Saturday, April 25

The Cafe Mediterranean Experience

Since it’s my birthday, Tita Ting treated us out to an authentic Greek Mediterranean experience. Together with Gil, Ms. Ruthie (also a birthday celebrant and granddaughter of the late National Artist Levi Celerio) and Tita Ting’s son Byron, we went over to The Café Mediterranean at Greenbelt 1 here in Makati.

It was our first time (except for tita Ting and Byron), and we were so excited since we have heard a lot about this Middle Eastern cuisine and it was tita Ting’s personal favorite. The place is a not so big yet not-so-small cozy café with authentic designs, paintings, warm-colored walls, clunky wooden tables and chairs and a great Mediterranean ambiance with soft Greek music being played on the background. We had a hard time ordering as if we’re reciting excerpts from their Mediterranean menu (It’s tongue-twistingly fun! Glad the staffs were very well trained and educated about everything on the list. Lol!).

Since our goal was to pamper our taste buds, why not start with the Sampler plate of Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tzatziki, Falafel and Tabbouleh together with the whole-wheat pita bread for a glorious perfect dip! (Café Med’s original Garlic sauce is also available for additional taste!)

Hummus-Classic garbanzo & sesame dip from the Middle East.
Baba Ghanoush-also know as “moutabal”, an eggplant and tahini dip
Tzatziki-Cucumber, yogurt and mint dip.
Falafel- Crunchy garbanzo croquettes
Tabbouleh- Tomatoes, flat-leaf-parsley & cracked wheat.

We also had Tabbouleh Salad with chicken and cucumber, which is my personal favorite. (It’s crunchy, it’s tasty and guiltlessly delicious!)

True to the essence of a healthy Mediterranean diet is Mediterranea Pizza- a thin crust pizza topped with sundried tomatoes, black olives, grilled eggplant, zucchini and anchovies. It goes a lot more delectable with the Café’s special hot sauce, which is, believe me… really HOT!! !

For those who have sweet tooth as Gil, you will definitely love Baklava- the classic Mediterranean pastry with layers of filo, pistachio and walnuts. It’s crunchy on the outside yet chewy and filling on the inside.

The café is also known for Gyros or Greek sandwiches (it is also called Gyro Café or Gyro Mediterranean). They have also substantial courses as kebabs, pasta with Mediterranean touch and entrees like moussaka and lamb stew served in either pita, buttered rice, rice pilaf or couscous. Then, why not have Moroccan mint tea afterwards for a whole all-Greek experience!!!

We really had a great time and swear to come back again! I’ve asked for a leaflet and still recited some of their authentic dishes on our way home. Come everyone!! Repeat after me:

Prosciutto e Pomodoro Secchi…
Quattro Formaggi…
Tartufo al Cioccolato…
etc etc etc…c”,)


phoebe said...

puro pagkain!haha kakatakam:) di naman kayo masyadong mahilig mag-food trip noh?!lol

mishi said...

yah, wala kaming kahilig hilig haha!



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