Friday, November 26

MOP: Jellyfishing + Sea Lion show & Habitat

JELLIES MUSEUM- The Dancing Sea Fairies
 Coming from an enjoyable Oceanarium tour, we were expecting a lot in this jellyfish meet-up. It's located at the ground floor, left wing coming from the main entrance (but since we came from the Oceanarium, we were led to 2nd floor exit passing along fish spa, restaurants and souvenir shops. Down the escalator is the Jellies museum.

Sunday, November 21

Manila Ocean Park: The Oceanarium

A lot of things have poured down my way lately (one of the reasons why I actually been in hiatus stage for sometime now). I never knew 3 out of my 5 major goals this year will materialize, one of which was to find a greener pasture (I hope to make another entry for that soon).

As I received my first ever pay in my new company, I took my siblings and my cutest nephew out to Manila Ocean Park last weekend, the bonding I long been wanting to do. It’s also a chance for Bebe (my nephew—Gene Gabriel) to finally meet Nemo in person as he is a certified fan (I lost count already of how many times he watched that movie—as in all day and all night bago matulog!) Exagge!

Thursday, October 14

Gil's National Day

Mish: (while holding the mini cake) My wish? Sana umuwi na zeby ko...
Gil: ako may birthday, bakit kaw nagwi-wish? :)

It's Gil's National Day today and as I thought we could all have the anticipated holiday today, I was awakened from a deep slumber. Kiddin!*

Bought the cake from the nearby convenience store and glad to find few bites left of Toblerone I just had this afternoon courtesy of CheChe. I sliced the toblerone chocos into bits and decorated the mini cake for some personal touch. While we're having this voicecall, I excused to pee and proceed lighting the mini candle, and as soon as the clock struck at 11pm (Japan's an hour ahead), I showed the cake and sang a warm Happy Birthday song. Glad to see him surprised and happy! :)

...sounds corny ne? Who cares?! I damn miss him!

Saturday, September 18

Home Base

I suddenly miss blogging. I was too occupied for some time now since Gil's been out of the scene but I still take time to read posts once in a while.

Just for an update, I've been to Gumaca Quezon-my hometown for two consecutive months, last month to attend to my nephews 2nd birthday and last long weekend for more quality time with my family, which I consider a rare scenario since I only got to spend time with them during long holidays since I started working. But what's 6 hours of land travel anyway? Shorter time of travel if thru private cars.

Coming from Manila, Gumaca is the 8th town of Quezon province passing along Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya, Lucena, Pagbilao, Atimonan, Plaridel then Gumaca. Two more towns on the south, Lopez and Calauag and you'll be right at Bicol proper, Camarines Norte.

Gumaca is situated along Lamon Bay which separates Alabat Group of Islands (Alabat, Perez and Quezon) from the mainland; right behind those islands is the biggest body of water, the Pacific Ocean.

Thursday, August 12

Pepper Lunch is LOVE

We always love yakiniku-grill it yourself style of eating thus we were surprised (we went in not expecting for any) and delightful to discover an extraordinary yakiniku-sizzle-it-your-way Japanese restaurant located at Edsa Shangri-La lower ground--Pepper Lunch. It was indeed more than ‘pakonswelo’ as I called it after we failed to witness Twilight Saga-Eclipse despite scouting two malls that morning.

 Apart from the usual charcoal grilled yakiniku, Pepper Lunch uses a unique electromagnetic cooker patented in Japan. It might sound just a typical sizzling plate though but this cooker heats up to 260 degree Celsius and could keep foods hot for long. What’s interesting with this was, foods were served fresh and raw (as in may dugo pa!) Kudos to the monitor mounted near the restaurant’s entrance showcasing ‘How to’s’ that we found ourselves in queue to order. Here it goes…

Gil had Cut Steak and Burger- P360 which I was actually eyeing. It comes with a variety of veggies and a separate bowl of pepper rice. It was served as this, before…

Saturday, August 7


It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I just so miss writing but the moment I started typing, I was lost in words. Ganun cguro talaga pag hindi inspired! :)

Not until today that I finally (finally!) received my e-passport! Weeehh! I’m so excited! Yesterday was supposed to be the delivery date (together with Sir Jun’s- an officemate) but upon checking at LBC, wala pa raw sa kanila. Odd kz I have another officemate who renewed for passport that same day I applied (hapon sched nya and finished 9 in the evening) but his passport was delivered Aug.3, two days earlier than mine! The only difference was that he was assigned at 2GO while we had LBC. (I had my e-passport delivered Thursday, August 05).

