Monday, July 12

Caramel Macchiato (mah-kee-AH-toe)

barista: (greeted) Can I have your order ma’am?
me: 1 café latte please…
barista: (interrupting) is café latte hot or iced?
me: Hot please. Medium sized. (Blenz coffee sizes are Small, Medium or Large)
barista: 1 medium hot café latte (speaking in full accent)
me: And ahm…(hesitant) 1 medium Iced Caramel Macchiato (messed up pronouncing it as Mah-Shi-AH-toh!)
barista: Ok, additional medium Iced Caramel mah-kee-AH-toe (in fuller accent)
me: (napahiya pero dedma) yes, Iced Caramel mah-kee-AH-toe (repeated what he’d said) and additional blueberry cheesecake and Apple Cinnamon Muffin please… (Speaking with konteng taray!)
Gil was beside me, laughing.
It still makes me smile pag naaalala ko macchiato thing na yun. I really don’t know how to pronounce the word, first time. Buti ba kung Cappuccino lang yun, lol! Anyway, it was our last coffee session together so after Tita Lally, Joy and us been to Chow for Gil’s Lauriat treat, I invited Gil out for a coffee chillax. And for a change, we tried Blenz-A Canadian Coffee Company located at Solaris One, Makati.

Macchiato, meaning something like “spotted” or “marked” in Italian, is an Espresso with a dash of foamed milk. Read it to be the most fattening coffee blend offered in most cafes.

I like their cheesecake (any cheesecake in particular hehe!) though we still prefer Bag of Bean’s version. We were disappointed on the other hand sa Apple Muffin, it was too sweet, coarsely made…nothing to rave about. Di pa ata namin naubos half. Gil’s hot café latte and my iced caramel macchiato were great, only too strong for my liking.

Then been busy camwhoring...

It’s really nice spending quality time together over coffee, no hustle and bustle of crowd…just great music, relax atmosphere and purely sweet talks. I just so miss hanging out with him but not as much as I DO miss him. Been two weeks…

Iced Caramel Macchiato (mah-Shi-AH-toh or mah-kee-AH-toe whatever!), anyone?


Dea said...

Uy, I work in that building, Solaris One. :D I'm from Shell.

I don't like the drinks in Blenz but their pastries are really yummy.

kg said...

grabe! the cheesecake looks so rich! he he!

good thing i only drink frappe. mas madali sabihin! he he!

evey ♥ said...

hahaha nice story u got there mishi! i can relate sometimes its hesitant going to coffeeshops like that you had been kasi you know you have to be sure of the pronunciation of the food/drinks they offer :P but like you said who cares anyway? atleast kakain ka dun at magbabayad :D..

I love coffee too and blueberry cheesecake!! :)

GIL said...

zeb timpla mo ko kape =( miss na kita at ang kape natin...

pusang kalye said...

yan Machiato na yan. haha. lagi akong natitigilan pag nasa counter na. inabot ako ng sampung balik bago ko namemorize. hina ko kasi sa name recall. nakakahiya. haha

chyng said...

^ at ang arte nyan ni anton pag oorder ng machiato! haha

cpsanti said...

i miss my coffee. i usually get the caramel macchiato ;-)

rianess said...

magkamuka kayo ng boyfriend mo Miss Mich. =)


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