Monday, July 12

Caramel Macchiato (mah-kee-AH-toe)

barista: (greeted) Can I have your order ma’am?
me: 1 café latte please…
barista: (interrupting) is café latte hot or iced?
me: Hot please. Medium sized. (Blenz coffee sizes are Small, Medium or Large)
barista: 1 medium hot café latte (speaking in full accent)
me: And ahm…(hesitant) 1 medium Iced Caramel Macchiato (messed up pronouncing it as Mah-Shi-AH-toh!)
barista: Ok, additional medium Iced Caramel mah-kee-AH-toe (in fuller accent)
me: (napahiya pero dedma) yes, Iced Caramel mah-kee-AH-toe (repeated what he’d said) and additional blueberry cheesecake and Apple Cinnamon Muffin please… (Speaking with konteng taray!)
Gil was beside me, laughing.
It still makes me smile pag naaalala ko macchiato thing na yun. I really don’t know how to pronounce the word, first time. Buti ba kung Cappuccino lang yun, lol! Anyway, it was our last coffee session together so after Tita Lally, Joy and us been to Chow for Gil’s Lauriat treat, I invited Gil out for a coffee chillax. And for a change, we tried Blenz-A Canadian Coffee Company located at Solaris One, Makati.

Saturday, July 3

We gave in to THAI

Few days before Gil’s departure, we met up one of his best friends Engr. Romeo Camaya at SM Megamall for some casual despedida bonding. Unfortunately, Meo’s wife She was still at work then so she wasn’t able to join us. They were actually tres-inhinyeros-BES-friends-since-college together with Delio who’s now residing in Singapore with his family (I mean wife and kids—yah, si Gil nlng single).

As we’re craving for some Korean fix again, we also wanted to try new dish as Thai. We let Meo choose between the two and so we ended up at Jatujak Thai Restaurant located at UG/F of Mega A.

It’s our first serious Thai experience since I remember sampling an express bowl of Thai soup before. I relied mostly on my readings re Thai’s specialty thus I suggested Pad Thai, Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad, Tom Yum and Thai Iced Tea. Gil was impressed with the Fried Shrimp Cakes pics thus we had one plus Green Mango Shake. Meo wanted fish so he ordered Pla Pla with Chili Sauce and Thai Iced tea too for drinks. I suggested Bagoong rice din pala but since ayaw ni Gil ng bagoong, we had Fried Rice with Crab Meat instead.

So let the Thai feast begin!


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