Monday, December 21

Loving Bag of Beans’ Blueberry Cheesecake

After a truly relaxing stay at Moon Garden, we went off to grab the most raved about Blueberry Cheesecake of Bag of Beans, an English Café located few blocks away from Mendez Crossing.

Bag of Beans is another first time for us. But with the frequent entries and reviews among some of the blogs I came across with, the sight of a simple bakery shop along the highway was not anymore a surprise. (I told Gil we’ll be dining at Bag of Beans but he got confused seeing a typical bakeshop with goodies and breads, no dining area at all!) So I led him to the stairway beside the shop and everything else followed! ;-)

Moon Garden Breakfast

I’m not a person of breakfast; mere coffee will do…not until I met Gil. He always finds to it he has eaten well first thing in the morning (except kung late na siya for work! Hehe!)

We thought of having our breakfast in our private lounge area outside our casita while savoring Tagaytay’s morning breeze, but decided to have it inside our casita instead. We
 requested it to be served at 9am so we could still have time to stroll around Moon Garden first thing in the morning.

Sunday, December 20

Moon Garden Tagaytay

Had the bestest weekend getaway (so far) with Gil during our Moon Garden visit in Tagaytay (and best overnight escape, best dinner date and best breakfast meals ever! Lol!)

I chanced upon this place over the net and after reading blogs as blogalag and the husbandspeaks, I got all excited and inquired as early as October and had us reserved two weeks ahead of time. We were hesitant at first how to get there via commute but all
 went well after several exchange emails with Peter, the Belgian owner slash officer-in-charge.

Moon Garden Casitas

Casita is a Spanish word meaning ‘a small house’. There were eight of them hidden separately in a secluded part of Moon Garden, mostly were unnoticeable since the roofs were almost of the same level as the walkway and were covered with creeping vines and plants, and that the walkway and the casitas themselves were both made up of stoned brick materials.

Breathe and come see our charming casita where we’ll be staying for the night.

Moon Garden Dinner

Moon Garden’s kitchen is open only till 5pm but they could extend and accommodate guests upon prior requests. Good thing we’re able to discuss it with Renz, the guest relation officer slash wait staff, upon arrival and have one of their lovely nipa huts reserved for a perfect dinner date tonight at 7pm.

After we’re done with the photo ops of MG at night, we headed to this lovely gazebo with comfy sofas and pillows and wooden table where the dinner will be served, which was as if floating in the middle of the pond.

Sunday, December 6

Visiting Trinoma for the 1st time

Forgive us folks, but it was the first time we set our foot at Trinoma! Hehe! And though we could be the last persons to wow this place, we still would want to do so for it's not only a one stop shop but indeed a lovely place to relax and bond with friends and families. Initial plan was that, I’ll have my annual hair treatment and pampering first courtesy of my sponsor Gil and then Yakiniku early dinner then proceed to SM Megamall for some sort of shopping. But this place was lovely that we’re sure it will be a lot lovelier at night. So we stayed and decided to watch the movie 2012 to kill time.
The movie was so great I found myself crying the whole time! ^,^

Saturday, December 5

Tori Chizu Maki Treat

We’ll never get tired of Tempura Japanese Grill, if only for their Tori Chizu Maki and Curry Gomoku Yakisoba. So as Gil’s promise of his maki treat during the first Friday of his arrival, we, together with Sheng (Gil’s lil sis) headed towards their Convergy’s Bldg. branch in Makati after office. And while they’re busy scanning the menu, I tuned myself busy with my usual pitsyur pitsyur mode! *Smile*


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