Sunday, January 17

Anniv Weekend Escape: Mushroom Burger

We’re turning two!;-) Thus we decided to explore Tagaytay (again) for our weekend Anniversary getaway! Our first stop, Mushroom Burger! ;-)

One of the must-try when visiting Tagaytay is the Mushroom Burger. Not just affordable but it’s also way lot tastier and healthier and patties are firmer than the usual fast food burgers. It’s an ultimate guiltless burger indulgence!

Mushroom Burger is along Aguinaldo Highway thus there’s no way you will miss the sign. It’s 5mins ride away from Mendez crossing and jeep fare is P7.00 each.

Parking is usually full and within the period of our stay, we saw mostly Koreans in groups, more than the locals actually. Have read a lot about this resto thus we’re expecting more of the ambiance but the place was plain and a self-service canteen (Gil and I had the same impression). It’s clean though, burgers are great and Tagaytay weather is a plus plus.

We both had Mushroom Burger King, which comes with double patties and double cheese, sodas, Tropicana and out of curiosity, tried Sweet Mushroom as dessert which is simply iced mushrooms in syrup (too sweet for our liking). Gil loves burgers and realized Mushroom Burger really should boast its pride when it comes to burgers. It’s simply delicious! And since patties are 100% mushrooms, it’s definitely guilt-free!

What a healthy starter! So after being stuffed and all, we’re off to our main destination, Casa de Carlo.


kg said...

i tried mushroom burger just to be able to taste it. for me, nothing special naman. perhaps it was simply because it's tagaytay that added a kick to it. but taste-wise, it's something i wouldn't crave for. :)

mishi said...

@ kg,
I must admit, our visit was due to mere curiosity and the rants among those who’ve tried it already. Though we were disappointed with the place kz canteen-like lng yung set-up, the burger patties were something extra-ordinary. I myself was not a fan of burgers but I won’t mind having MB King than 2 burger Mcdo.

Thanks for the visit kumareng grace. I added you up


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