Saturday, May 18

Hong Kong- A Travelogue Day 1

Travelling from Macau to Hong Kong is just an easy-breezy 1-hour ferry ride. No reservations needed as you just need to queue up at Macau Ferry Terminal and choose your preferred ferry company. We availed Turbo Jet being the most blogged ferry choice bound to Tsim Sha Tsui where our hostel is located. Economy seat was at HK$154 each (around Sgd$25 or Pph820). Aside from Economy class, they also offer VIP Cabin and Super Class at a higher rate. Check Turbo Jet website here.

Gil and the queuing counters at the back

MAC-KLN (Kowloon)? All this time I thought we bought MAC-Tsim Sha Tsui! Tsk


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