Monday, April 26

Before the last Sakura petal falls…

...Gil used to experience Sakura season during his previous Japan assignments and just before the last cherry blossom petal falls, he wanted to share some of his precious photographs along with this article which he written himself as he reminisce the experience beneath the Sakura.

Two years had passed since I last saw the astounding beauty of cherry blossom also known as “Sakura” in Owariasahi City, Aichi, Japan. And it still brings back the wonderful memory.

Cherry Blossom Up-close:

Sunday, April 25

Batis Aramin Sightseeing

After a notable and breathtaking (literal) trek at Kamay ni Hesus, isn’t it fair to reward yourself a cold dip and relax over a nature themed place as Batis Aramin? That’s maybe the reason why this resort was created located just across the street, few blocks away from Kamay ni Hesus compound, Lucban Quezon.

We were able to catch up the day tour rate of Pph100/pax though it was already past 6pm. We won’t stay long anyway since we still need to travel back to Lucena and catch up a bus ride to Gumaca for 1.5hours.

Friday, April 16

The Trek Up Kamay ni Hesus

After a satisfying lunch and rest at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, we took a jeep ride going to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban Quezon. It is a healing center located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, a compound with the statue of Jesus Christ situated on the topmost part of the hill, and the church at the foot of the slope where the healing masses officiated by Fr. Joey Faller were celebrated every Wednesday and Saturday, 9:30-12noon. (See more of the mass schedules here).

I first visited the church and vow some personal wishes and gratitude for another year He has given me. Thankful for I’m not anymore confused asking the usual ‘Where am I heading at in this life’s journey?’ I’m excited actually of what lies ahead of me…for I believe in His plans and that He has something in store for me in the future.

Wednesday, April 14

Pinoy Style Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

-->The idea of spending my entire birthday with Gil was my personal decision but I never knew it would really be ‘me and Gil’ alone! *Wink* I forgot my phone at the office Wednesday (we’re on leave Thurs, Fri is holiday then the weekend) so it’s gonna be a birthday without greetings from friends and everyone else. Gil had his phone with him all right, pero nasa bus pa lng kmi eh low bat na. Haha! ;)

The planned 4am departure turns 8am (fb games addict). We arrived at Lucena Grand Central at 12:30pm where jeepneys are on queue bound to different destinations in Quezon and hopped in with the Lucban sign going to our first destination: Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

Thursday, April 8


Good morning Thursday! ;)

It's gonna be another long weekend for Gil and I (we're on leave today woohooo!). As of this moment, we might be on our way home already to Quezon to spend this very especial day and the rest of the weekend with my family in Gumaca. But contrary to the usual 6hours straight travel from Manila to Quezon province via commute, we will drop by Lucena and head to some of the must-visit spots of the nearby towns and spend the rest of the day together. And since it'll only take us an hour and a half travel  from Lucena to Gumaca, we'll definitely reach home earlier tonight. The rest of the weekend will be spent with my family as we're planning to have the usual beach bonding. Will surely make 'kwentos' when I came back! (Excited mode!)

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone. Happy weekend! ;)

Btw, it's my birthday today.
Kampai! ;)

Saturday, April 3

Slurp-y Ramen experience at Shinjuku

 (...a week overdue article!)
It was a weeklong craving for Japanese ramen for me (blame it to Sir Jhune, Ate Ana and Kuya Jon) imagining the huge bowl Kuya Jon grossly described as “Isang arenolang ramen!” Lol! So comes Friday and we’re off to Shinjuku Japanese Cuisine (Shinjuku Ramen House) for a wonderful ramen experience! ;)

It was initially a ramen date for me and Gil but since it was Tita Lally’s birthday (our officekeeper and a nanay to Gil), we invited her over to join us. Liman and Joy tagged along (Liman asked Tita to dine out but since we’re to try Shinjuku after office, we decided to go nlng as group). 


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