Monday, January 18

Anniv Weekend Escape: Sonya’s Garden

We finally able to visit Sonya’s Secret Garden! ;) Though the original plan of staying at Sonya’s alone for this entire weekend trip was changed, we’ll never let this event pass without visiting Sonya’s even for lunch lang. So after a not-so-satisfying-stay at Carlo de Casa, we head on to our next stop, Sonya’s! –Yey!

The address said Buck Estate, Alfonso so we thought we could just ride Alfonso bus to take us there but we were dropped by Alfonso crossing instead and instructed to ride Nasugbu jeep. While waiting, there’s this familiar Honda car approaching I acknowledged to be of Tita Ting-my manager- with her classmate Ms. Flor. Without second thought, I waved upon her and voila! They too were to visit Sonya’s for lunch and so we hitched! Hehe! ^,^
Tita Ting maybe was heavens sent; little did we know na super layo pa pala niya sa main road, as in mahirap pag commute lng (I should have read Chyng’s Sonya’s entry first before we go). Thanks Tita for coming along! *Hugs*

The parking was full we thought it was due to the wedding being held at the main hall. But after being led to this restaurant intended for walk-ins (more pavilion restaurants on other areas), we realized marami lang talagang guests ang Sonya’s!

The moment we’re seated, we were served with this really good Dalandan juice. To our surprise, the foods followed without even us ordering (Anobey! Sori nmn, first time namin eh! Lol!) They serve buffet meal in sit-down style for P610.00 per person.

And then the Green Salad with toss-it-yourself fixins! Yummy! Btw, the vegetables were organically grown in their garden. Really fresh!

Then freshly baked whole-wheat sesame bread with an array of homemade dips and toppings. (We asked for another loaf of bread after- free! I mean everything is refillable from the juice to the salad, toppings, bread, dips and pasta. Sky is the limit! Yey!)

For the main course, Pasta with either tomato based or white cream sauce.

Gil and I had fun with the pasta: Whose your bet? ;-) (Parang parmesan cheese lang ang difference haha!)

(Top: Gil's white sauced pasta; Bottom- Mine)

For dessert, we had homemade chocolate cake from their panaderia, glazed sweet potato, banana rolls and thyme tea.

We’re so full (but not bloated) we stroll around the area after that very satisfying meal. Tara! Pasyal tayo! ^,^

Ms. Flor and Tita Ting sa Main Hall

We bought Pan de Coco and Spanish bread from their Panaderia as pasalubong, hot and fluffy! Sarapp! ;-)

Btw, I fell in love with their CR I insisted to take pictures even when we’re about to leave already. Who wouldn’t? ;-)

This weekend escapade was after all noteworthy! Thank you Sonya’s...we’ll be coming back again! ;-)

...And thank you sweetheart for the treat! Hapi hapi po! Yabyu! *Hugs*


Chyng said...

Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

I linked you up!

PUSANG-kalye said...

not a big fan of Sonyas---siguro kasi di kami kumain don---drop by lang talaga to see the place and bought a few bread sa panaderya. would have enjoyed kung nagpa-massage sana kami at kumain. kasol me kamahalan ang rate. hehe.

I will also link you up~~

Sam said...

hi! Happy Anniversary. Wish you both more love and happiness together. Nice place, where is that Sonya's Spa? oh! well, I really miss my spa routine every week when I was there. :)

tim said...

hey there, thank you sa pag visit mo sa blog ko.. nice post this day!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

hi:3 thanks for the visit..ill follow you now..hope you will as well..

have a nice day :3

(P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

mishi said...

@ Chyng,
Thanks Chyng!
Thanks for the link din! Congratulations for having Harvey…Regards kay Enrico! ;-)

@ Pusang kalye,
Try their organic Eat-all-you-can meal one of these days, I’m sure you’ll be one of us na hands down sa Sonyas. My regret talaga na ‘di kmi natuloy sa B&B nila, mejo may kamahalan nga ang rate kaya tamang lunch at stroll nlng.

Thanks Pusa for the link. I’ll add you din po sa link ko. Regards kay Teresa.

@ Sam,
Sonya’s is located at Brgy. Buck Estate Alfonso Cavite (Pero super lapit na nya sa Tagaytay proper). That’s few minutes away from Alfonso crossing going to Nasugbu. A true hide-away kz 2km away pa sya from the main road…but believe me, its worth it!

Thanks for dropping by Sam, do swing by again! ;-)

@ Tim,
Sure, you’re welcome. Thanks din for dropping by! ;-)

Hi ayu! Thanks for the visit. I added u up! Cheers! 

Nicely said...

Mishi, Yobs and I are planning to celebrate our first monthsary at Sonya's Garden. Thanks for this very informative post!

mishi said...

Sure nice, glad to help u!;)
visit their site first for contact numbers, mas ok kung may reservations. Enjoy! happy monthsary to u both! ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm planning to host an event in December but I'm working abroad so am not able to do an ocular visit of the sites.

Which would you prefer for an intimate gathering with family and friends approx. about 50 people? Is Sonya's better or would you prefer Moon Garden? How was their food like?

I'm just a bit worried that Sonya's might be overwhelmingly busy on the day as our event is on December and I think there is a wedding that would coincide with our gathering.

Thanks a lot for your help and hope to read your thoughts :)


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