Sunday, November 21

Manila Ocean Park: The Oceanarium

A lot of things have poured down my way lately (one of the reasons why I actually been in hiatus stage for sometime now). I never knew 3 out of my 5 major goals this year will materialize, one of which was to find a greener pasture (I hope to make another entry for that soon).

As I received my first ever pay in my new company, I took my siblings and my cutest nephew out to Manila Ocean Park last weekend, the bonding I long been wanting to do. It’s also a chance for Bebe (my nephew—Gene Gabriel) to finally meet Nemo in person as he is a certified fan (I lost count already of how many times he watched that movie—as in all day and all night bago matulog!) Exagge!

L-R: jv, yca,bebe, bing at ako

Introducing my nephew- Gene Gabriel

Regular rate for Oceanarium Zone Tour is P400 for adults and P350 for kids but they offer promo tickets of additional attractions for a discounted price. And since we’re there in a Sunday and with a baby with us, I chose to have the Marine Life Encounter offering access to Jellyfish museum, Marine Life habitat and Sea Lion show aside from the Oceanarium as we need to get back home before it gets dark. Promo tickets could be availed outside the hall, left side before the entrance.


Oceanarium Zone is composed of seven parts: Agos, Bahura, Laot, Buhay na Karagatan, Ang Kalaliman, Pagi and Pating, first part of which is Agos.

Bebe was so overwhelmed with lots of ‘Nemos’ around him. I knew it he’ll enjoy this experience.

some of the clear pics we took since no flash is allowed once inside

Then came my most awaited part, the Buhay na Karagatan were you’ll be in a tunnel as if breathing underneath the ocean with colorful fishes and seawater creatures with you. We waited for the tunnel to get empty for some good group pics (I actually brought my tripod) but to my surprise, people tend to multiply like mushrooms to this part of the place.

I thought they were just looking at some gorgeous underwater creatures but no, they were actually watching this:

Sneaking (and enjoying) live telecast of Manny Pacquaio’s fight over Margarito. (Lucky by-passer visitors for the free viewing (I learned that per head’s viewing was priced at P800 bundled with buffet brunch and drinks).

We still had nice shots though, thanks to my tripod! :)

As everybody was busy watching the fight (including my bro and sisses), I was amazed by this group of fishes. It was so relaxing watching them. Paikot ikot lang sila, walang kapaguran. I took a 10sec video of it as a souvenir (Naaliw tlga ako!)

Pating part was my Bebe’s favorite to our surprise! Haha!

Near the exit of the Oceanarium is the kids’ zone with kiddies’ chairs, tables and learning materials.

I was glad we were able to push through this bonding. My sister Yca actually lives with my parents in Quezon as well as Bebe thus I see to it I tour them around whenever possibe. So if you're looking for a different family experience, Manila Ocean Park is definitely a great choice.

For updated promos and discounts, you may visit their website at

...and since I've noticed that I posted a lot of pics for this Oceanarium part alone (haha!), will just share with you the other half next entry. 'Till then! Amishu ol! :))


GIL said...

Tiyak ng-enjoy mga kapatid mo lalo na si bebe! Kung nag-kuripot ka baka ikaw lang masaya hehe..
Hindi ko talaga ma-imagine na pasyalan ang ganun lugar..
Miss you zeb..

Ailee Verzosa said...

cool pictures... i haven't been there still... too bad...

kg said...

it's been ages since i was there...wala pa yung jelly fish area! too bad!

congrats on the attaining that "greener pasture." :)

Chyng said...

hanuver, di ko napansin nawala ka pala sa blogroll ko.. sorry na.. hehe

inferness, gumagaling shots mo.. =)

mishi said...

@gil, sooper enjoy c bebe as in! :) Maganda dn nmn dun sa 1st choice ko, di nyo lng feel haha!:)

@ailee, it's worth visiting...go na! :)

@kg, thanks! mas marami nang added attractions ngayon. Maybe kelangan mo na ulit ipasyal si wendy! :)

@chyng, at dahil bumawi ka nmn saying gumagaling shots ko, ok na!hehe!:)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...



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