Sunday, September 6

How it all started :)

Chapter I: Coffee at 3pm?
I was in a hurry walking along Rufino St. in Makati that noon break for I was to send Yca’s allowance (my younger sister) through Western Union in Ayala-Paseo Branch. Then suddenly I bumped with this person I recognized as an officemate (but forgot the name actually) who was equally in a hurry.

“Uy! San ka?” he said. I told him my story.

“Ikaw?” He answered he’s to meet his girlfriend who was done applying for a job in Paseo de Roxas.

“Isasakay ko lng sya kasi uwi din sya ng Bulacan ngayon” he added.

“Bakit di ka nlng maghalf- day?” I said.

“Hindi na! Sayang nmn kung maghalf-day pa ako.” he answered.

“So lunch out na lng kayo?” I asked.

“Pag may dala syang pera, wala ako dala eh!” he said. (My eyebrows actually met at one point but I decided not comment na lng).

We parted ways at Paseo’s underpass for I’m walking ahead Ayala and he’s to cross Paseo.

The sending transaction took a while and luckily I’ve reached office at 12:45 (15mins left to eat lunch and do toiletries stuffs). I was about to eat lunch in the pantry when he came in, breathless and perspired. He actually ran, he said, to reach the office before 1pm so he may still take his lunch. Since we only have few minutes left, we never had the chance to chat anymore (though we’re aware of the teasing and curious eyes of our colleagues saying we had date ‘daw’ outside—date? How come eh we’re in a hurry taking lunch sa pantry? Lol!

I finished first and though I’m a bit hesitant to leave him alone in the pantry, I have to for I still have to brush and all.

To compensate to my (believed to be) unethical manner, I asked “Coffee at 3pm?”

He answered “Oo bah! Basta ipagtitimpla kita!”

My heart jumped in surprise by his answer. “Ok” I said and proceed to the restroom.

He was actually making two cups of coffee when I came in to the pantry during the coffee break. (I recognized my mug being the other one). He handed me the cup after and we started talking about anything-- life, love life…etc.

And so the coffee sessions at 3pm started (him making our coffees day by day).

He’s nice, he’s sweet, he’s neat, he’s cute and he’s a real hunk! So what? I was in a relationship then (a roller-coaster one) and so was he. There’s really nothing to be “kilig” about, right?

--to be continued! =)


phoebe said...

so... sa kape pala nagsimula ang lahat! hahaha can't wait to read your next posts:)

mishi said...

haha! :) i was thinking of a good write-up to make, naisip ko why not write my own love story? hindi nmn to dapat chapter by chapter, nung ia-upload ko na, naisip ko, bakit hindi? haha! bahala na kung san abutin. thanks for reading! haha! :)


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