Saturday, January 30

Friday Group Date @ Barrio Fiesta

It was a lazy Friday afternoon; time-out is an hour earlier at 5pm compared to Mon-Thurs’ 6pm. We have no plans of date or any than to look for a birthday present for my sis’ birthday and to drop by his sis’ office few streets away from ours for something. It was such another Friday and weekend in particular without any plans of anything-just rest (and probably DVD marathon).

So, upon hearing Gil that an officemate and her group invited us to join them over dinner made me smile…it was such a relief! Hehe! After dropping by at sheng’s office, we headed to Barrio Fiesta along Dela Rosa St. where the group were and surprised them with our presence (very seldom kz kami magjoin ng mga after office lakad, it was always me and Gil kaya di na kmi nagulat na nasurprise sila).
L-R: Cherry, Me, Gil, Marcus, Jeremy
Kami ulit- w/ Richard this time

Tuesday, January 19

two over coffee

same time
same date
same place
same seats

Sometimes, we think of something grand and fancy to celebrate anniversaries...but accept it or not, there is nothing more effective than to reminisce together how everything started…and how that special day became ‘extra special’ for the two of you.

Monday, January 18

Anniv Weekend Escape: Sonya’s Garden

We finally able to visit Sonya’s Secret Garden! ;) Though the original plan of staying at Sonya’s alone for this entire weekend trip was changed, we’ll never let this event pass without visiting Sonya’s even for lunch lang. So after a not-so-satisfying-stay at Carlo de Casa, we head on to our next stop, Sonya’s! –Yey!

The address said Buck Estate, Alfonso so we thought we could just ride Alfonso bus to take us there but we were dropped by Alfonso crossing instead and instructed to ride Nasugbu jeep. While waiting, there’s this familiar Honda car approaching I acknowledged to be of Tita Ting-my manager- with her classmate Ms. Flor. Without second thought, I waved upon her and voila! They too were to visit Sonya’s for lunch and so we hitched! Hehe! ^,^

Anniv Weekend Escape: Casa de Carlo

Inasmuch as we wanted to stick with the plan of staying at Sonya’s Garden Bed and Breakfast for this anniv celeb, we needed to squeeze out our budget a bit for a grand travel escapade next month (Excited na kami! Yey!) and decided to at least visit Sonya’s even for lunch tomorrow (which we did).

With few good and not-so-good reviews of Casa de Carlo- a Spanish themed Bed and Breakfast, we decided to give it a try since a night stay would only cost us P1800 inclusive of breakfast for two. The thought of an exquisite place yet to be discovered comes in our mind, only a little hesitant due to their cheap rate (usual high end Tagaytay B&B would cost P5k++). They also cater garden weddings (package is way lot cheaper than Moon Garden), so it’s for us to find out.

Sunday, January 17

Anniv Weekend Escape: Mushroom Burger

We’re turning two!;-) Thus we decided to explore Tagaytay (again) for our weekend Anniversary getaway! Our first stop, Mushroom Burger! ;-)

One of the must-try when visiting Tagaytay is the Mushroom Burger. Not just affordable but it’s also way lot tastier and healthier and patties are firmer than the usual fast food burgers. It’s an ultimate guiltless burger indulgence!


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