Sunday, May 16

Birthday Pig-Out

I’ve been meaning to blog on RIO’s birthday feast at North Park but couldn’t find time since the audit season started. Whoa!

It was the same Barrio Fiesta and Mom & Tina’s Bakery Café team (less Sir Jek who is in a loooong vacation, 6weeks perhaps!). Cherry suggested the place as usual and though it’s only a few walks away from office, ngayon lng nmin sya natry hehe!

As per RIO’s instructions, SKY IS THE LIMIT! And so Cherry and I feasted on the menu, pinpoint every dish palatable to the eyes and sounds interestingly mouth-watering. Haha! Nagulat pa kmi when the foods arrived at wala ng mpaglagyan sa table nmin sa dami. We were only five, just imagine how we able to munch down the foods. Pig out! :D

Cherry first opted for North Park Chow Mien (Pancit Guisado/ Chami)- P238 and Boneless Fried Chicken Chops-P195.

A closer look:

North Park Chow Mien was served in a really huge ‘bandehado’. What I love about this is the generous amount of mushrooms on it. Taste was Ok- for me, a combination of Pancit Canton and Pancit Lucban, a well-known pancit in Quezon.

Boneless Fried Chicken Chops is the group’s favorite. It was tender and tasty and before we knew it, ubos na sya. Sarap papakin! :)

I was supposed to choose my comfort food-Noodle soup- but I opted for Hot Pot dish as this could be shared. We had Nanking Beef & Tendon w/ Raddish instead- P218.

We couldn’t distinguish kung asan na ang Hot Pot Nanking Beef na ‘to sa mesa coz we’re expecting for a steaming bowl of Beef and tendon soup. It was saucy pala and looked and tasted like…ahm, humba? Later we realized, it was served in a pot nga naman…thus the name. :)

Head-off Prawns w/ Sweet Chili Sauce is my personal choice too as I learned of this being one of their bestsellers and amongst North Park’s signature dishes. Another favorite of Gil and the group that night, sweet and tasty! Sarap! :)

Then the boys insisted, ‘bakit walang rice?’ And so, we had North Park Special Fried Rice w/ Sauce-P198 and Pineapple Fried Rice w/ Pork Sausage-P168.

Far end is the Pineapple Fried Rice; NorthPark Special Fried Rice on the rightmost and the sauce beside it.

Our first time to experience a saucy fried rice.The fried rice itself was good enough for sharing and what surprised me though is that, the sauce was meaty as it has fish chunks, generous servings of mushrooms and prawns…in short, good as ulam na sya! It was served separately in a pot too, dami ng serving! :)

We’ll have this fried rice w/ sauce set next time tapos hingi nlng kmi ng tubig, sulit! Hehe! :)

And since we ordered rice (without any idea of the sauce ulam that comes with it), Cherry (and I?) exclaimed ‘wala pa tayong ulam!’ (As if di pa considered ulam ang ibang orders nmin haha!) And so we ordered Roast Combination Platter. Marcus favored Shanghai Spring Rolls under Dimsum as an additional.

Roast Combination Platter- P338

Shanghai Spring Rolls- P128

I don’t remember the last time I pig out like this haha! I couldn’t distinguish which is which actually kz halo halo na. Buti nlng we preferred Lemon Iced tea (a MUST- as stated on the menu) to wash up unwanted cholesterol build-up. After two hours++ of pigging out, we went home bloated (I mean it!) and sleepyheads! May take home pa kami ni Cherry (yey!)

Gil and my Lemon Iced Tea (a MUST!)
L-R: Richard, Cherry, Marcus, me and Gil

Thanks North Park (I’ll be backed for the noodle soup!)
…and thanks RIO for the treat! :)


kg said...

wow! pig out talaga kung sa pig out! ang daming food! :)

♥peachkins♥ said...

my first time here on your blog... nice to meet you..

blowing peachkisses
The Peach Kitchen
peach and things

Chyng said...

not a fan of chinese food, pero mukhang yummy nga talga! Ü

pusang kalye said...

ang bait naman ng birthday girl sya pa trit. uo nga no, kelan kaya marereverse ang culture natin---na yung may birthday naman ang tini-treat---I know some people do that---pero sa pangkalahatan kaya? nways---belated heypi birthday RIO~~

pusang kalye said...

mishi --- just find time--mas mura sya kesa kumain kayo sa mamahaling resto sa Manila---time lang talaga kailangan at commitment kasi pahirapan. pero fulfilling naman talaga. kaw e---tagal na kita invite to meet---kelan ba tayo? hehe

kayni said...

wow, everything looks delicious. i wish i was

princess_dyanie said...

waaah north park! my fave chinese resto! i so so so love chinese food!

Rizza said...

Sarap naman Mishi :) talagang pig-out to the max!!! hehehe

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

I love North Park too.. haven't tried the chow mien but that looks so yummy ah! I always order the 3 Kinds of Mushroom noodle soup (with whole wheat noodles) or the one with wantons! My sister raves for their asado siopao, siomai or lechon macau! Super yummy talaga and affordable in North Park!

mishi said...

yep...pig out galore!haha! enjoy your US trip! :)

thank you for the visit! Hope u enjoyed ur stay. Balik ka ha?

ako, I so love chinese foods. Comfort food ko noodle soup eh :) Dami nmn choices, for sure u'll like one, try it!

bday BOY u mean? RIO is Richard, initial it is. Sa japan ganun culture, the bday celebrator ang bida sa bday nya. Aside fr gifts, sya pa ipaghahanda. Cool! :)

In due time, I hope to meet u and chyng too in person :)

mishi said...

don't need to be here for the chinese foods alone. Pero iba pa rin Pinas, right? Truly a HOME! :)

Northpark pala fave chinese resto mo? Haven't tried the Noodle soup, pag nagustuhan ko likey ko na rin Northpark hehe. Ako nmn, Ok na sa Chow-cheap but serves really good Beef (na beef) wanton soup (slurpp!)

korek! sarap tlga pag libre and sky is the limit! haha!:)


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