Saturday, October 3

Typhoon Ondoy: A Personal Encounter

It has been a week already when typhoon Ondoy (International name: Ketsana) hits Metro Manila Saturday, Sept.26, but the tragic effect could still be seen and felt up to these days.

The water level is still the same knee-length in front of our house and goes higher as we took our steps out of the place. And since we’re situated in the utmost corner of Dr. Reyes’ compound in Kalawaan, Pasig City, we have no other choice than to endure the long walk (or swim?) passing through Resettlement area (Gil’s house location) where a leg-deep level of stagnant flood water could be seen, making the place looked like an extension of the Pasig river itself. There was no electricity power in most of the areas, including Gil’s since the typhoon blew out.

It has been a week already of morning and night flood walk-through for us- She and I- to be able to come to office for work (Gil’s sister). She started out her new work in Makati on her birthday, Sept.29, two days after the disastrous typhoon surprised the nation (what a birthday bash!). We’re usually in shorts and slippers with our office slacks, blouses and shoes on a plastic bag so we may change clothes either in any fast-food chains in San Joaquin or Makati. It was such a horrible experience!

Still, we’re thankful my family and Gil’s were safe and sound. Though I’m still worried about my relatives in Vista Verde Executive Village in Cainta whom we never heard anything yet since the typhoon, as well as with those few relatives in Rosario and de Castro Pasig due to non-availability of electricity in the area. Hope everybody’s safe though.

As I was writing this, another super typhoon named Pepeng (International name: Parma) has already entered the country’s area of responsibility, said to be much stronger than typhoon Ondoy. By this very moment, the surrounding was cloudy-to-dim, as it is hard to see visibly the nearby buildings of Makati area.

This is not the right time to blame anyone for faults of not being the responsible citizen of this country. Surely it’s the people’s fault, who else? Too bad the babies and the innocent ones need to suffer. The most we could do is pray, pray until the flood subsides, pray that the authorities be blessed so they may serve the people as they were expected to, pray for more support from those lucky individuals and entities who were not affected, pray for those lives who suffer…and finally, give thanks for another life...another opportunity for us to change and repent…

Ate pheng’s right…
Prayers! Prayers! Prayers!


phoebe said...

grabe, super scary tlaga to. Buti naman okay kayo... though sobrang haggard ang every day na pagsuong sa haba. Anyway, ang importante safe kayo at may bubong pa ring masisilungan.
sana bumaba na kagad yung tubig baha.
ingat po!

mishi said...

Tita Baby and family in Vista Verde were safe. They stayed over in one of
their good neighbors but apparently, most of their appliances and belongings
were soaked in flood as the water reached mid-half of their bungalow house.
God is good! No one gets hurt!


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