Wednesday, October 14


My zeby’s turning thirty today- Yey!! If he’s around, I might surprise him again with a basket of fresh roses and cake, or anything he will truly feel delighted and yes, surprised! But the fact is, well…he’s NOT here! *Sniff*

I’m glad to have witnessed myself his last three birthdays (and I intend to celebrate it with him for the next years to come). He’s not actually the let’s-celebrate-and-have-a-party type of person for he might just stumble on his computer desk or play with his psp or laptop or indulge with daylong movies on dvd (truly a simple person by heart). Last 2007, I have with me a box of Black Forest from Red Ribbon (we’re just friends then) and was surprised to learn I was the only visitor he had. Last year was more meaningful for I’ve surprised him with a basket of fresh roses delivered to office courtesy of my friend Nitch who handed the basket all the way from Dangwa to Makati (hehe! Thanks kambal!) And an S’Mores cake from Red Ribbon. Truly, Gil is someone who’s not hard to please, a child-like person by heart who finds joy even in the simplest things in life.

Other than the advance birthday card I made for him this year (and the gift I intend to give him when he came back), I hope he finds way to celebrate this day with a smile. (44 days to go na lang naman! Yey!)

To conclude, let me share with you some part of the card I’ve given him:

…. “I wish you good health, peace of mind, true happiness and cute kids ahead! You just have said -you will hold my hand and keep me by your side- And now I’m saying, I’ll never leave you zeb, for I’ll stay forever! I love you so much sweetheart! True enough…mind, body and soul! I won’t promise to be the best partner…but I will love you the best way I knew!”

Happy Birthday zeby!
I love you!


gilbert said...

Ano kaya yung gift mo sakin pag-uwi ko? hmmm
Salamat po sa card at sa tawag..Na-miss ko ang boses mo..
you never failed to surprise me with your sweet thoughts..
I love you so much zeby!

phoebe said...

ano beh, ang sweet naman dito:) happy bday gil. godbless you both:)


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