Friday, February 26

Bohol Countryside Tour (Part 2)

...hope you'd read Part1 first before you proceed! enjoy! ;)


Bridge made up of bamboo and cable wires that hang approx 20 meters above the Loboc River that connects two barangays of Bohol. At first glance, parang sisiw lang nmn (it’s just a bridge!) but when you actually walk across it, nkakatakot din pala as it constantly shakes and sways. There were two bridges for the Entrance and Exit, so there’s no way na mkabalik ka from where you started other than cross the other bridge (unless you never cross one at all!)


We finally gave in sa gutom haha!;) Thanks for Calvin’s tip again we opted for Riverwatch among so many boats available. They offer buffet lunch at P350 per pax, good food, and great music with live band while the boat cruises the greenish calm water of Loboc. Para kaming pinaghehele sa sarap ng simoy ng hangin! (We invited out Kuya Rejjy din syempre to join us).

you need to pay here first @ Php350/pax
the waiting area where the boats will dock

the food selections

generous refills

the scenic view of Loboc River during lunch and cruise

the mini falls (nag u-turn na ang boat upon reaching this point)

On the way, we stopped by this area where local performers danced and sang and performed Kuradang- the traditional folkdance of the Visayan people.

Btw, we’ve met this nice lady, Ms. Petra who travelled alone from Holland all the way to Bohol. Hope you had a great time mam! ;)

She volunteered to take pic of ours. (Incidentally, we bumped with her again at Bohol Beach Club where we had our day tour on day 2. Small world!)


After a very relaxing lunch at Loboc River, we went spelunking (despite of Gil’s objection! Hehe!) I personally asked this one from Ritchie (and Rejjy) kaya!

The entrance (and exit) to the cave

Based on readings, this was discovered by a farmer when he tossed a coin into the hole in the ground and it splashed. They put in ladder (thus the name) and discovered a naturally lighted cave (light passes unto the wholes in the ceiling), with cool water spring of about 10ft deep among so many stalactites and stalagmites.

we're coming in- yey!



...and the clear coolwater spring

...which is too inviting. Care for a dip?

nah! we're on the other end pala, trying to push this part as hard as we could.Haha!

We were surprised to see these drawings painted sa background (visible lang sya using camera with flash). Madumi tingnan pero keri narin, di nmn sya pansinin kz madilim actually sa part na ‘to.

I really enjoyed... Gil seems not! Haha! ;)


Bohol Bee Farm is a resort, restaurant and a farm offering a healthy lifestyle and agricultural development thru organic foods and materials. It is where everything was nice: from food, to view, to souvenir lines, to lovely surroundings, superb services and definitely a home away from home.

BBF's viewing deck

in time for sunset

the restaurant

lounge area

the hilot (spa area)

emo mode sa hammock

BBF is not actually part of the usual tour itinerary unless you requested for it. Knowing the fact, we decided to stay here nlng for the next two nights. Indeed a great decision we have made! (Blessing in disguise narin na fully booked na ung preferred resort nmin). Fares and accommodation at Bohol Bee Farm on my next entry! ;)

kami with kuya Rejjy and his Pregio van

Btw, if you’re to visit Bohol, we highly recommend Ritchie (and Rejjy) to be your all-in-one companions. You may contact them at 0919-7654571 (SMART) and 0923-9315121 (SUN). Aside from the countryside tour, they could also accommodate resort reservations, boat tours or driver for your stay. And since we're happy and satisfied with kuya Rejjy's service, sa kanya narin kmi nagpahatid sa airport on our last day. Try them, they're nice! ;)   


♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

wow..nakakainis...nakakainggit~!!! someday ill be visiting Bohol~!!!*wink wink*

check out my latest post...visit my blog :3

mishi said...

one of the MUST visit island of Pinas! Inform us ha? Enjoy! tc! ;)

Chyng said...

naaliw ka sa Bohol Theme Song, aminin? Ü

pusang kalye said...

ay----2 na yung bridge. mukhang diko napansin yung isa last time. at iba narin ang kulay nung bridge ha. maka-Villar ata. hehe

pusang kalye said...

namiss ko ang kainan sa LOBOC river. the best. ganda ng hangin, ganda ng view, sarap ng food, me band pa. feel good experience talaga....

tim said...

wow, very romantic... awesome bridge, haven't tried walking on that..

phoebe said...

sarap naman :) i'll be looking forward to your next travel posts. tc!:)

Glampinoy said...

ganda ng bohol, pwede ko bang kopyahin ang photos mo for of course may linkage to your site...Thanks.

mishi said...

@ chyng,
during loboc cruise ba yun?haha!di ko na naintindihan yung mga songs.Naaliw ako sa mga foreigners na nkisayaw sa mga performers! ;)

@ pusang kalye,
baka bago lng ung 1 bridge kz 1 lng din nkita ko sa ibang blogs na nbasa ko eh (not sure!) More on villar cla dun based on survey hmm..

super gutom ako mas marami pa akong nkain kay gil haha! ;) after kumain while cruising inaantok na kami, sarap ng simoy ng hangin eh + good songs + good view etc..

mishi said...

romantic sa bridge?hehe! the experience of bohol visit was romantic....visit it urself tim! thanks for dropping by! ;)

baka nxt year na ulit major travel nmin, tipid mode ulit! haha! ;) try nyo dun ni blue ate pheng, i'll help u out sa itineraries nyo! ;)

bohol's the best for us so far! Sure, no prob! But we'll expect for the link as consideration. thanks for dropping by! Swing by again po! ;)

longdistancerelationshipsucks said...

hi michelle,

i thought included na sa room ng bohol bee farm ang transfer from their resort to the airport or sea port...please enlighten me on this...i like your and travel buddy will be visiting bohol this march night kami sa dumaluan and another night naman sa bohol bee farm..

mishi said...

hi! yep, port/airport transfer to and from BBF if free during our visit. Pls check BBF's site as well to make sure. Enjoy your upcoming Bohol trip & thanks so much for droppin in! ^_^


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