Tuesday, May 4

Laiya Weekend Summer Escape

We won't have company outing (again) this year! Sigh. Good thing electrical group thought of organizing a weekend overnight escape to at least cool down the scorching summer heat. Initial plan of Puerto Galera failed, then Zambales and finally the plan ended up at Laiya Batangas. And since it's on a budget and is more favorable for Gil who doesn't like the idea of sea transfer, go na rin kami. Yey!
We were ten in group divided into two cars courtesy of Che and Zarah. Our group (Zarah, Dan, Mon, Gil and I) met up at the office in Makati while Che, RJ, Mark, Ipe and Aldrin stayed overnight at Che's place in Cavite. We're on our way by 7am and convoy comes Slex. Mejo nadelay lng ng mahuli kami along Pasong Tamo. Violation:One-way. Result: P500 breakfast treat for Manong enforcer.

 Laiya is everyone's first time thus it took us hours of travel. Had stopover at San Juan Market nga pala to buy foods as baon for our entire stay and to have lunch na rin. By around 2pm, we've reached Laiya and the fun started the moment we entered Sigayan Bay Resort.

Sigayan Bay Resort is just a small resort of only 1,900sq.m lot as in we were confused of the sign Punto Miguel along the way from our cottage to the beach, only to find out sa kabilang resort na pala un. Then we learned, dikit-dikit pala resorts sa part na yun ng Laiya. :)
Mark, Che and Zarah did the cottage reservations (and most of the planning- sabit lng kmi ni Gil)  We had Halaan II cottage for an overnight stay at P5,800. It has two airconditioned bedrooms and separate CR located at the end of the aisle.

The little veranda with the bamboo table and chairs, ref, hot and cold water dispenser plus 5gal mineral water, gas and stove. And since we brought in foods, we paid P500 corkage fee.

The bigger room with 1 double bed and 1 double deck:

The smaller one with one double deck and 2 extra beds:

As soon as we settled, the group tried the white sand Laiya is well known for. Kami? We took a nap since we're too damn tired :)

Snorkeling at past 5pm (Imagine us na pupungas pungas pa from a deep slumber tapos biglang snorkeling daw. Huh!) Gil was obviously hesitant and nervous, he's beginning to learn swimming pa lng kz haha! :) Pero since 10pax minimum, wala na syang nagawa pa. :) Fee is P70/pax.

We could say that this part was the highlight of this trip since we're able to enjoy the 10ft (Read: 10feet) sea water for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Nagpakain nga pala kmi isda with our baon Lemon Square loaf pero kami pa rin nakinabang in the end dahil sa pagod. lol!

And who says Gil's afraid of the water?
Thanks to this apple green life vest! yey!

He managed to face his fears after learning na hindi pala sya nag-iisa, that there were Dan and Che to mingle with. Dito lng sila sa area na 'to the whole time, taking one swim at a time. :)

...while the good swimmers were on this part. Mga taong dagat! :)

the same 10ft level only they found a big rock sa part na 'to. Nice!

Can't help to be mesmerized again with the lovely sunset. Who wouldn't?

It's dark already when we decided to finally leave the sea. We actually missed Nemo and his friends since we decline to rent the snorkeling gadgets (P100/pax) other than the goggles, everybody was no doubt enjoyed this part, right zeb? :)

The night was spent for dinner, videoke and the usual drinking session of the boys (except Gil). We went to bed earlier than them as they're obviously enjoying the company of some new found (girl) friends. Thus we were not surprised anymore the following day seeing no one within the area, as in tulog pa lahat! :) As the usual routine kz, we hope to catch the sunrise drama (as well as the sunset) but we're surprised to see a lot of people (as in exagge sa dami) na nasa dagat na as early as 6am. And as expected, we failed to capture the best scene but did take some photos na rin to share. 

We were actually expecting much about Laiya white sand beaches (thought of it as that of Bohol). I saw and read for myself blogs re Laiya resorts and how beautiful the place is. The sand wasn't white anymore, and madumi ang tubig. There were too many guests you will accidentally bump while swimming. But in fairness, it has a wide stretch of shorelines and hindi nmn sya masakit sa paa. Sigayan Bay offers one of the cheapest resort accommodation din which is really a great deal for families and friends' overnight escapades.

