Sunday, December 20

Moon Garden Casitas

Casita is a Spanish word meaning ‘a small house’. There were eight of them hidden separately in a secluded part of Moon Garden, mostly were unnoticeable since the roofs were almost of the same level as the walkway and were covered with creeping vines and plants, and that the walkway and the casitas themselves were both made up of stoned brick materials.

Breathe and come see our charming casita where we’ll be staying for the night.
 We had this complimentary hot tea and cold water when we settled in.
They’re right; the bed was indeed a comfy oversized-King-bed.
I’ve read a lot of things about this no-door separating the bedroom from the bathroom but I still couldn’t figure it out until I saw it with my two eyes. For those curious folks as me, please take a look at this:
Trivia: Moon Garden was intended initially for mere intimate garden weddings before they open up to public, and that the casitas were for the couple for their pre/post-wedding stay, thus the intimate bedroom and bathroom set-up! ;-)
I bet you’ll love the CR (Forget about the thought of pu-pu moments, of course you may discuss your set-up with your partner. Lol!) Outside our casita is a private garden set, fronting the lush pineapple plantation.
Overnight stay at Moon Garden costs us P3, 150.00, inclusive of all taxes and hearty breakfast for two. With all the paradise-like ambiance as this, superb services and an equally satisfying good food, this is indeed a steal as I may say so! Agree? ;-)

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