Monday, December 21

Moon Garden Breakfast

I’m not a person of breakfast; mere coffee will do…not until I met Gil. He always finds to it he has eaten well first thing in the morning (except kung late na siya for work! Hehe!)

We thought of having our breakfast in our private lounge area outside our casita while savoring Tagaytay’s morning breeze, but decided to have it inside our casita instead. We
 requested it to be served at 9am so we could still have time to stroll around Moon Garden first thing in the morning.

The food didn’t come on time and we still have to go upstairs unto the main hall to follow up. Reasonably as it was, there were tons of riders who dropped by for breakfast (but at least we, the in-house guests should be prioritized!) Anyway, the foods came shortly and after seeing the servings, I knew it was worth the wait.

Gil had Filipino Style Breakfast while I had Garden Style Breakfast (Of course we shared Hehe!) Both came with 3 Season Fruit Shake and freshly brewed kapeng barako. Dessert of Flambee Banana was served last.
Crispy Adobo Flakes, served with tomato-scrambled egg, pickled veggies and garlic fried rice.
Additional pilaf rice with smoked salmon- P50 (which turned out to be a freebie! Yey!)

Cheddar Cheese Omelette
Breadbasket with butter and pineapple marmalade and natural yogurt with Alfonso Honey.

Don't you just love mornings? ;-)

'Till next post!


Chyng said...

I love mornings! Sign yun na uwian ko na, I work at night BTW. Ü

edelweiza said...

i'm a breakfast person, i always eat like a king during breakfast.your Moon Garden breakfast all look delish! :)

mishi said...

Hi chyng! u must really love mornings then! :) Nice meeting you Chyng! ;)

I'm beginning to be like one na rin. Yep,breakfast at Moon Garden was great! U should try it yourself (or did you?). Nice meeting you edelweiza!

Anonymous said...

is this the free breakfast that comes with the overnight stay?


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