Sunday, August 2

Experiencing DADS

In honor of fathers who instilled in us admonitions and legacies, especially in eating and kitchen manners, DADS- the Ultimate Buffet was introduced. (I myself learned those from mama, but I remember papa providing and preparing all my favorites- seafoods in particular- whenever I’d have the chance to visit my hometown- Gumaca, Quezon). DADS showcase continental buffet, Saisaki Japanese specialties and Kamayan’s authentic Filipino cuisine in one.

It was an unexpected dinner with Dhel- Gil’s best friend and wife Chele at DADS in Glorietta last July 20. They’re just in a vacation from Singapore and I thought all along that I would just get Dhel’s pasalubong for Gil since he’s not around and that I’ll treat them out to coffee as to Gil’s request and to give the Chocolate Marjolaine from Red Ribbon for their kids. With them were Ann and Venz, Chele’s friends who’ve been Gil’s ‘especial’ friends once (I was surprised and pleased at the same time meeting them in person!). I already met the couple once and it’s not really a big deal mingling with them for they’re very friendly (the friendship Dhel and Gil have is superb! They were like brothers actually!)

picture ops before the buffet feast

Back to DADS, it has an eat-all-you-can, no-left-over concept (So beware! You might fill-in your plate to the fullest without you knowing! Lol!) It is also the usual choice of ‘balikbayan’ families since it has a wide array of cuisines as Italian, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, French, American and authentic Filipino dishes. There were kebabs too and a lot lot more I couldn’t remember names anymore! Bakit ba eh I’m busy picking up this one, that one, that also…and everything else! Lol! I’m already in the midst of my feast when I learned of the no-left-over concept! Haha! I have no choice though! Forget about the diet issues! Lol!

my humble plate (sori, can't help it!)

help yourself!

kimchii, anyone?

unlimited foods, anywhere!

I was so full I thought I couldn’t make it to dessert anymore! But the salad bar was so tempting (green salad is my favorite!) along with the blueberry cheesecakes, leche flan (caramel custard) and luscious chocolate fondue! (I’ve tried dipping chunks of apple and pineapple aside from champola after seeing it done by someone! Haha! I was totally clueless how it’s being done! Lol!) Cakes, mousses, pies, different flavors of ice creams, muffins among others were available too.

dessert =)

dhel and the salad bar

oh so yummy chocolate fondue!

We're already being serenaded by the resto's band when I remembered I’m a SEAFOOD enthusiast! Where seems to be the seafoods gone? =) Yes I had tempura, crab sticks and a slice of squid with broccoli. But if I was in my usual self (nawindang dw ba? dami kz choices eh! Haha!) I might indulge with more shrimps, more squids, more crabs, and more seashells to name a few! Lol!

Before we go, Dhel handed me a big white box of Diesel watch for Gil while Chele gave us boxes of Cadbury chocolates and Merlion key chains. It felt like having a new bunch of friends with them. If only Gilbert was with us (Ikaw nlng kulang zeb!) =(

To the couple, my late thank you!
Wish we could meet you again, hopefully in Singapore this time.
Our best regards! =)

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