Thursday, September 1

too close...real close

We flew to Singapore 2 days after our wedding, June 20, 2011. I was not actually into looking for a job but since our NSO marriage contract is not yet available until now, the supposedly Dependant’s Pass is not possible. The first week was spent for mere vacation, rest and food trip. Tuesday the following week, I decided to update my resume and started sending out applications via email. I had few interviews within the 1st month, but seem they’re not really for me as one could only apply for my pass on September while my Social Visit pass will already expire August 19. The other one asked me to relocate to Jurong East area as the work may need me to report in no time.

I’ve been the family’s bread winner since then being the eldest and being a total bum and dependent is not me. Those two months had been the most challenging months for me, as I found myself depressed at times, crying and talking with myself about how my life would go now. I could never be this dependent to my husband the whole time. I only have barely two weeks when another company called up, the day when I was really sick with colds, tonsillitis and severe cough and phlegm. Susan, the HR called up lunch time asking me to report for an interview that same day at 5pm. “Today?” I asked. “I was sick today!” I heard Susan chuckled. But yes, I still went to the interview which turned out to be the best Sg interview I had which somehow made me feel confident and important.

The following day was a holiday, Singapore’s National Day. Gil and I were surprised to receive a call from Susan asking me to start work the following day, Wednesday. The pass will be filed that same day as well. Mixed emotions it was! I cried! I never lose hope and faith in Him that I believe in His every will and plans for me…for us. 

My first day at work was not the usual first day of an employee. It was my busiest first day ever! It helped that I was with a construction company before, very similar with my Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. role- as an Accounting Assistant, this time assistant to the Singaporean Accounts Manager. 

Having my pass approved was not as easy as I thought it would be. The first apply was rejected—as they were already thinking of just paying me for the days I’ve worked. But thanks to my manager who believes in me and asked HR to re-apply again, this time with a higher salary rate than the previous rate applied. She said it could be with the salary rate and the position as well. So they re-applied from an Accountant position down to Accounting Assistant but from an okay salary rate to a higher, more favorable rate. :)

The 2nd application was done Friday, and I only have 1 week left to stay. Comes Thursday the following week (2 days before my stay expires), my pass was approved! To my surprise, I had the Medical Exam that same day. Truth is, if there’s one thing I’m so not confident about, it’s the X-ray. I have Fibrotic Infiltrates- medical term for lung scarring brought about by previous lung issues. Though it’s only minimal and I’ve already undergone medications, it has always been an issue since I always need medical certificate with me or films to show lung stability during my Philippine employment. How much more in a foreign land as Singapore?

I don’t know if it was the medical certificate from Makati Med, or the radiologist being a Filipino, or God’s will and faith that my X-Ray was clear! No traces of scars, whatsoever! But personally, I consider that as miracle, testimony of God’s unspeakable love and graces.

My pass was issued August 18, exactly a day before my Short term visa expires. We only got few days left but we never visited any airlines’ websites for flight bookings. Gil and I were tensed, yes, but we firmly believed I would come up with the job God has prepared for me that will allow me to stay legally in Singapore with my husband. It has been a challenging journey, but we knew we’re safe and heading on the right track since He’s with us, always.

Matthew 7:7-8
7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” 


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