Monday, January 18

Anniv Weekend Escape: Casa de Carlo

Inasmuch as we wanted to stick with the plan of staying at Sonya’s Garden Bed and Breakfast for this anniv celeb, we needed to squeeze out our budget a bit for a grand travel escapade next month (Excited na kami! Yey!) and decided to at least visit Sonya’s even for lunch tomorrow (which we did).

With few good and not-so-good reviews of Casa de Carlo- a Spanish themed Bed and Breakfast, we decided to give it a try since a night stay would only cost us P1800 inclusive of breakfast for two. The thought of an exquisite place yet to be discovered comes in our mind, only a little hesitant due to their cheap rate (usual high end Tagaytay B&B would cost P5k++). They also cater garden weddings (package is way lot cheaper than Moon Garden), so it’s for us to find out.

Casa de Carlo accepts guests with prior reservations only (no walk-ins accepted) so we made our reservations ahead of time. Prompt txt replies from Carlo himself during bank deposits but not the day before the event of which we’re asking for the free shuttle service and advance order of Paella for dinner. So I did CALL to furnish everything.

On our way to Tagaytay, I see to it I was informing Carlo thru txt of our whereabouts. We’ve reached Mendez around 1pm (check in is 1pm) but since 1st plan is Mushroom Burger, I informed him and asked him to meet us at 2:30pm instead. We we’re in front of Mercury Drug, Mendez Crossing already (meeting place) 10mins before 2:30pm but still no reply from Carlo. I missed call but got dismayed receiving a reply saying ‘Yes how we may help you?’ (Are we waiting for nothing?) I’ve called him again and confronted him and after apologies made, told me that his fiancée is on her way already to meet us.

To make the story short, we were met by Raina- Carlos sweet and accommodating girl- and reached Casa de Carlo around 3pm. The place is located in a compound, few minutes away from Mendez Crossing.

The place was maximized having this restaurant in the middle, villas in front, suites (ours included) on the side, garden at the back and kitchen at the back corner. Since the restaurant was full with Korean guests (a bus was on the parking), we decided to stay with our lovely suite till dinnertime (free wifi, btw).

We have this huge flat-screened TV, DVD player and default channels (No cable at all).
CR is nice too with heater (Don’t have good shots though).

We decided to stroll around the garden at 6pm though it was raining a bit. But still, we did steal some photos to share.

The restaurant’s interior was lovely. Antiques and collections were hanging on the wall. There’s a billiard table too for guests’ free use. The restaurant itself was classy with this Spanish music being played in the background.
Gil requested Sally thru txt-the caretaker staff- for coffee to be served in the garden area. That’s past 6pm but until the Korean guests came back for dinner, no coffees were served. We waited for the guests to go thus we’ve had our dinner at around 7:30pm.

Dinner was something for we’ve had the entire restaurant all by ourselves, with only two staff in a distance.

Btw, we cancelled the Paella for servings were good for 3-4 persons. Gil settled for Pork Salpicao instead while I had Chicken ala Queen- two of the Chef’s specialty. Those meals come with tall glass of iced tea and green salad on the side. (VAT and 10% SC NOT included).

The chicken was divine, creamy, tender and a real heaven. The Pork Salpicao on the other hand is not just a so so but was hard to chew (Jaw flexing! Lol!)

We forgot already about the coffee and was surprised receiving a txt from Sally at 7:57pm saying ‘Wait lang ha laga pa’. Few minutes more and the coffee was served, leaving us confused whether to take it or not (We ordered for coffee around 6pm and it was served past 8pm, how was that?) We decided to take it instead (patience…patience!) since we’re feeling bloated already due to the sumptuous dinner we took a while ago.
We’re supposed to have breakfast at the garden the following day but since it was still raining, we had it room delivered. The set meal of fried rice, sausage, sunny-side-up egg and side salad was served first, then the cold water was refilled (Read: COLD WATER!). I was expecting for something HOT since it’s breakfast but the staff insisted that coffee is not included and he don’t know about the servings (He’s not even accommodating!) So I txtd Sally if coffee or tea is included or not and just before we’re done with our meal, she replied ‘Tea po ang free nila’. The tarragon tea was served after everything else on our plate was finished! (What a poor service they have!)

If you think you have a bagful of patience with you, try this place. But mind you, never expect too much with the service! ^-^

(We still managed to enjoy our stay though for nothing compares with every moment spent with someone so dear!) *Wink*


phoebe said...

kumusta naman ang service nila, noh?! kalurkei!haha ako man mauubusan ng pasensya! but the place was lovely, at mukhang yummy ang food :)

hey happy anniv snyo and stay in love! :)


mishi said...

kalurkei talaga! C gil nga super wala na sa mood, I keep on insisting nlng na wag magpaapekto. Dumayo pa kmi sa Tagaytay para masira lng planned celeb nmin db? (Guilty, I'm the one in-charge ng planning kz- and this place place is my suggestion..too bad!)

thanks ate pheng. Sana next time sa jeju island nmn celeb nmin hahaha! ^,^

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

mishi said...

@ anonymous,

you're welcome! ;)

Anonymous said...

i seriously enjoy your writing choice, very charming.
don't give up and keep posting due to the fact that it simply just very well worth to follow it,
looking forward to look at a lot more of your posts, good bye ;)

mishi said...

Thank you very much! Do swing by again! ;)

Anonymous said...

nice review..
im also planning to give ng hubby a father's day treat next month.. sana by the that time nag improve na ang customer service nila. thanks! Ms. Violet

mishi said...

hi Ms. Violet,
Sana nga po nagimprove na service nila. Thank you for dropping in. Glad to know I'd help. Balik po kayo! :)

jm_comia said...

poor place, this is the 2nd review i read so far as i was looking for a cheaper wedding reception at tagaytay and both says the same ,,, disgusting :) maganda pa man din ung bar and all the spanish-inspired na interiors, but nvm, better look for another one, thank you very much for the post.

Anonymous said...

For someone who lists the Twilight series (which is so tacky and juvenile, by the way) as one of their favorites (movie AND book at that), I hardly think you are a person competent enough to criticize anything at all. You complain too much about the smallest of things regarding this place. The fact that you spell bad and use the wrong syntax and grammar is insulting enough. Next time try having more fun no matter how bad your accomodations may be, humor yourself a bit, experience the place and just try to enjoy what it has to offer.

mishi said...

As a personal blog, this is intended to document PERSONAL experiences--because we're physically there and because we experienced such! Good or bad, we do not intend to criticize anything but share how our experience was!

Shall we say we were served hot coffee which in fact we were given 'COLD' water for breakfast? (considering this place is a Bed&Breakfast?)

Shall we say we enjoyed the coffee we ordered before 6pm for a cool afternoon stroll which was served past 8pm, few hours after the dinner??

Will you not be pissed off if you booked for an accommodation but on the day of your arrival as you wait for the transport service, the answer to your nth time call is "Yes, how we may help you?"

Apology for the wrong grammar or spelling but thank you so much for taking your time to read this and leaving your thought! I hope you at least sensed that I've tried my best to share some good points of this place kahit kahit mahirap!

PS: napahiya ako sa husband ko for insisting this place! But yes, we managed to enjoy our stay despite of it all! ^^

Kristine said...

Hi. Just want to ask did you go there via commute? san kayo sumakay from Manila? and from there, san exactly kayo bumama? I also have plans of staying at Casa de Carlo, visitng Sonya's Garden and eating at Mushroom Burger. I found your blog very helpful. Hope you can help me.


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