Saturday, January 29

Soothing Lake Pandin Cruise + lunch

I’m back…I’m so back!!! I won’t get into details anymore of how busy I’ve been lately for that’s obvious. Our thank you to those people who’ve visited and made us feel special and loved despite of my ‘absence.’ *Huggs* And though I’ve been itching to post my new entry for 2011, I wanted to save the seat for our 3rd year Anniv trip…thus this post.

We’re always looking forward for January not only because of the new hopes for New Year…but another year for Gil and I as a couple. Apart from our usual itinerary-based getaway, we wanted this time to just relax, to inhale some fresh air from urban settings and simply to commune with nature. Our first destination: Lake Pandin.

Lake Pandin is one of the seven lakes (pitong lawa) located at Sto. Angel San Pablo Laguna, around 3 hours travel from Manila.


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