Bottom line: Ask for 2GO or any other courier other than LBC if you have a timetable to meet.

I applied for an appointment at DFA website. First visit sometime in May, earliest available date was September. When I visited again last June, I was surprised to see July 22 as the earliest and so I, together with two girl colleagues, picked July30- in time for payroll. Few days after, I checked again and earliest date was moved to July20 and so I re-sched. That was morning so I was surprised to hear from Sir Jun and Jeff that they got an appointment on July 06 that afternoon. Needless to say, I had my final appointment on July 06 at 10am.

Bottom line: Be persistent. DFA available dates change from time to time.

Monday, July 12

Caramel Macchiato (mah-kee-AH-toe)

barista: (greeted) Can I have your order ma’am?
me: 1 café latte please…
barista: (interrupting) is café latte hot or iced?
me: Hot please. Medium sized. (Blenz coffee sizes are Small, Medium or Large)
barista: 1 medium hot café latte (speaking in full accent)
me: And ahm…(hesitant) 1 medium Iced Caramel Macchiato (messed up pronouncing it as Mah-Shi-AH-toh!)
barista: Ok, additional medium Iced Caramel mah-kee-AH-toe (in fuller accent)
me: (napahiya pero dedma) yes, Iced Caramel mah-kee-AH-toe (repeated what he’d said) and additional blueberry cheesecake and Apple Cinnamon Muffin please… (Speaking with konteng taray!)
Gil was beside me, laughing.
It still makes me smile pag naaalala ko macchiato thing na yun. I really don’t know how to pronounce the word, first time. Buti ba kung Cappuccino lang yun, lol! Anyway, it was our last coffee session together so after Tita Lally, Joy and us been to Chow for Gil’s Lauriat treat, I invited Gil out for a coffee chillax. And for a change, we tried Blenz-A Canadian Coffee Company located at Solaris One, Makati.

Saturday, July 3

We gave in to THAI

Few days before Gil’s departure, we met up one of his best friends Engr. Romeo Camaya at SM Megamall for some casual despedida bonding. Unfortunately, Meo’s wife She was still at work then so she wasn’t able to join us. They were actually tres-inhinyeros-BES-friends-since-college together with Delio who’s now residing in Singapore with his family (I mean wife and kids—yah, si Gil nlng single).

As we’re craving for some Korean fix again, we also wanted to try new dish as Thai. We let Meo choose between the two and so we ended up at Jatujak Thai Restaurant located at UG/F of Mega A.

It’s our first serious Thai experience since I remember sampling an express bowl of Thai soup before. I relied mostly on my readings re Thai’s specialty thus I suggested Pad Thai, Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad, Tom Yum and Thai Iced Tea. Gil was impressed with the Fried Shrimp Cakes pics thus we had one plus Green Mango Shake. Meo wanted fish so he ordered Pla Pla with Chili Sauce and Thai Iced tea too for drinks. I suggested Bagoong rice din pala but since ayaw ni Gil ng bagoong, we had Fried Rice with Crab Meat instead.

So let the Thai feast begin!

Saturday, June 26


image source here

Been hooked with Twilight Saga the first time we saw it on DVD. I still remember how Sheng (Gil’s sister) and I giggled on most part of Edward and Bella’s scenes while Gil was in deep slumber, his head in my lap. The soothing conversations, the thrill of Bella mingling around vampire clan, the protective yet sweet attitude of Edward, the vulnerability of Bella, everything on that fiction story brought up the teenage years in me. I still remember how Sheng and I exclaimed “Haayyy…” after every kilig phrases from Edward himself. Lol!

