Monday, December 21

Loving Bag of Beans’ Blueberry Cheesecake

After a truly relaxing stay at Moon Garden, we went off to grab the most raved about Blueberry Cheesecake of Bag of Beans, an English Café located few blocks away from Mendez Crossing.

Bag of Beans is another first time for us. But with the frequent entries and reviews among some of the blogs I came across with, the sight of a simple bakery shop along the highway was not anymore a surprise. (I told Gil we’ll be dining at Bag of Beans but he got confused seeing a typical bakeshop with goodies and breads, no dining area at all!) So I led him to the stairway beside the shop and everything else followed! ;-)

Down there is the garden inspired restaurant. Dining alfresco with those wooden bench and tables, wrought iron sets and lovely dining area located in each corners were awesome. Glad to have these lovely seats right wing just after the stairs.
We took our time ordering since guests are expected not to just eat and run but to relax as well.
Our choices: Gil’s Frozen Chocolate, My Mocha Frappe, Cheesy Lasagna and the bestest blueberry cheesecake ever!
Glad Gil love this Bag of Beans visit (You see, it took us 2 transfers coming from Moon Garden- tric to Olivarez then jeep Olivarez to Mendez- and the long walk finding this place. Haha!) Can’t wait for our next visit! *Grin*
With a garden set restaurant as this and best-of-the-best goodies as blueberry cheesecake, Bag of Beans deserves to gain fame and rants from their satisfied guests. We just did! ;-)


edelweiza said...

sabi nga ng superf ko super sarap daw nito. di pa ako nakapunta ng bag of beans tagaytay. waaaah. :)

Nicely said...

ako si superf. hehehe!

yup, mishi. super sarap ng blueberry cheesecake nila. the best in town! i literally forgot my name on my first bite :)

you were just so lucky to get the comfy nook out in the garden. nung pumunta kasi kami dyan, ang daming guests so we have no choice but to dine inside. sayang nga e... picture-picture sana, like yours.

btw, thanks for commenting on my Century Tuna Superbods Run post ♥ and I am adding you in my blogroll here:

Keep blogging!

phoebe said...

i LOVE blueberry cheesecake!!! can't remember the last time i had one :( gurl, bat ang payat mo ata?!haha amishu!:)

kg said...

i also love bag of beans!!!

mishi said...

the next time you visit Tagaytay, drop by at Bag of Beans and enjoy this blueberry cheesecake. 2 na kami ng superf mong nagsabing masarap ‘to…pramiz! ;-)

hi superf!
Nung pumunta nmn kmi, gusto ko sana sa wrought chair w/ umbrella para garden feel talaga, eh eto ung available. Buti nlng marami din tao nun. Hehe!

Goodluck sa Century Tuna SuperBods Run mo…Lapit na noh?
Next uwi mo, I’ll treat u out ng blueberry cheesecake hehe! ;-)
May mga shots akong payat though ok lang nmn, syempre I’ll choose to post yung more favorable hehe! Thanks for the visit ate pheng! ;-)

@ kg,
kami rin! :)
Thanks kg for dropping by!

Dea said...

Hi Mishi, super winner talaga yung cheesecake, no? I'm already looking forward to our next visit. Parang ang sarap nung lasagna, I'll have that next time.

GIL said...

Dahil sa Bag of Beans na-inlove ako sa blueberry cheesecake! miss you zeby...

zimar said...

Hi. Thank you for patronising bag of beans tagaytay, hope to see you again. Please check our new website.
thank you!


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