Thursday, April 9

my 24th bday bash

I remembered being surprised by Gil’s family on my birthday last year. Gil was in Japan then and since I have no one to spend my birthday with (I only have my brother with me, the rest is in Quezon province), I decided to spend the night with them together with my brother JV and Tita Lally, our office keeper and a second mom to Gil.

I have with me a ‘bilao’ of Pancit Malabon and a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts (part of my 1-month supply doughtnuts given to 1st 300 customers during the Krispy Kreme’s Ayala Branch opening). Speechless, I was amazed seeing bandehadong Pork Hamonado (Nay’s specialty), pininyahang manok, fried bangus and tilapia and a birthday cake on the table. Obviously, it was Gil’s idea but Nay and Tay said they were really going to cook something for me as their birthday present even without Gil’s request.

a birthday feast! =)

surprised and speechless! :)

Amber's Pancit Malabon

Gil called up during the dinner (the loudspeaker was set on so that everybody could join the conversation). How I missed him then! Imagine yourself spending your special day with his family, in their residence and later, having his room for the night without him around…whoooaah! The feeling was terribly unbearable!

miss you zeb! (I was actually talking with him on the phone!)

from left: tay,nay, me, tita lally, gil's siblings glen and she =)

The feeling of being loved by your significant other’s family is indeed overwhelming! I have found my second family in them, the feeling of not being away from home at all…

Gil gave me a Canon Ixy 910IS digital cam as his birthday gift. =)


phoebe said...

grabeh... they soooo love you na talaga:) so happy for you. Hope to hear wedding bells soon!:)

mishi said...

thanks ate pheng! soon! =)


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