Tuesday, August 18

hello zeby?

It’s been a while…and it’s been months without him around. (I hate this mushy feeling I’m usually in!) Sigh! :’c

Okay…okay…back to reality! Gil used to call me from Japan thru this KDDI Super World Card- a Prepaid card for International and Domestic Calls, which cost him 1150yen per card (closed to Pph600) and could be used for 18 minutes using landlines or 24 minutes using cell phones, depending on available means.

It was an officemate and his wife who introduced us to our very own Globe TipIDD Card- a prepaid International Call Card. I’d usually have the P100 denomination, which allows me a 12-minute voice call to Gil using my own Globe simed-handset (sometimes it exceeds to 14 minutes). Later on, I discovered the PLDT Budget Card, same 12 to 14-minute worth of call to Japan but using PLDT landlines instead.

To save on airtime charges, he did maintained a mobile phone line in Japan (courtesy of Sir Toto who was assigned 4 months ahead of him) thus we’re able to enjoy a cheaper means of communication (Imagine the previous Php600 worth of call card to today’s Pph100 card cost- of closely same airtime length). SMS is not a problem anymore too for he has availed roaming services from Globe, made possible thru a 3G capable handset acceptable in Japan.

Bravo (hooray! hooray!) to the modern and innovative technology we have nowadays for we’re able to enjoy clearer, faster and cheaper services without spending much on costs!

Btw, I came across with his previous letters, cards and similar stuffs in my files and found a bunch of KDDI Super World cards consumed during his last year’s assignment dated March to July ‘08. Would you believe I have found 40 pieces of cards of 1150yen each? (That’s around Pph23, 000.00).
I counted mine…and was surprised too! I had 25 used cards with me of Pph100 each…for July alone! We still have 4 long months to go and if we’ll be spending the same Pph2, 500 airtime cost each month, the total of Pph12, 500 would be around half of last year’s expenses.

Still, wish we could somehow be introduced to the word ‘savings’! lol!

‘Till next post! =)

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GIL said...

No more too much spending on call card! Thanks to the internet and Yahoo's free Voice/Video call, now I can communicate with you for unlimited time. But still depends on the speed of the internet connection. I love you zeby!


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