Saturday, August 29

Friends Corner: A collection of stories with friends

Friends Corner: Jo's inspiring career =)
Last Saturday, we went over to Joey’s new house at Las Pinas (Jo’s a BFF, from college to-date). With me was Rose (the head over heels--), Jenny Rose (the organizer), Cath (the senti) and boyfriend Seb and Rey (Miguel Ramirez as Echo’s new role on his new soap…yah! nickname changes accdng to Echo’s roles! Lol!). Missing were Nitch (my blooming kambal), Neil (the genius) and future mom Ivy (the group’s bunso).

jo, jR, me and rose sa dining table =)

jo, jR, rose and rey at tita's room

jo's green room

Jo’s in a vacation from Qatar where he works as an auditor. It was exactly a year when he left and yet he already had this new townhouse worth 4M (3.6M house worth plus furnishings of around 400k plus a new Toyota Innova). Of course they're under years of amortization but for a 24-year old like him, he’s surely a son tita and tito must be proud of! More blessings to come Jo (and more treats and more chocos for us! Lol!)

Friends Corner: Ivy's becoming a wife and future mom =)

Last month, we were surprised to learn Ivy getting married to her 4-year boyfriend (4-5 years maybe) Jasper whom she’d cried and love since the stoned-age begun (worth it naman pala lahat ng ‘emperador’ at ‘lambanog’ we had then and how you swept away your own mess- as in suka! Harhar!) Best wishes Ivy and Jasper! (Though we’re not able to attend the wedding held at Pola, Oriental Mindoro). We’re so excited to see baby CAM soon (Christian Andrew Miguel)- the 1st baby of the group. Congratulations! *HUGS*

a bridal dinner at Coco Cabana Grill and Restaurant (from left: me, jR, neil, rose, rey, ivy and nitch-the photographer)

the orig trio: ivy's in the middle

Friends Corner: Ate Ana's Cafe Agogo Treat =)

We’re on our way to the office Friday noon (Aug.7) from our annual check-up when the heavy rain poured down. I was with Ate Anna, an officemate, and was surprised when she held my hand and headed me towards a door along the way (Salcedo St. in Makati). It was a café and bar in one named Café Agogo. Inside was a group of girls having a great time with their buckets of beers (the fact that it was only 11am). The place is not a typical café though it’s air-conditioned. Wooden chairs of different sizes and styles as well as tables were scattered in a homey manner. We chose the mini table in a corner near the counter. Experimental as I am, I tried their Aligue Pasta (Believe me, it’s delicious! But beware with the cholesterol! Lol!) And roast beef Deli Sandwich (a typical roast beef sandwich perhaps) while Ate Anna had Spaghetti in beef and mushroom sauce and Tuna Pianino together with a gigantic glass of iced tea. (I‘ll let you try these when you come home zeb, don’t worry!)

Friends Corner: Ibey's advance birthday treat at Tender Bob's =)

I’m about to go home from office Monday night (Aug.17) when the phone rang. It was Coni Ibey, a newfound friend from Bank of Tokyo- one of our company’s banks- asking me to accompany her in buying a dress for her birthday on Sat (We’re usually regarded as twins or sisters. My pleasure! She’s beautiful!). I was having a second thought actually but I already saw her in the elevator when I came out (the bank is in the 15th floor of the bldg while we’re at the 21st). We ended up at Edsa Shangri-la and nearby Rustans and invaded Shang’s boutiques as Zara, GAP, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Esprit and Kashieca. Finally, we ended up at Tender Bob’s (it’s closing time, too bad we didn’t able to buy any!) where I had Mussels Pasta and Green Mango shake (always) while she had Baked Ziti. Good News: I brought with me my cam. Bad News: Battery’s empty! *GAWD* (Belated Happy Birthday Ibey! Thanks for the treat! Mwah!).

Friends Corner: Joy's change of clothes lines =)

I was craving for french-fries thus I asked Joy, a friend and officemate, to accompany me after office to Mc Donalds and to have some sort of window shopping na rin, Thursday (Aug.20). We dropped by the newly opened Glorietta-5 along Ayala and surveyed the whole building (wala pala syang pathway going to other Gloriettas). After an hour or two, we went to the old Glorietta and canvass dresses and apparels. I used to know Joy favoring much on Ensembles but having been around with Tita Ting (a certified self-confessed Giordano, Levis and Esprit fanatic), she was now into Esprit, Plains and Prints and the like. We ended up the night with a combo meal of spaghetti, roasted chicken and iced tea from Kenny Rogers. (Kumusta naman ang ‘craving for french-fries intro ko? Oh well, appetite changes! lol!)

Friends Corner: Tita Ting's brands passion =)

Impressed with the dress and apparels of ForMe (a sister company boutique of Penshoppe, etc), Tita Ting, my manager and mentor, invited me over at Glorietta to try some. After OT (its holiday-Ninoy Aquino day-yet we’re working! Hay!), we went straight to Glorietta where I’ve had this dark blue office blouse while she had a short shorts. She treated me out to French Baker after where I’ve tried Creamy Seafood Fettuccine Pasta while she had Vegetable Lasagna and refreshing Lemonade. We parted ways at Landmark and went home straight for we still have OT works tomorrow (another busy Saturday) *SIGH*

Friends Corner: Ate Pheng's Visit =)

I didn’t able to see Ate Pheng (a friend since grade school) as much as I want to during her 10 days visit from Korea. We’re supposed to meet Monday or Tuesday (Aug.17 or 18) but I haven’t received any txt from her (I thought she didn’t received my email stating my contacts, or maybe she did txt but I remember I exchanged sim cards Monday night for my other phone’s outgoing call is not working). I was so disappointed receiving a txt from her Aug24 (Monday) saying she’ll be going back to Korea that afternoon. *SIGH* Anyway, I’m sure she did enjoy her vacation, and that I somehow helped by not stealing a single time of her so she may spend more time with family. *WINK* (You may consider inviting us to Korea ate pheng, for a change! Lol!) We will surely meet again Phoebe dear, in time. =) Mishu Mishu! *HUGS*

Bezy' Corner: Gil's Secret of the Masters

Finally, Gil- my ultimate best friend (and crush! Oops! Top secret yun ha!). He has now learned new cooking menus as sautéed cabbage, ground meat and tofu in cornstarch sauce (imagine it yourself!), personally made burger patties, lechon paksiw con patatas, adobo ala mashed potato and the Japanese version of graham cake (zeby cooking ala chef sa Secret of the Masters db?!) Looking forward to taste all those sweetheart! And hey- I LOVE YOU!

‘Till next update! c”,)


phoebe said...

LOL i was actually anticipating seeing my name somewhere here!haha

sooooooooo sorry ulet. Sbi ko nga, dunno wen my next visit there would be... but why think about that when you can actually come here??!!!hahaha I'm really looking forward to it:)


mishi said...

we're searching already visa application req'ts to korea and it's soOo matrabaho pala! haha! Basta! Sana..sana..sana (stil keeping my fingers crossed!lol!:)

Mejo kulang nga nasulat ko sa'yo. I shud have written im excited to see a 'fashionista' phoebe and that i somehow hope hearing some korean phrases from u!(And to bombard u w/ questions on ur married life! haha) See? I'm soOo excited! haha!

mishu so much phoebe dear! miss ur magic smiles too! mwuah! :)


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