So what a bitin fanatic me should do? I bought the first three books (though I already have e-books in pdf files sa office) so I could digest the story inch by inch. Due to curiosity na rin cguro, Gil borrowed the books then and read some parts khit sabi nya corny daw! Anyway, Twilight Saga: New Moon was our first movie when he arrived from Japan last Dec. Super pila pa kami sa Market! Market! eh weeks ago na nakalipas nung magshowing sya. Great movie nmn tlga, but still…bitin!

Unfortunately, due to some katamaran and all, I’m on my 3rd book pa lang. I still hope to finish reading it before June 30, in time for the movie itself. It will be our last date narin, literal last day na mkakasama ko sya so we wanted to make the most of it! Ayan na naman ang goodbyes…. hate it really! :(

…and so I’m back to my old bookworm form again.


Update as of 7/03/10

We went off Wednesday morning, June 30, around 10am to Trinoma to watch Twilight Saga: Eclipse but to our dismay, soooper daming tao sa Cinema, as in supposedly aircon sya pero super init tlga! Buti libre ride sa LRT/MRT, we went back to crossing and ended up sa Edsa Shangrila (for sure kz marami na rin tao sa Megamall). Haba narin ng pila sa Shang pero tolerable nmn so umabot pa kami sa ticket counter only to find out pang 7pm nlng ang available, few seats for disabled sa pinakaunahan, the fact na around 11am pa lng that time. We decided not to since early morning the following day na flight ni Gil eh di pa sya nkagayak. Plan A failed (of watching Eclipse) but the rest of that day turned out just right. Had great lunch over at Pepper Lunch which I'll surely share with you in my future posts. Stay tuned! :)

Wednesday, June 23

Missing Baguio

Our scheduled Baguio visit this year will not push through anymore for Gil’s not comfortable commuting. Been planning already of it since I learned of Camp John Hay’s Camp Manor’s Irresistible Baguio promo of almost half the price OFF. Can’t blame Gil though for we’ve been obviously experiencing catastrophes from different sides of the world, and commuting all the way to Baguio wasn’t a great idea (Sour graping). Lol!

I just remember exactly how it feels traveling with Gil alone for the first time, 3D2N. How we struggled to get the ‘chance passengers’ tickets at Victory Liner station in Cubao at 1am and reached Baguio city proper just after the sun showed up. Gil was so excited visiting Baguio for the first time so as soon as we get off the bus, we asked for a cab to take us to Philippine Military Academy.

Monday, June 14

Savoring Classic Savory

Had tasted another blogworthy Pinoy deli at Classic Savory last Friday courtesy of Sheng (Gil's sisterette) after we accompanied her to buy WOW Premium Magic Sing (original price less 2k worth of discount provided sa SM daw binili) which we enjoyed till the wee hours as we sing our hearts out. :)

Classic Savory is another reason to visit SM Megamall located at the lower ground floor, near the previously Bowling area (CS is side-by-side with another NEW resto in the mall, the A Veneto--which we sampled ages! See link here).

We were there around 8pm and surprised to see the the resto jampacked, as in muntik nang sa table sa labas kmi pumwesto. The moment we were seated, they set our table and gave us the menu (baka magbago pa isip nmin? lol)

taken after roughly two hours of stay...wala na masyadong tao.

Friday, June 4


Gil and I were using ‘Engage’ status on FB ever since we joined the social network group and just recently (Friday night), I changed my profile and included his name (automatically linking it to his FB acct) saying “Engaged to Gilbert (Surname).”

The following night, I was surprised to see long piles of notifications referring to that “changed status.” Comments flooded my previously unnoticed account since I mostly just play Tiki Resort and Restaurant City than chat around friends. For the record, we’re not really active members and hardly update the accounts, posting only few pics to share. It’s just so surprising to read comments as “Congrats”, “Congratulations” “I’m happy for you” among sooo many greetings wishing us well as ‘newly’ engaged couple from close friends, not-so-close friends and from mga simpleng kabatian lang. Those who LIKED the issue were another story. Saya saya! :)

To quote my reply:
“Hala! Anong nangyayari d2? Haha! It’s still unofficial though…wala pang singsing (parinig!) Hehe! But this is for good na. And as I found my ‘the one’, I wish the same thing to everyone. Just believe in God’s plan and God’s perfect timing. Cheers to us! :)”

