Thursday, March 19

A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante: A true Italian taste

Since today is our special day, we had a small feast in one of my favorite casual Italian restaurant at Glorietta- the A Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante- which is known for its big servings, delectable pizzas, pastas and salads as well.

My first time here was with my college friends (it’s ideal for group dining as their big servings could be shared) and I did enjoy! Since Gil and I are up to Italian cuisines most of the time, I suggested A Veneto for him to experience the same mouth-watering experience I’ve had then!

I knew from the start that it serves in huge sizes but Gil was persistent we should try at least two flavors of pastas and a round of pizza. And so we had Carbonara Pasta with Chicken, Seafood Pasta Parmigiana and New Englands’s Best Pizza, plus a refillable Iced tea and Lemonade (2-3 persons could share an order of pasta already, and yet we’ve had 2 orders plus the 10” pizza! What a shameful appetite could we get! LOL!!)

Carbonara Pasta with Chicken- creamy fettuccine pasta with usual ham and all, only it has big chunks of seasoned fried chicken and is served with garlic bread on the side. This is tonight’s Gil favorite.

Seafood Pasta Parmigiana- is definitely my all time favorite! It is pasta, seafood (generous amount of squids, mussels and shrimps) and tomatoes combined together plus melting Parmesan cheeses on top giving it an oozing smell. Not the typical sweet tasting spaghetti, but real heavens for those sour tasting and seafood enthusiasts.

New England’s Best Pizza- medium crispy crust pizza topped with sausage, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella (not sure) and lots of green bell pepper. Not much applauded though for we’re not into thin crispy crust and it tasted nothing special either. Anyhow, we’re able to finish a slice each.

We we’re so full and hurriedly went home after for Gil’s not feeling well already. Haha! :D It’s a fun fun yummy experience though, we really enjoyed!

Btw, we did able to bring home what’s left, half were for Gil’s family who had a fair share each while my three younger siblings enjoyed the other half.

Now, can you imagine how big and mouth-watering their servings were? :D


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