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Bohol Bee Farm: Fares and Accommodation

We’re supposed to stay at Dumaluan Beach Resort, 1st to take advantage of their cheap rates, 2nd we wanted a more serene, less crowded environment (based on research kz, Panglao Island was divided into Alona and Dumaluan areas, the former being the more commercialized and the latter being the less crowded) and lastly, so we could enjoy the nearby high-end Bohol Beach Club as they share the same shoreline. But since I became too busy planning with our Moon Garden and Anniv Escapes, fully booked na DBR when we inquired. (nawindang talaga ako nung malaman kong fully booked na sya, ever sa hanap ulit ako ng possible resort to stay na pasok sa budget namin- ok, budget ni Gil hehe!)

Then I remembered Bohol Bee Farm. I haven’t read any negative feedbacks about this place pero hesitant ako at first kz I was thinking of something FARM (baka sobrang liblib na yung area, etc). Nevertheless, nag-book na rin ako online at tsaka nlng ako nagsearch ng blogs re BBF (baka maubusan na nmn kmi ng slot). I chose The BARN room @ 2k/night w/ breakfast for two (not bad!) Reading BBF entries of Chyng and Pusang Kalye made me realized; I have indeed made the right choice! ;-)

We were booked at The BARN room but surprisingly; we were upgraded to Beehive Suite (at Barn rate). What a warm welcome! ;-)

the Beehive Suite 1

the room's interior

...with cable tv, ref and sliding door leading to...

...our private terrace...

...facing the restaurant and the sea

The CR was lovely too (though walang tabo).

We’ve reached Bee Farm after our countryside tour at around 3pm thus we rested for a while before we finally able to check the place and have dinner. Glad to still catch the lovely sunset as we discovered their view deck on the cliff.

Bee Farm was so beautiful you’ll find yourself excited to find out more of what the place could offer. 
the Cave restaurant
waiting lounge sa restaurant pa rin
pathway leading to the...
...lounge area near the souvenir shop

We’re already starving thus we decided to settle for dinner. Since I was still feeling exhausted due to our daylong tour, I settled for their organic honeyed halo halo and corn muffins while Gil had Honey glazed chicken meal and Go-Banana (Choco- Banana Shake).

Calvin suggested this halo halo and I must say, masarap nga! What’s special with this one was that ingredients were of fresh fruits’ tidbits and that the ice creams were also made organically from their very own The Buzz ice cream stand. The muffins were good too.
Go Banana (Choco Banana) Shake--too strong ang cocoa taste!
honey glazed chicken, organic red rice with camote chunks and... fresh salad (as in fresh edible flowers!)

The foods were great! And Gil being the ‘maarte’ when it comes to foods liked them...a lot! (First time nmin kumain ng flowers like these...masarap din pala! hehe!

We strolled around the place pa ulit after before we stayed on our suite as I teach Gil how to play sungka.

The following day, we were greeted by a great breakfast at their Cave Restaurant (poolside area). What we had were…

Mango pancakes, herb omelet, honey cured ham, papaya juice and hot tsokolate (too bad, strong cocoa taste nga pala choco nila). Kaboses ni Melai ng PBB ung staff (forgot to ask name) na nagserve samin. Nkakatuwa! =)

I was curious with their spreads as I heard a lot of good things about them. Free ang spreads when you order camote bread at P40/ slice. Cge na nga! =)

Two orders of camote bread with mango, pesto and honey spread…sarapp! (We never really like Pesto but this one was the most outstanding the the three!)

Good foods, great ambiance plus this lovely seat…what else could we ask for? ;-)
our table being an old sewing machine. Very creative noh?

We spent the rest of the morning strolling, picture taking and exploring more of the place. Let us tour you around! ;-)

inside the hilot (spa) area
these are I think Beehive din (not sure)
the garden bungalows
back to the viewing deck

‘Tipid mode’ for lunch as we settled for nestle yogurt and crackers- our baon- for lunch. We’re actually waiting then for BBF driver to take us to Bohol Beach Club for a day tour and dinner (details of our BBC day tour on my next entry).

We were tuned to excited mode the following day, looking forward for another great breakfast ahead. We were in fact the first guests to come so we had our favorite seat again. What we had this time were…
Honeyed fried bangus, organic red rice, egg and watermelon juice. Gil settled for brewed coffee while I had kape mais (served with milk and pure honey).

my kape mais with pure honey syrup

...and another round of camote bread with the so yummy, creamy spreads!

We didn’t able to try bee farming (free for guests) and marine sanctuary activity (P80/pax) as much as we wanted kz kulang na time (scheduled flight that morning was at 9:55am). But we did able to go down the cliff, feel the rocks and the seaweeds. Hay…we were here for two days pero parang andami pa ring dapat I-discover (well atleast we have the reasons to go back hehe!)

Bohol Bee Farm offers the best and complete Bohol accommodation. No doubt! ;-)


pusang kalye said...

really one of the most beautiful places I've been to. not because of the beautiful view but more on the homey feeling. It's really a home away from home. i love the peace and the food is really great~~~`

mishi said...

cnabi mo pa pusa! parang kulang bohol experience pag di navisit bee farm noh? Good for us we're able to stay there. thank u sa pagdrop by! ;)

fiel-kun said...

Hi Mishi ^_^

Pa comment din po :)

Wow ganda naman ng getaway nyo. Kakainggit. Nakakarelax talaga ng mind and soul kung ganyan kaganda ang lugar. Very peaceful and serene. Then ang sarap pa ng pagkain. Pampered na pampered talaga kayo ♥

mishi said...

minsan lng nmn kz kami magtravel talaga kya I see to it na well-planned un (stay at the best, taste the best and relax at the best option). Thanks sa pagbisita. will visit ur site minsan. Good day! ;)

dyosa said...

Your room is very nice. Very cozy. I was supposed to try Bohol Bee Farm last year but ended up in Amorita. I'm going to Bohol again this year but might be staying in Amorita again. But I'm planning to visit Bohol Bee Farm for the food and the view deck :D

mishi said...

@ dyosa,
WOW! I cant believe u'r here!;) I'm ur blog's fan eh. Thank u sa pagbisita. ;)

We were just so lucky to be upgraded sa Beehive suite (which is supposed to be BARN room lng). yah, it was nice & cozy (@ discounted rate). You'll surely enjoy sa Bee Farm. Try bee farming and Marine Sanctuary ha? enjoy ur trip! ;)

kg said...

i love your room! it looks so cozy! and for 2k? panalo na yan! :)

mishi said...

hi kg,
Beehive suite is actually 3k/night. My prob ata sa barn room kaya we were upgraded. Room plng at 2k, panalo talaga! plus pa the free yummy breakfast that comes with it, sulit! ;)


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