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Pinoy Style Kamayan sa Palaisdaan

-->The idea of spending my entire birthday with Gil was my personal decision but I never knew it would really be ‘me and Gil’ alone! *Wink* I forgot my phone at the office Wednesday (we’re on leave Thurs, Fri is holiday then the weekend) so it’s gonna be a birthday without greetings from friends and everyone else. Gil had his phone with him all right, pero nasa bus pa lng kmi eh low bat na. Haha! ;)

The planned 4am departure turns 8am (fb games addict). We arrived at Lucena Grand Central at 12:30pm where jeepneys are on queue bound to different destinations in Quezon and hopped in with the Lucban sign going to our first destination: Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is located in Brgy. Dapdap Tayabas, Quezon (but was actually along the highway going to Lucban). We were dropped at the new restaurant (the original Kamayan is just across the street) where we were introduced (again) to the traditional way of eating: with bare hands instead of using condiments. 

 washing area scattered around the place

Kamayan also offers a different dining setting, as bamboo cottages float atop the fishpond.

There were also a group of singers to serenade you as you were enjoying the freshest catch of the day!  ;)

Just imagine our ‘gutom’ after the 4hours straight travel! After we settled with the first available cottage we saw, we waited for the wait staff to take our orders, but it took us a loooooottt before being served (kung di pa kmi tumawag ng nagseserve sa kbilang cottage). We were given the menu, placed our orders and upon seeing the more private cottage being emptied, we transferred. Good thing I was able to take pictures after placing our orders and when I’m almost done scanning the place, the foods arrived-yey! ;)

We were delighted when the wait staff finally served our orders:

 Sinigang na Sugpo- Php255

Ihaw na Bangus with palaman- Php120

Calamares- Php160

Green and Ripe Mango shake- Php45 ea

(TIP: Place an order right away as soon as you settled in one of their cottage before taking pics for it might take a lifetime! Reasonable enough, the foods were freshly caught and cooked as to order. Di pwedeng gutom na gutom ka!)

Sinigang na Sugpo was served in a ‘palayok’ where shrimps and vegetables were no doubt fresh. I was more on the sour side when it comes to sinigang, and this one is just fine- missing a little bit of sourness. I love the inihaw na bangus with grated spices though we were surprised to see it ‘daing’ like (we were thinking of grilled bangus stuffed with spices). Calamares was crunchy and chewy at the same time, perfect!

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan might have flaws and cons when it comes to service but we couldn’t deny the fact that it was indeed one of the best and the freshest lunch we’ve had! (With me ‘nkakamay’ and Gil with his spoon and fork. Hehe!)

 man-made waterfalls near the grill area
the waiting area
 path leading to the main hall
 Plants for sale
 sa duyan
ooopps...censored! ;)

 Kamayan sa Palaisdaan was a good start of this Averdey-tuh-mee series. Haha! Few more round of the place and we’re off to our next stop: Kamay ni Hesus. Stay tuned! ;)

Going to Kamayan sa Palaisdaan:

From Lucena Grand Central Terminal, ride a jeep bound to Lucban Quezon. Travel time is around 45mins, fare at P20/ea. New Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is on the right side of the highway, the original one on the left (You may ask the driver to drop you off Kamayan if you’re not familiar with the place). People are accommodating btw.


Kayni said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I was so hungry when I saw the photo of 'sinigang' i'm at work and have no access to a Filipino rest. at the moment. is the green mango shake sour? i never had one. i look forward to your next post.

Chyng said...

I have heard of this resto before.
Sarap, bakasyon mode talaga.

btw, shots are getting better. Ü

kg said...

that's such a nice place! i love it! mahilig ako sa mga wood at nature ang dating! ang ganda! i would love to try those floating huts!

princess_dyanie said...

yay! its been 2 years na pala since weve been here. dito kami kumain after namin mag Kamay ni Hesus eh. wala pa din palang nagbabago. sarap kumain! :P

GIL said...


pusang kalye said...

mishi---you can rent one. hehe. kasi diko lam kung panu commute.wlang nadaan na public transport. nasa cove kasi. kasulok-sulukan lampas pa ng Morong gate ng SBMA.

I suggest you go there in groups....
group travel tayo minsan. hehe

phoebe said...

gandang ng shots,ah!:) Hope to visit this place if ever na makauwi ako. tour mo ko!hahaha :)

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

makapunta rin sana ako diyan..

mishi said...

Iba tlga pag Pinoy foods noh? Yup, nkakapikit mata sa asim ang green mango shake, my default drinks every foodtrip nmin hehe. Enjoy sa Vegas trip mo! Thanks din for the visit! ;)

thanks chyng! Coming from an expert photo enthusiast as you, my pleasure! hehe! ;)been waiting for your Mt. Pulag post! ;)

ako rin. i love my native inspired places and restaurants. U visited this place already db? Thanks sa pagdalaw kg! ;)

read ur entry already before we went there. Sarap foods noh? Kaya lng the service still needs improvements. Or kulang lng cla sa staff?

mishi said...

npagod ako pagbabasa ng comment mo hehe! speechless? yabyu! ;)

that's a good idea! Kaya lng dunno kung kaya ng sked nmin huhu! ;)

wen uwi mo? sure! magtatampo na tlga ako sayo pag di pa rin tayo nagkita sa next visit mo.hmpf! ;) namiss kita...anong meron? sa fb nmn active, tse! Nami island entry pls... ;)

oo nmn! Kaya the next time u visit quezon, drop by ka d2 ha? ;)

SimpleMomRizza said...

Hello! You're right, hindi magandang pumunta dito ng super hungry kayo dahil talagang maba-bad trip kayo :) Maybe nung time na pumunta kayo walang gaanong tao, nung kami kasi ay talagang madami ang customers at kulang talaga sila sa staff :)

mishi said...

Hi rizza,
mga 1:30pm na kmi dumating pero marami rami pa rin tao. They still need improvements noh? Thanks rizza sa pagdalaw. ;)

Nicely said...

Ang sarap ng Crispy Pata at Ginataang Suso dyan! Grabe, enjoy na enjoy kami ng Daddy at Mommy ko nung bday ko, dyan kami nag-lunch!

In all fairness, ok naman ang service nila nung nag-dine in kami sa Palaisdaan :P

dyosa said...

Oh wow! I want to visit this resto too since i learned about this 2 yrs ago. The food looks delicious!

mishi said...

read ur entry bout it, bday mo rin pala nun?kamay ni hesus+kamayan sa palaisdaan is a perfect combi ng bday celeb noh?Will try the ginataang suso at pako the next time, mukhang masarap nga!Thanks for droppin in! ;)

hi bley! foods look good and taste delicious too. Visit Kamayan the next time u pass by Quezon ah, u won't regret it. Salamat sa pagdalaw.;)

Nicely said...

And also the Crispy Pata, Mishi... Sarap nun!

hannah said...

hi i found your blogs po i enjoyed po pagbabasa :)...
ive been there na din..hehe lucena lang nmn ako mlpit lng :) ang sarap talaga jan kumain..:)


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