Friday, October 9


Gil will be coming back end of next month! Pretty cool! (Sarap pakinggan!)

We already made travel plans and list of possible get-away in anticipation of his coming merely to have something to choose from in case schedules allow us to and yes, to ease up the longings of being apart. *Sigh!

TOP 10 on our list were as follow (not in chronological order though):

1) Visit Ilocos: Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpud in particular and have the best of the North could offer (had my research and prepared itineraries and maps as well).
2) Experience Moon Garden Casitas in Tagaytay.
3) Celebrate anniv at Sonya’s Garden.
4) Tour at Corregidor.
5) Personal visit at Surigao in Mindanao (and wishful side-trips to CDO, Camiguin and Bukidnon).
6) Once a month beach resort weekend get-away (Laiya Resorts in particular).
7) Bohol- Cebu escapades.
8) Mall Tours (as in Mall hopping and restaurants hopping within the Metro).
9) Singapore (and everything on it).
10) Wedding (Oh well!)

Just musing out…and missing Gil so much! =(


phoebe said...

awwww, sweet naman:) glad to hear that, parang pati tuloy ako nae-excite!:) kainggit naman mga plano niyo!haha i'm particularly hoping for number 10!:)

mishi said...

hi phoebe! gil here, hopefully next year yung number 10. c",)

phoebe said...

hello gil! im so looking forward to it:)


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