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Hong Kong- A Travelogue Day 1

Travelling from Macau to Hong Kong is just an easy-breezy 1-hour ferry ride. No reservations needed as you just need to queue up at Macau Ferry Terminal and choose your preferred ferry company. We availed Turbo Jet being the most blogged ferry choice bound to Tsim Sha Tsui where our hostel is located. Economy seat was at HK$154 each (around Sgd$25 or Pph820). Aside from Economy class, they also offer VIP Cabin and Super Class at a higher rate. Check Turbo Jet website here.

Gil and the queuing counters at the back

MAC-KLN (Kowloon)? All this time I thought we bought MAC-Tsim Sha Tsui! Tsk

outside and inside the ferry

It was a foggy trip and since we were not fortunate enough to be seated near the window, we just took a nap all throughout the travel. After a while, we've glanced upon the nice view of buildings from afar and realized we're nearing Hong Kong's shore. View was amazing! The fog gave the skyline a cooler look. After few more minutes, we docked and followed the crowd heading to the immigration. 

Then the usual problem again with directions. I don't have any map and thought i could make it with my iPhone 4S' GPS, but failed.  We walked here and there and finally reached Tsim Sha Tsui MRT. Few more ligaw moments and we're already at Nathan Road heading to Mirador Mansion where USA Hostel is located- our accommodation for the next 4D3N. It was a relief to finally settle at our own room, feeling terribly exhausted.

Disclaimer: As of this writing (which was less than a year ago), I really thought we bought Tsim Sha Tsui ferry tickets. So that explains why the long walk and unfamiliar landmarks since based on reading, Mirador Mansion will only be around 15-min walk coming from TTS port. Tsk. This Hong Kong trip really brings back the memories, and I can't help to smile. *Wink!

Moving on, we passed by an interesting restaurant named The Spaghetti House while looking for our hostel which is luckily just across the street. It was a lovely early dinner of pasta after few hours of rest before we had leisurely stroll down Avenue of the Stars.

Homemade Beef Lasagna- HK$95

Fettuccine with Cream Seafood Deluxe- HK$95 

 Blurred couple pics from the mirror

Not only that the pastas were great but the staff was accommodating as well. She handed us a Hong Kong map for free when we asked her how to reach Avenue of the Stars. Within our four days stay in Hong Kong, we realized that The Spaghetti House is everywhere, a great choice when you wanted something else aside from the traditional Hong Kong delicacies.

The Avenue of the Stars

The Avenue of the Stars is a salute to film makers and well-known celebrities of Hong Kong for the dedication and contribution to local and international film industry. You can find here the famous  celebrities' plaques with hand prints and autographs of well-known HK stars as Jackie Chan, Jet   Li, etc, bronze statue of Bruce Lee and some other statues of film-makers in action.   This is located at the beautiful Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade overlooking the dazzling Victoria Harbour.

It was a Saturday and lucky for me and Gil to witness Hong Kong's Symphony of Lights

"Named as the 'World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show' by Guinness World Records, coloured lights, laser beams and searchlights perform in an unforgettable all-round spectacle synchronised to music and narration that celebrates the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong. There are five main themes: Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership, and the finale, Celebration."

Source here.

It was a relaxing night at the Avenue of the Stars overlooking  the beautiful Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong is a realized dream for us though we never really dream of Hong Kong before. It feels good to be walking hand-in-hand in this scenic side of the world, breathing the fresh Hong Kong air and watching the dazzling lights of buildings alongside the shore.

the Nathan road at night

We ended up our day 1 with more quality conversations over a venti glass of frappuccino overlooking the Nathan Road right at the comfort of our own room. How'd you like to have a hotel room as convenient and nice as this, in terms of location? :) Few more minutes and we're off dozing like kids, excited for day 2!

*Day 2 is all about daylong Big Bus Tour of Hong Kong. Stay tuned! :)

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