Why am I writing this anyway? Because Gil just learned that we’re ‘officially’ engaged the following night when he saw the comments from his friends on his own FB account. Haha! We burst out in laughter as I kept on saying, “What have I done?” Haha! :)

But seriously speaking, we couldn’t find the right term between ‘In-a-relationship’ and ‘Married’ other than ‘Engaged’. ‘In a relationship’ is an understatement since we’re not anymore on the pa-tweetums stage of the relationship. We could read each other’s mood in a single glimpse, we compliment each other for so many reasons and for 2.5 years of being together (we go to the same office, we live in the same village as in 5mins walk lng cguro), we knew each other too well and accepted not just the good side but each flaws as well. More importantly, we knew we’re heading to a more serious stage in the next months to come. :)

Now my problem is that, how can I broadcast to all that I’m “officially” engaged comes the engagement ring? Or even without the ring (I don’t even consider e-ring important), how could I shout out to the world that he finally (and officially) asked me to marry him and be with him for the rest of his life?

I was just so naïve to know (and remember) that every single action you made on your fb account will be visible to all your friends (and everyone in fb in particular if you didn’t apply some privacy settings). See? I’m yet to discover more bout it. Haha! :)

Good day everyone! :)

*image source here.

Sunday, May 23

Sam Gyupsal dinner at Min Sok

It was a lazy Friday afternoon just after office when I thought of inviting Gil out to a different dining experience, Korean setting this time. I learned of this place from our previous GM, Murase San and wife Yoko (Japanese) who constantly tag us (Che, Joy and I- who he called his angels) in their dinner dates and been yearning to let Gil experience the same since then. The place is called Min Sok Restaurant, a known Korean restaurant within Korean town in Poblacion, Makati.

Min Sok is a house turned restaurant owned and operated by couple OG IN, HAM (I assumed though as written sa calling card). It doesn’t have the ‘homey’ vibe I’m looking for in every resto we visit but has that ‘mind your own business’ feel, as we never felt awkward mingling around mostly Korean customers. Both the owners and staffs were accommodating. At one point, we saw the Korean owner assisting the customers to slather lard unto the pre-hot grilling plate.

Sunday, May 16

Birthday Pig-Out

I’ve been meaning to blog on RIO’s birthday feast at North Park but couldn’t find time since the audit season started. Whoa!

It was the same Barrio Fiesta and Mom & Tina’s Bakery Café team (less Sir Jek who is in a loooong vacation, 6weeks perhaps!). Cherry suggested the place as usual and though it’s only a few walks away from office, ngayon lng nmin sya natry hehe!

Tuesday, May 4

Laiya Weekend Summer Escape

We won't have company outing (again) this year! Sigh. Good thing electrical group thought of organizing a weekend overnight escape to at least cool down the scorching summer heat. Initial plan of Puerto Galera failed, then Zambales and finally the plan ended up at Laiya Batangas. And since it's on a budget and is more favorable for Gil who doesn't like the idea of sea transfer, go na rin kami. Yey!
We were ten in group divided into two cars courtesy of Che and Zarah. Our group (Zarah, Dan, Mon, Gil and I) met up at the office in Makati while Che, RJ, Mark, Ipe and Aldrin stayed overnight at Che's place in Cavite. We're on our way by 7am and convoy comes Slex. Mejo nadelay lng ng mahuli kami along Pasong Tamo. Violation:One-way. Result: P500 breakfast treat for Manong enforcer.

 Laiya is everyone's first time thus it took us hours of travel. Had stopover at San Juan Market nga pala to buy foods as baon for our entire stay and to have lunch na rin. By around 2pm, we've reached Laiya and the fun started the moment we entered Sigayan Bay Resort.

Monday, April 26

Before the last Sakura petal falls…

...Gil used to experience Sakura season during his previous Japan assignments and just before the last cherry blossom petal falls, he wanted to share some of his precious photographs along with this article which he written himself as he reminisce the experience beneath the Sakura.

Two years had passed since I last saw the astounding beauty of cherry blossom also known as “Sakura” in Owariasahi City, Aichi, Japan. And it still brings back the wonderful memory.