Had breakfast first before we went to the beach for our last dip, then lunch. Check-out at exactly 1pm and off we went for another hot road trip back home. Had fun though!

San next lakad? :)


Chyng said...

I like your honest review. Dont blog something na "white" e hindi naman. O "great beach" tapos ang black ng tubig. Hihi

Sabi nga nila, tumataas lang expectations natin. Oh well, guilty! Ü

Kayni said...

wow, looks like everyone had a wonderful time even the ones scared of water. this is the second time i read about this beach. thank you for sharing.

kg said...

when all else fails, head to good old batangas! :)

madami talaga tao dyan batangas, esp laiya!

princess_dyanie said...

for me, laiya is the nearest beach you can go to if you are looking for an "ok" place. madami talaga tao kasi summer eh. oo nga di na masyadong white. pro may white pa din naman hehe.

btw, bakit ang tagal nyo nakarating? 3hrs lang dapat ang travel time!

mishi said...

thanks chyng!Kung npapansin mo,narration mga kwento ko.I just share the 'real' experience we've had. Di nmn mataas standard ko sa beach,good sunrise & sunset will do. Thanks for commenting chyng!

we really had a great time. At first hesitant cla esp gil, ayaw nyang maniwalang lulutang sya w/ life vest haha! U'r welcome kayni.thanks sa pagdalaw! :)

mishi said...

@ kg,
Oo nga, batangas is such a gifted place when it comes to natural beauty. 1st time nmin sa Laiya eh,never expected ganun pala karami tao dun. Pero enjoy pa rin nmn! Salamat kg for droppin in! :)

haha!1st time din ng mga drivers sa laiya eh.Imagine ung convoy nmin, antayan pag nawala sa sight ang 1 sasakyan.Once in a while we stop to ask for directions. Tsaka natagalan kmi sa Market to buy foods, yun! Saw the White Cove u've been to, ok sya! but same shoreline din. Thanks dyanie!

pusang kalye said...

dyan dapat mga friends ko the other week kaso fully booked mga resorts, well, good for them kasi kung ako di ako satisfied sa sand kaya siguro last na yan sa list ko...but what's good about your trip is pumunta kayo dyan in group so talagang enjoy nyo yung lakad. well, sometimes, it's not about the place, it's the people.most of the time pala.hehe

mishi said...

Maganda rin nmn ung place kung di lng cguro summer kz jampacked tlga sya pag ganitong panahon.Korek ka jan re people not the place.We enjoyed a lot! Congrats sa wedding! :)

Dea said...

Uy, sakto! Naghahanap din kami ng mapupuntahan ng officemates ko.

How much ang range ng food sa coffee shop nila?

mishi said...

hi dea,
Naku! di nmin natry food nila kz may may baon kmi good for hnggang kinabukasan. May ref kz,gas &stove kya very convenient.May mini store din nmn in case kulangin kyo ng gamit. Enjoy your trip! :)

pusang kalye said...

mishi---uo---tapos kakaiba talaga ang feeling--tapos pagbaba namin ng manila.wow---ang iniiiiiiitt!!!! anu, kelan tayo gagala? hehe

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

mapuntahan ko rin sana iyan..

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

awww..lagi na lang akong naamaze sa mga spots na finifeature mu continue it :P

(p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

saka sana ate kung nabasa mo yung post sana comment ka.. thanks 3

mishi said...

@pusang kalye,
U should have stayed there longer. Iba init d2 sa Mla noh? Mahapdi sa balat! Niwey, dunno when.Invite us nlng then we'll see sa sked. :)

sure sure.Mapupuntahan mo rin yun, lapit lng nmn. :)

Thanks for droppin in ayu! Gil's always checking on ur entries, mas madalas kesa sakin. :) We will.

Richard Macalintal said...

laiya batangas resort is really one of the best. i'll try to visit them every summer when i have the time.

Debbie said...

laiya is just around 2-3 hours away from manila... you can select resort on this list
Laiya Batangas Beach Resorts


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