Friday, November 26

MOP: Jellyfishing + Sea Lion show & Habitat

JELLIES MUSEUM- The Dancing Sea Fairies
 Coming from an enjoyable Oceanarium tour, we were expecting a lot in this jellyfish meet-up. It's located at the ground floor, left wing coming from the main entrance (but since we came from the Oceanarium, we were led to 2nd floor exit passing along fish spa, restaurants and souvenir shops. Down the escalator is the Jellies museum.

Sunday, November 21

Manila Ocean Park: The Oceanarium

A lot of things have poured down my way lately (one of the reasons why I actually been in hiatus stage for sometime now). I never knew 3 out of my 5 major goals this year will materialize, one of which was to find a greener pasture (I hope to make another entry for that soon).

As I received my first ever pay in my new company, I took my siblings and my cutest nephew out to Manila Ocean Park last weekend, the bonding I long been wanting to do. It’s also a chance for Bebe (my nephew—Gene Gabriel) to finally meet Nemo in person as he is a certified fan (I lost count already of how many times he watched that movie—as in all day and all night bago matulog!) Exagge!


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