Sunday, December 20

Moon Garden Tagaytay

Had the bestest weekend getaway (so far) with Gil during our Moon Garden visit in Tagaytay (and best overnight escape, best dinner date and best breakfast meals ever! Lol!)

I chanced upon this place over the net and after reading blogs as blogalag and the husbandspeaks, I got all excited and inquired as early as October and had us reserved two weeks ahead of time. We were hesitant at first how to get there via commute but all
 went well after several exchange emails with Peter, the Belgian owner slash officer-in-charge.

The catch-tagaytay’s-morning-breeze initial plan failed (as expected) due to the Christmas shopping rush, finding us stuck at the mall for the last consecutive nights. Glad to still see Moon Garden before the sun finally sets in.
Setting our foot at Moon Garden is like finding ourselves lost in a different dimension. The staff was courteous and kind that we felt like VIPs being served and attended with. The place was peaceful, very serene and indeed a nature trip where you could only hear crickets at night with all those lovely landscapes and lights drama. The best thing for me is that the place is so private we only saw a couple or two the first day till the dinner was done, giving an ultimate exclusive feel to it.
The following day was even lovelier for we’re able to peek closer not only with the colorful flowers, trellis of vines and various plants and the lovely awesome landscapes but also with the huge paintings scattered around the area. Let us tour you around! ;-)
We didn’t able to finish our photo ops session for a large group of riders flock unto the main hall for some breakfast stops. We then went back to our casita and had another round of picture session while waiting for the hearty breakfast we requested to be served at 9am.

Indeed a relaxing weekend getaway!

And oops! The wedding quotation was sent thru emails a day after, the main reason of our visit. (Canvass…canvass! ;-)


Anonymous said...

i miss moon garden...


ann said...

Because of your blog about moon garden, gusto ko na pumunta jan soon... masarap ba food?tnx!

mishi said...

hi ann! thanks for the visit! :) yep, foods were great. We enjoyed esp the sumptuous breakfast.It's worth the visit ann, try it! :)

sassy said...

we're planning to go there this holy week.. since walang ac yung room, di kaya mainit during noontime? now that we're already experiencing the summer heat.. i'm just wondering kung malamig kaya sa room during noontime..lalo na if we dont want to go elsewhere and just prefer to stay in the casitas :D


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