Sunday, December 6

Visiting Trinoma for the 1st time

Forgive us folks, but it was the first time we set our foot at Trinoma! Hehe! And though we could be the last persons to wow this place, we still would want to do so for it's not only a one stop shop but indeed a lovely place to relax and bond with friends and families. Initial plan was that, I’ll have my annual hair treatment and pampering first courtesy of my sponsor Gil and then Yakiniku early dinner then proceed to SM Megamall for some sort of shopping. But this place was lovely that we’re sure it will be a lot lovelier at night. So we stayed and decided to watch the movie 2012 to kill time.
The movie was so great I found myself crying the whole time! ^,^

Got an hour early for the movie, so we’ve had cheeseburger meal first at McDonalds (And did some magic tricks to hide our cam and Gil’s psp in my little mighty bag since those were prohibited inside the cinema! – Only to find out that the guard in-charge was not at all checking bags and belongings! Lol!) The movie was great I found myself crying the whole time. Haha!

Inasmuch as we wanted to try Tempura Japanese Grill’s Yakiniku, we cannot do so for some exhaust fan issues between the resto and the Trinoma management. We’re really disappointed the fact that we’ve been all along from Pasig to Trinoma in Quezon City just for this Yakiniku experience aside from visiting Trinoma the first time. Trying to find something cook-it-yourself style restaurant, we surveyed the area and even referred with the directory map. We gave up when I remembered I still owe Gil Brothers Burger and Max’s treat, and so we settled for the latter and proceed to Level 1.

Guess what I’ve had for drinks? Sure, Green Mango Shake, what else?:D Gil had Lemon iced tea this time.
Green Mango Shake-P64/ Iced Tea-P39

Pancit Canton (Small)-P117

Half Spring Chicken-P147

Shanghai fried rice-P82

We’re supposed to have dessert at Level 4 Starbucks situated in one of the beautiful locations of Trinoma but we’re too stuffed we decided to just stroll and burn some of the unwanted calories we’ve just gained. It was to my dismay seeing side-by-side shabu-shabu and yakiniku restaurants along level4, the other side of starbucks. My!! I actually thought of throwing up those I’ve just had eaten and settle for this shabu-shabu! Hay…. next time for sure! ;-)

Just bought Krispy Kreme Original Glazed and had Hot Choco at Mister Donut before we went home.
Had a great time though! I was with Gil eh! ^,^


phoebe said...

Sooo happy to see you together again. im sure u super missed each other,harharhar alis pa rin ba siya?
anyway, tc! *tsup*

mishi said...

after ilang days pa after sya dumating bago nagsink sakin na finally, he's here na! Pero next year alis ulit sya...another 5 months or longer. tc! mwuah!

Anonymous said...

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