Cherry Blossom Up-close:

Sunday, April 25

Batis Aramin Sightseeing

After a notable and breathtaking (literal) trek at Kamay ni Hesus, isn’t it fair to reward yourself a cold dip and relax over a nature themed place as Batis Aramin? That’s maybe the reason why this resort was created located just across the street, few blocks away from Kamay ni Hesus compound, Lucban Quezon.

We were able to catch up the day tour rate of Pph100/pax though it was already past 6pm. We won’t stay long anyway since we still need to travel back to Lucena and catch up a bus ride to Gumaca for 1.5hours.

Friday, April 16

The Trek Up Kamay ni Hesus

After a satisfying lunch and rest at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, we took a jeep ride going to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban Quezon. It is a healing center located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, a compound with the statue of Jesus Christ situated on the topmost part of the hill, and the church at the foot of the slope where the healing masses officiated by Fr. Joey Faller were celebrated every Wednesday and Saturday, 9:30-12noon. (See more of the mass schedules here).

I first visited the church and vow some personal wishes and gratitude for another year He has given me. Thankful for I’m not anymore confused asking the usual ‘Where am I heading at in this life’s journey?’ I’m excited actually of what lies ahead of me…for I believe in His plans and that He has something in store for me in the future.

Wednesday, April 14

Pinoy Style Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

-->The idea of spending my entire birthday with Gil was my personal decision but I never knew it would really be ‘me and Gil’ alone! *Wink* I forgot my phone at the office Wednesday (we’re on leave Thurs, Fri is holiday then the weekend) so it’s gonna be a birthday without greetings from friends and everyone else. Gil had his phone with him all right, pero nasa bus pa lng kmi eh low bat na. Haha! ;)

The planned 4am departure turns 8am (fb games addict). We arrived at Lucena Grand Central at 12:30pm where jeepneys are on queue bound to different destinations in Quezon and hopped in with the Lucban sign going to our first destination: Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

Thursday, April 8


Good morning Thursday! ;)

It's gonna be another long weekend for Gil and I (we're on leave today woohooo!). As of this moment, we might be on our way home already to Quezon to spend this very especial day and the rest of the weekend with my family in Gumaca. But contrary to the usual 6hours straight travel from Manila to Quezon province via commute, we will drop by Lucena and head to some of the must-visit spots of the nearby towns and spend the rest of the day together. And since it'll only take us an hour and a half travel  from Lucena to Gumaca, we'll definitely reach home earlier tonight. The rest of the weekend will be spent with my family as we're planning to have the usual beach bonding. Will surely make 'kwentos' when I came back! (Excited mode!)

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Happy weekend! ;)

Btw, it's my birthday today.
Kampai! ;)

Saturday, April 3

Slurp-y Ramen experience at Shinjuku

 (...a week overdue article!)
It was a weeklong craving for Japanese ramen for me (blame it to Sir Jhune, Ate Ana and Kuya Jon) imagining the huge bowl Kuya Jon grossly described as “Isang arenolang ramen!” Lol! So comes Friday and we’re off to Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine (Shinjuku Ramen House) for a wonderful ramen experience! ;)

It was initially a ramen date for me and Gil but since it was Tita Lally’s birthday (our officekeeper and a nanay to Gil), we invited her over to join us. Liman and Joy tagged along (Liman asked Tita to dine out but since we’re to try Shinjuku after office, we decided to go nlng as group). 

Monday, March 29

Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe Treat

True to Gil’s promise to treat the group out on our next lakad, we went over at Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe located at Perea St. corner Dela Rosa St, Makati Monday night, just after office. It was Cherry who insisted the place though I was actually curious about it after reading Dencio’s entry on his blog.

Tuesday, March 16


Army Navy opened up few weeks ago along Dela Rosa St, Makati and since I’m a big fan of pita bread (and dips and fillings) and thought of it as that of Café Mediterranean, I was really excited to try out their burritos (Not knowing that the wrapper itself was not actually made up of pita bread but soft tortilla).

Looking for some place to dine out to after a tiring Saturday OT, we were led to Army Navy for this was the only store opened late that night within the area (except of course 7-11).

