Friday, September 4

Proudly GUMACA

During my last visit in Gumaca, Quezon- my hometown (a couple of days after my nephew celebrated his 1st birthday), I had the chance to have a glimpse again of some of the historical landmarks of the town, which were constructed during the Spanish Era (I was with my sisters Bing and Yca and cute little Gene). If you haven’t been here yet, then pack your things up and I’ll tour you around! :)

San Diego de Alcala Cathedral

Known as the biggest and the oldest Catholic Church in the province of Quezon, this centuries-old cathedral was first established in 1582 right on this site; was transferred to Silangan in the Island of Alabat in 1638; was burnt by the Dutch forces in 1665 and reconstructed and beautified in1846.

Gumaca is also the Bishop’s residence (thus the Diocesan of Gumaca Parish Pastoral Council) and where Mt. Aloysius College Seminary could be found for aspiring priests along with the Our Lady of Carmel Monastery for those who have callings to be nuns.

Kutang San Diego (Spanish Fort)

The last one remaining of those built under the supervision of the Franciscan friars in the latter part of the 18th century and was erected to help guard the town against sea pirates. Popularly known as Kastilyo (Castle) to town people. Atop, there is a well, which is believed to be leading to an underground tunnel from the fort to somewhere (I’ve seen it but haven’t tried it myself!) probably part of their safety measures aside from the metal canyons pointing towards the sea which were still being displayed.

Lamon Bay

It is a body of water connecting the northern part of Quezon to the Pacific Ocean and bounds the coastal towns of Atimonan, Plaridel, Gumaca, Lopez and Calauag and the islands of Alabat. It is a rich fishing ground and the home of various living corals. Most parts of the bay consist of gray sand, rocks and living corals. (We’re blessed to have situated our house along Lamon Bay thus we’re able to experience swimming day and night whenever we wish to).

a perfect sunrise for a perfect day! (uh-uh! sa likod bahay po nmin ito!)

a soOo lovely sunset! (Overlooking Alabat Islands)
Gumaca, in addition, is the proposed capital municipality of supposedly Quezon del Sur under Republic Act No. 9495 (which eventually became junk, as in ‘ibinasura’ matapos gamiting plataporma de gobyerno ng mga trapong politico). With the beautification and maintenance imposed on these landmarks (and for the firm stand on the YES to Hati Quezon) I’d like to mention here the Municipal Council led by Mayor Joy Job Cabangon for the dedication they’ve shown. (There’s always a reason for everything!)
Inviting clear water (during Gil's first visit- yah! we dipped in after!)

my gorgeous Gil after our fave sunset moment

If you’re planning to visit Gumaca, why not during the Aranya’t Baluarte Festival held every May 15th of the year in celebration of San Isidro Labrador- our patron saint. It is an annual thanks giving of the town people for the bountiful harvests thus every barangays’ Baluartes (arches) were decorated with various fruits and vegetables. Usually, prizes await for those barangays that have the most beautiful baluarte presentations. (I have witnessed it myself years ago- hope to experience it again so I could share it with you!)

‘Till next post! =)


phoebe said...

awwww, sayang wasn't able to tour around like you did. gusto ko din sanang kunan ng picture yung gumaca west pati yung national lalo na yung hundred steps, hehe :)

mishi said...

oo nga noh! i have sa hundred steps di ko nlng na-add. i'll have part two neto soon hehe! Marami pang magaganda satin eh db? lately ko nlng actually nalaman we're lucky to be gumaquena pala, right? haha! :)


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