’ was just a transposition error (using ‘z’ instead of ‘s’) committed during our constant emails especially during those times he was in Japan. I personally preferred using ‘zeby’ and ‘zeb’ for a change, and so was he. It’s a whole lot different though it means the same as ‘besy’ or ‘bes’, at least for that time.

And so ‘zeby’ and ‘zeb’ came out.

It was just recently that I thought of searching what ‘zeb’ really means. And this is what I’ve found: (Taken from

Name: Zeb
Abbreviation of: Zebedee, Zebediah
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Portion of the Lord, Gift from God

I always thought of him as God’s gift but I never thought I was actually telling him such whenever I call him ‘zeb’ (isn’t it amazing?)

Now, why ZEBY?
...because he’s God’s gift!

yabyu zeb…
Happy monthsary! c",)


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