Wednesday, July 22

Krispy Kreme's Kraze! =)

I have mentioned in my previous post (See April: my 24th bday bash) about my FREE 1-month supply of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glaze doughnut during Ayala Branch’s opening held March 28, 2008.

I was with Joy Ann, a friend and colleague, and upon hearing about this promo of 1-year supply of Original Glaze doughnuts to the 1st customer, 6-months supply to 2nd and 1-month supply to 3rd till 300th customers, we woke up at 3am and been to Ayala at 4:00 in the morning (How was that?) We actually thought we would have the 1st and the 2nd slots but to our dismay, the store was already crowded with people (we forgot there were Call Center agents working on graveyard shifts! Haha!) It was such an experience! Luckily, I landed on the 205th slot while Joy had the 204th! lol

the cap and the pin given during the branch' opening =)

I was not into sweets actually, but having a dozen of this stuff per week in a month for FREE wasn’t that bad at all! (Orig. glaze then costs P30/piece while all others were P38.00-discount was given on a per dozen basis). Gil was in Japan that time so he didn’t able to experience the freebies but I’d handed him a box of assorted doughnuts when he came back (Krispy Kreme is Gil’s favorite!) He even demanded me giving him one flavor at a time every payroll (ganyan po sya maglambing! Lol!)

We visited the place again last June 29- his last day in the office- where we had the usual coffee sessions. I had 12oz Caramel Latte (P95) and a piece of Orig. Glaze (P31)- I prefer Original Glaze over any other flavors- while Gil had 12oz Café Latte (P90) and tried the new Classic Peanut Butter and Striped Caramel doughnut (P42).

a sinful yet glorious snack =)

cute ng chubby ko! =)

Pa-kiss nga zeb! tsup! =)

Could you see us sa reflection? =)

The best thing about coffee sessions as this is that you’ll be able to talk anything and everything under the sun without the hustle and bustling crowd since most cafes offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere (not to mention their free WIFI connections).

up close =)

closer! :)

Coffee kiss! =)

If you haven’t tried their doughnut yet, better try one! It’s sinfully good! c",)

That’s all!
‘Till next update! =)


phoebe said...

shocks!!!!! i love krispy kreme's original glaze! as in? one month supply?! kainggit!:( di ko na matandaan magkano original glaze before pero ganun na pla siya kamahal ngayon?!!! exagg naman!haha

mishi said...

yup! as in FREE one month supply po!=) knw wat, ung 1st customer nga,gabi pa andun na, dun na natulog sa labas nung store! well, it pays well nmn, One year supply sya! san kp?! and yup again! ganun na sya kamahal ngayon! tsktsk!=)

evey ♥ said...

I LOVE Krispy Kreme!! and i want free doughnuts too!! gimme please!! :) hehehe

mishi said...

Hi evey! Gil loves kk more than I, tamis kz. Sana magpromo ulit cla.I remember the 4 dozens of kk doughnuts I had for FREE then, hay...kelan kaya un mauulit?!

Thanks thanks sa pagdalaw evey! will link up! ;)

GIL said...

Since Tatay had been diagnosed with Diabetes, I'm now more concern on my sugar intake. I love sweets...=(


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