Friday, November 26

MOP: Jellyfishing + Sea Lion show & Habitat

JELLIES MUSEUM- The Dancing Sea Fairies
 Coming from an enjoyable Oceanarium tour, we were expecting a lot in this jellyfish meet-up. It's located at the ground floor, left wing coming from the main entrance (but since we came from the Oceanarium, we were led to 2nd floor exit passing along fish spa, restaurants and souvenir shops. Down the escalator is the Jellies museum.

What I like about this is the soothing music as you inspect the giant tubes of jellies. They were lovely sea fairies no doubt. The museum was darker than the Oceanarium as lights illuminate only from the tubes.

My sisses and bro didn’t enjoy much in this part unlike Bebe. He was amazed as he ran from one tube to another. Good thing we were the only visitors that time so there’s no fear he might just get lost or any.

Here's where he found his bubbly playmate, himself! Haha!

(I know…I know bawal ang flash. Sorry naman, can’t help it eh hehe!)


We were 15mins late to the Sea Lion show at 2pm so we decided to visit their habitat first located outside the building, across the promo tickets booth. Here's where we learned more about these mammals. Several posters were posted in the area as they were gracefully swimming in the giant pool.

Vincent (My bro and papa's name)

We stayed here for few minutes but though Bebe seems to be enjoying watching them, he kept on saying “Gutom na Bebe…am am na!” I planned of taking them to MOA for the late lunch but since we haven’t seen the Sea Lion show yet, we decided to just choose among the few restaurants within the area, thus we landed at Gerry’s Grill.

Since our eyes feasted on fishes already, we had pork choices of Nilagang Bulalo, Pork Sisig, Inihaw na Liempo and Adobo rice aside from the 3 cups of plain rice.

Bebe was so gutom ang sama na nang tingin nya sa foods after i-serve haha! :)

We were able to tour around again the souvenir shops and let our Bebe choose what he wants. Smart Bebe for choosing a cute (and cheap) jellylike stuff, P20 lng hehe! I’ll buy him a nemo stuff toy next time! ^^


Then the much awaited Sea Lion Show. We were the early ones who took the front seats for better view. Few minute more and the place was crowded already of co-expectators who wanted to be amazed with these mammals’ tricks.

By the way, don’t be surprised if photographers will approach you for ‘free’ pictures. Posing and shots were actually free, but the print-outs were pricey (they will never let you have soft copy for sure). What you have to do is just pose and smile! J

After the short introduction of the host, two cutey sea lions came out with their trainers then the show began. Good thing I was able to capture some of their amazing tricks before the cam’s battery runs out.

Bebe who’s obviously sleepy before the show started became energetic and focused. Here's where everybody actually enjoy, though I find it ‘bitin.’ I hope viewing time could be extended to say, an hour instead of only thirty minutes. And yes, more amazing tricks for the sea lions to perform. :)
TIPS for 1st timers like us: Only the sea lion show has time limit of thirty minutes. Take your time especially once inside the oceanarium and jellies. Relax, savor every minute and experience breathing with these underwater creatures. Best to be experienced with your families especially with kids around.

We had fun...definitely! :)


GIL said...

meron din palang sea lion at jellyfish, akala ko puro aquarium lang. yung promise mo wah! =)

mishi said...

pramiz? ano un?hehe! :)
yep,complete set ung sayo, w/Musical Fountain show, swimming,etc.Parang bata,tse! :)

kg said...

ang ganda ganda nung jelly fish!!!!

princess_dyanie said...

ang dami nang update since nung last punta ko. may music na pala dun sa mga jellyfish at may mga sea lions na! way to go MOP! :)

anney said...

I love the jellyfish pics! Sana next year makadalaw din kami ng Ocean park.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...



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