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We gave in to THAI

Few days before Gil’s departure, we met up one of his best friends Engr. Romeo Camaya at SM Megamall for some casual despedida bonding. Unfortunately, Meo’s wife She was still at work then so she wasn’t able to join us. They were actually tres-inhinyeros-BES-friends-since-college together with Delio who’s now residing in Singapore with his family (I mean wife and kids—yah, si Gil nlng single).

As we’re craving for some Korean fix again, we also wanted to try new dish as Thai. We let Meo choose between the two and so we ended up at Jatujak Thai Restaurant located at UG/F of Mega A.

It’s our first serious Thai experience since I remember sampling an express bowl of Thai soup before. I relied mostly on my readings re Thai’s specialty thus I suggested Pad Thai, Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad, Tom Yum and Thai Iced Tea. Gil was impressed with the Fried Shrimp Cakes pics thus we had one plus Green Mango Shake. Meo wanted fish so he ordered Pla Pla with Chili Sauce and Thai Iced tea too for drinks. I suggested Bagoong rice din pala but since ayaw ni Gil ng bagoong, we had Fried Rice with Crab Meat instead.

So let the Thai feast begin!

Chicken Pad Thai (Pad See Lew)- P175
Considered as Thailand’s most famous noodle dish. Taste was sweet, nutty and filling.

Tom Yum All-Shrimps (Tom Yum Goong) M- P195
I like the presentation of the pot tapos may apoy sa ilalim to preserve the warmth of the soup. It was sour (and a bit sweet) with strong herb taste of Chinese parsley aka cilantro. Shrimps were fresh though.

Crispy Catfish w/ Mango Salad (Yam Pla Duk Foo)- P195
The picture shows the crispy shredded Catfish (or hito). Green Mango Strips were hidden at the bottom. True enough, the combination was brilliant!

Fried Shrimp Cake (Tod Mun Goong)- P250
One of the few items in our table we could say masarap! The shrimp croquettes were succulent and filling we’re curious how many shrimps they peeled for each order of this.

Pla Pla with Garlic Chili Sauce (Pla Rad Prik)- P280
Fried fish meat served atop the fish bone, galing! (Yep, mukha lang buo pa yung fish pero tinik nlng sya actually).

Garlic Chili sauce plus a collection of sili condiments for additional ‘anghang’ kick were served separately.

Fried Rice with Crabmeat (Kao Pad Poo)- P175
We barely tasted crabmeat actually. Sana they put on more visible strips of crabmeat. Good thing the servings were sumptuous it actually satisfied the three of us.

Thai Iced Tea-P78ea and Green Mango Shake- P85
Surprised to see a gigantic glass of iced tea! Parang flower vase lang! Lol!

(Was able to take few sips lang, di ko tlga gusto milk tea. I traded mine to Gil’s Green Mango shake, eyun nainis…di rin nya gusto milk tea eh! :)

Btw, we borrowed Nay’s digicam since my sister Yca borrowed mine. Few minutes lang sya nacharge, good thing we’re able to take group pics before the battery runs out…



BES friends Gil and Meo

Then it automatically turned OFF again.

Tried to turn it ON again pero ayaw na. Kwentuhan in the next minutes. Just before we left the resto, I turned in ON and Voila!

Couple pic (and the last pic since di na sya nag-ON after this)

I envy those people who appreciate and enjoy Thai cuisines. Odd kz I love hot & spicy and sour foods at the same time. I’m a noodle fan too and a person of soup but the strong taste of CILANTRO in each Thai meal spoils my foodie side. Later on, I learned that Gil and Meo shared the same sentiments, the reason of the leftover foods we decided to take home after (na di rin nagalaw sa bahay). They even exclaimed sana sa Dencio’s nlng daw kmi hehe! Fair enough to give Thai foods a try but dunno if we’ll ever try Thai again…really! :)


Dea said...

Mishi, dito taya nagkaina, I adore Thai food! Maloka-loka ako on our recent trip, dami ko nakain. I just posted a blog entry about the food we had there and I'm not done yet, haha!

Anyway, I'll check this restaurant out the next time I get a Thai food craving. And good to hear na malaki ang glass ng iced tea nila, I'm addicted to it. I hope it tastes authentic.

Dea said...


chyng said...

in return, I will try Korean cuisine soon. Ü

kg said...

thai food has its own distinct taste...and you will not go wrong with pad thai. :) you ddidn't try mango rice?

mishi said...

Read ur entry bout your foodtrips sa BKK,nkakainggit how u enjoyed Thai tlga! You'll surely like it at Jatujak, and yes...super tall ng iced tea nila, magugustuhan mo! Nega kz ako sa strong herb taste ng chinese parsley, di ko tuloy naenjoy kainis! :)

haha! I suggest you try Bibimbap and Sam gyupsal(pork) or chadolbaki (beef), good for starters. Anton knew it too well. :)

tama ka, kg.Each meal has its own distinct taste eh,kakaiba!Pad thai is something. We didn't have mango rice, sayang nga eh. :)

princess_dyanie said...

at least you have tried Thai cuisine this time dba. paguwi na ulit ni Gil kayo mag Dencios! Im sure he'll mis Filipino food!

jungifted said...

To summarize our experience, it’s not that bad, we really just don't appreciated some of the food that we ordered though some are satisfying (like crab rice, crispy "tilapia" strips and the gigantic milk tea).The noodle also taste good but I don't like the "sweetness".

After all, we have all our stomachs filled right? Anyway, I'm looking forward to dining in another resto with you guys..Ciao

GIL said...

I'm not totally impressed with the food's taste, nothing fancy, except for the biggest ice tea serving I encountered so far. Fairly cool ambiance, but I enjoyed dining with you and meo.

pusang kalye said...

I thought I hate anything Thai---that was until Chyng invited out to a Thai resto--now I am a big fan of Thai food. sarap nung catfish no? dimo aakalaing catfish.hahaha

mishi said...

Hesitant kmi dati pa, laging we ended up sa iba other than thai. This time para masatisfy na curiosity, nagtry na kmi. Atleast we've tried it! ^

Haha! Kala ko kung cnong foreigner! Next time ur choice of resto na, try natin yang Ulo-ulo Pata-pata na cnasabi mo hehe. or better yet, try ntin sa SINGAPURA na. Thanks pare sa pagdalaw!^^

Impressed din ako sa tall glass of iced tea but not w/ the taste. Better tried than never. Back to Sam gyupsal tayo zeby...miss the spicy miso soup eh!Amishu zeb! :)

Catfish is crunchy-salty tapos biglang asim nung green mango,galing! Good for you to like Thai cuisines. ^^

Jen Archer said...

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cpsanti said...

my first actual experience of thai food was at the international students' dorm i lived in when i first got to tokyo. my thai classmates cooked for me. initial reaction: ang anghang! but then it kind of grows on you ~ their tom yum is like sinigang and their pad thai is love ;-)


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