Thursday, October 14

Gil's National Day

Mish: (while holding the mini cake) My wish? Sana umuwi na zeby ko...
Gil: ako may birthday, bakit kaw nagwi-wish? :)

It's Gil's National Day today and as I thought we could all have the anticipated holiday today, I was awakened from a deep slumber. Kiddin!*

Bought the cake from the nearby convenience store and glad to find few bites left of Toblerone I just had this afternoon courtesy of CheChe. I sliced the toblerone chocos into bits and decorated the mini cake for some personal touch. While we're having this voicecall, I excused to pee and proceed lighting the mini candle, and as soon as the clock struck at 11pm (Japan's an hour ahead), I showed the cake and sang a warm Happy Birthday song. Glad to see him surprised and happy! :)

...sounds corny ne? Who cares?! I damn miss him!

happy birthday zeby!
i hope you still find time to celebrate this day.
I knew He'll always bless you.
not because you're kind or you're responsible 
but because you inspire others just by being a good example.
Such a proud me.Iloveyou...always!

Btw, the cake looked like this.Yum! ^-^


princess_dyanie said...

Happy Birthday Gil! :)

Was that YM? Use Skype! Mas okay sya promise kesa sa YM! :)

kg said...

how sweet!

happy birthday to gil! :)

GIL said...

Thanks zeb sa surprise mini cake at very warm bday song!
Sayang naman yung cake, di ko matitikman..matagal pko makakauwi eh =(
ipagluto mo nlng ako ng spag, please...

miss you too. I love you.

GIL said...

@dyanie - Thanks sa pagbati!
We've tried Skype, pero di kami maka-connect sa isat-isa.
Ang mali ko, ym ang na-setup ko sa laptop nya bago umalis =(

@kg - Thanks sa pagbati!
She's Sweet..pero prang may bawas yung tobleron..

Chyng said...

yes naman ,sweetness! ♥
happy bday gil! pasalubong please! =)

phoebe said...

happy birthday Gil! :)

natawa ko, Mishi. kasi i did the exact same thing on Asul's bday last oct5th! (except for the going-to-pee part!) haha it just shows, great minds think alike.hehe

*huggies* to both of you!

mishi said...

hi dyanie,welcome back! :) will still try skype,failed ung 1st attempt nmin eh.

Thanks kg! :)

hi chyng,thanks for droppin in! :)

ate pheeennnggg! Namiss kita!! ya,great minds think alike haha!Belated happy bday kay blue!:)

zeby, sureness!pgluto kita paguwi mo! yabyu!Tsup!

(Ampangit pala sa pic nung cake,haha!)


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