Monday, October 5

Mama's Big Day in a Whim

Has gotten to Gumaca in a whim for Mama’s birthday celeb! Yey! Happy Birthday Mama!!

The laundry’s done and all and since we don’t have anything to do anymore (except to check on the news whether typhoon Pepeng will still hit Metro Manila as Ondoy did), we decided to pay visit to Mama in Quezon for her 46th birthday despite of the back-to-back typhoons and the still knee-length flood in our area. Together with my brother JV and sister Bing, we went off past 2pm Saturday afternoon and had the briefest Quezon visit ever!

We’ve bought Choco Cherry Torte cake and buttered Puto from Goldilocks upon reaching Guadalupe, rode on a bus going to Alabang and another bus going to Gumaca. The normal travel time is 5-6 hours thru public transport thus we’ve reached Gumaca around 9pm. Upon reaching Gumaca’s town proper, we dropped by Golden Star restaurant to order Pancit Chami to complete our simple advance party treat for mama.

Our residence is a tricycle away from bayan (town proper). Excited, we were even chanting Happy Birthday mama on our way home and glad they were still up (watching the usual teleseryes). Mama was truly surprised and teary-eyed seeing her siblings around especially when each of us hug and kiss her. Actually, this was my first time to celebrate her birthday since college for Oct 4 usually falls on Finals and month-end reports. Such a rare opportunity to celebrate and be thankful of!

Bebe was so kulit and likot! After Mama blew her cake, she lighted the candle up again for bebe to blow this time. Haha! He was pouting his lips to the fullest without the air coming out thus we burst out in laughters. Mama helped him nlang with the blowing. Lol!

As we’re eating, Gil called up, not to whisper mushy nothings this time but to greet mama…JUST mama. Lol! Anyhoo, I was talking (rather chatting) with him naman all the way to Gumaca thru this amazing UZZAP Smart had introduced. (Might make blog re UZZAP one of these days! Lol!) A super handy YM connections, emails and txts for FREE! San ka pa?!

We were watching a movie from Cinema One when everything went off unconsciously. I was supposed to sleep with bebe but woke up at dawn with Mama and JV (And with this bubblegum in my mouth, which I remember was chewing last night!) Haha! Buti hindi ko nalunok! Kakahiya! Lol!

JV still needs to report to work today at 6pm thus we went back to Manila before 10am. (Byahe na nmn!) Today really is Mama’s big day so she still has the whole day to spend with her friends and papa will be coming back daw this afternoon. Too bad we didn’t able to see him.

Had traveled 12hours for a genuine 12 hours of stay and celebration! Had a blast though!! =)

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phoebe said...

ang weird, ngayon lang nagregister na may update ka sa blog mo...di ko tuloy kagad nabasa.

anyways, ka-sweet naman!:) super touched siguro si tita. ikumusta mo naman ako saknya the next time na makausap mo siya:)

ingat!:) muah!:)


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