Sunday, February 28

Bohol Beach Club Day Tour

Finally, we’re able to see and experience the beauty of Bohol Beach Club on Day 2 of our stay in Bohol (we couldn’t miss the chance!). Since we couldn’t afford to stay here overnight (rates are quoted in US dollar, $77 the least for single occupancy and $82 for twin sharing), we settled for day tour na lang at P350/head, of which P250 is consumable for food and drinks (that’s Fri-Sat-Sun rate while Mon to Thurs’ rate is at P250/pax, of which P150 is consumable for food).

Bohol Bee Farm nga pala offers free shuttle service to/from airport and BBF but since we already scheduled our countryside tour upon arrival and that Kuya Rejjy will be the one to drop us to Bee Farm, we asked for the FREE transport service to Bohol Beach Club and back to Bee Farm instead, of which Ms. Vicky- the owner of Bee Farm eagerly agreed! ;-)

Saturday, February 27

Bohol Bee Farm: Fares and Accommodation

We’re supposed to stay at Dumaluan Beach Resort, 1st to take advantage of their cheap rates, 2nd we wanted a more serene, less crowded environment (based on research kz, Panglao Island was divided into Alona and Dumaluan areas, the former being the more commercialized and the latter being the less crowded) and lastly, so we could enjoy the nearby high-end Bohol Beach Club as they share the same shoreline. But since I became too busy planning with our Moon Garden and Anniv Escapes, fully booked na DBR when we inquired. (nawindang talaga ako nung malaman kong fully booked na sya, ever sa hanap ulit ako ng possible resort to stay na pasok sa budget namin- ok, budget ni Gil hehe!)

Then I remembered Bohol Bee Farm. I haven’t read any negative feedbacks about this place pero hesitant ako at first kz I was thinking of something FARM (baka sobrang liblib na yung area, etc). Nevertheless, nag-book na rin ako online at tsaka nlng ako nagsearch ng blogs re BBF (baka maubusan na nmn kmi ng slot). I chose The BARN room @ 2k/night w/ breakfast for two (not bad!) Reading BBF entries of Chyng and Pusang Kalye made me realized; I have indeed made the right choice! ;-)

Friday, February 26

Bohol Countryside Tour (Part 2)

...hope you'd read Part1 first before you proceed! enjoy! ;)


Bridge made up of bamboo and cable wires that hang approx 20 meters above the Loboc River that connects two barangays of Bohol. At first glance, parang sisiw lang nmn (it’s just a bridge!) but when you actually walk across it, nkakatakot din pala as it constantly shakes and sways. There were two bridges for the Entrance and Exit, so there’s no way na mkabalik ka from where you started other than cross the other bridge (unless you never cross one at all!)

Thursday, February 25

Bohol Countryside Tour (Part 1)

As early as November of last year, I was already in search of possible tour guide cum driver (even before I learned of PAL’s promo) for our future Bohol trip kz gusto ko talaga I-visit ang Bohol. I’ve txtd several persons I’ve found thru net thus I learned na posible pala I-visit 11 spots in a daylong tour, did the usual ‘tawad’ thing and eventually came out with Ritchie for 3 reasons:

1. Calvin’s article was really convincing (safety speaking).
2. Ritchie offered us 11 spots though it was not his usual routine for only 2k.
3. He seems nice kz reply talaga sya sa bawat inquiry nmin and sya pa talaga tumawag when we asked for a favour re resort accommodation. Such a nice man!

It was not Ritchie who took care of us but his brother Rejjy, an equally great man. Dalawa lng kmi ni Gil but we were fetched by them with their Pregio van, so comfy! Then our countryside tour…tara! Sama ka! Pasyal tayo! ;)

Monday, February 22

My first time was with...PAL

...and Gil’s first PAL too since he only got to fly with JAL and Northwest Airlines. ;-)

I came across Philippine Airlines’ website November of last year and was surprised to learn that they were offering this 777 Arrival Special promo allowing patrons to enjoy the Php777 (Base Fare: Php693) and Php1777 (Base Fare: Php1586) special combinable domestic fares. This was in celebration of the first Boeing 777er delivery.

