Tuesday, January 19

two over coffee

same time
same date
same place
same seats

Sometimes, we think of something grand and fancy to celebrate anniversaries...but accept it or not, there is nothing more effective than to reminisce together how everything started…and how that special day became ‘extra special’ for the two of you.

I have mentioned in my previous post how it all started (and never had the time to make the continuation). Yes, the friendship started out during 3pm coffee breaks while the relationship starts off with…guess what? Ah uhm…coffee!

Two years ago, he asked me out for coffee after office (we’re dating already so it’s not a big deal) but this one seems different…I could feel! I was surprised then kz super order sya. We both have venti frappes, cakes and brownies ata. I was right, magtatagal nga kami dun for we’ve stayed for 3hours++ ata, for the reason na di ko pa malalaman kung di pa ako nagyayang umuwi. He said may sasabihin pa raw sya and when I asked what it was, he became uneasy at pinagpawisan talaga sya. Haha! Funny kz super nilalamig na talaga ako nun. I’ve waited but to my surprise, he asked me, ‘dun ba ang CR?’ sabay turo sa direction ng obviously CR nga! ^,^

It was a funny memorable experience we could never forget. I won’t get into details anymore but just before that coffee session ended, we became ‘we’. And our sweet journey as a couple started. ^,^

Today, as we’re seated in this same seat, same date, and at approximately same time, we couldn’t help but reminisce, laugh and wonder how we’re able to surpass every ups, downs and in-betweens in our relationships.

my anniv present for Gil

Cheers to more coffee sessions of our lives and to a more blessed relationship, today and beyond! Iloveyou zeby! ;-)


phoebe said...

ka-sweet naman:) i feel you're meant to be together and i wish you both well:) asul and i are turning two tomorrow!!! wala akong maisip na gift!

mishi said...

thank you po! late reply. But I did greet u nmn sa chatbox mo! ;) Stay in love ate pheng...mishu! mwuah!

edelweiza said...

i miss starbucks! haven't sipped one in a long time. better late thna never, happy anniv and stay in love!!! :)

Nicely said...

happy anniv, mishi! more meaningful years to come :)

mishi said...

@ edelweiza,
thanks thanks edelweiza (wat's ur nickname ba?) ;) pwede mo rin kmi invite one time sa starbucks w/ superf hehe! ;)

thanks nice! congrats din senyo ni yobs! stay in love! ;)

Random Student said...

oo naman bukod sa mas tipid (nyeye) mas all about the moment and the memories ang ganyanan. msa connect kasi sa nangyari. kumbaga true to life at hindi fiction.

mishi said...

@random student,
mejo naguluhan ako pero got ur point.hehe! since anniv is the time to celebrate, it is likewise time to reminisce. thanks for dropping by. Balik ka ha? ;)


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