The promo runs for 1 week and I was able to book the flight on the last day, Nov.25 (two days bago dumating si Gil from Japan) for travel dated Feb.18-20, in time for our 2yrs 1 mo celeb (and most suited flight for the combined Php777 fare hehe!). Departure from Mla- 5:30am, approx arrival to Tagbilaran- 6:55am. Roundtrip for two costs us only Php3,140.00. Saya! ;)

Sunday, February 14

few more days to go (can't wait!)

Everything’s ready...from PAL’s Itinerary/ Bookings, to Accommodation Confirmation Forms (even print-out of Email conversation with the place’ owner), Budget List in Excel File, Itineraries/ To Do List from Day 1 to Day 3, To Bring List, prepared maps, had research and read related blogs and personal experiences of previous travelers as well.

This weekend will be our last weekend to prepare. It will surely be a busy but exciting weekend since we’re to find comfy attire to wear, to buy some groceries as baon and to furnish everything else. Seems marami pa rin kaming dapat ayusin...Excited lang talaga ako (and nervous) since this will be my first ever plane experience! Haha!

Saturday, January 30

Friday Group Date @ Barrio Fiesta

It was a lazy Friday afternoon; time-out is an hour earlier at 5pm compared to Mon-Thurs’ 6pm. We have no plans of date or any than to look for a birthday present for my sis’ birthday and to drop by his sis’ office few streets away from ours for something. It was such another Friday and weekend in particular without any plans of anything-just rest (and probably DVD marathon).

So, upon hearing Gil that an officemate and her group invited us to join them over dinner made me smile…it was such a relief! Hehe! After dropping by at sheng’s office, we headed to Barrio Fiesta along Dela Rosa St. where the group were and surprised them with our presence (very seldom kz kami magjoin ng mga after office lakad, it was always me and Gil kaya di na kmi nagulat na nasurprise sila).
L-R: Cherry, Me, Gil, Marcus, Jeremy
Kami ulit- w/ Richard this time

Tuesday, January 19

two over coffee

same time
same date
same place
same seats

Sometimes, we think of something grand and fancy to celebrate anniversaries...but accept it or not, there is nothing more effective than to reminisce together how everything started…and how that special day became ‘extra special’ for the two of you.

Monday, January 18

Anniv Weekend Escape: Sonya’s Garden

We finally able to visit Sonya’s Secret Garden! ;) Though the original plan of staying at Sonya’s alone for this entire weekend trip was changed, we’ll never let this event pass without visiting Sonya’s even for lunch lang. So after a not-so-satisfying-stay at Carlo de Casa, we head on to our next stop, Sonya’s! –Yey!

The address said Buck Estate, Alfonso so we thought we could just ride Alfonso bus to take us there but we were dropped by Alfonso crossing instead and instructed to ride Nasugbu jeep. While waiting, there’s this familiar Honda car approaching I acknowledged to be of Tita Ting-my manager- with her classmate Ms. Flor. Without second thought, I waved upon her and voila! They too were to visit Sonya’s for lunch and so we hitched! Hehe! ^,^

Anniv Weekend Escape: Casa de Carlo

Inasmuch as we wanted to stick with the plan of staying at Sonya’s Garden Bed and Breakfast for this anniv celeb, we needed to squeeze out our budget a bit for a grand travel escapade next month (Excited na kami! Yey!) and decided to at least visit Sonya’s even for lunch tomorrow (which we did).

With few good and not-so-good reviews of Casa de Carlo- a Spanish themed Bed and Breakfast, we decided to give it a try since a night stay would only cost us P1800 inclusive of breakfast for two. The thought of an exquisite place yet to be discovered comes in our mind, only a little hesitant due to their cheap rate (usual high end Tagaytay B&B would cost P5k++). They also cater garden weddings (package is way lot cheaper than Moon Garden), so it’s for us to find out.

Sunday, January 17

Anniv Weekend Escape: Mushroom Burger

We’re turning two!;-) Thus we decided to explore Tagaytay (again) for our weekend Anniversary getaway! Our first stop, Mushroom Burger! ;-)

One of the must-try when visiting Tagaytay is the Mushroom Burger. Not just affordable but it’s also way lot tastier and healthier and patties are firmer than the usual fast food burgers. It’s an ultimate guiltless burger indulgence!


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