Friday, April 16

The Trek Up Kamay ni Hesus

After a satisfying lunch and rest at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, we took a jeep ride going to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine in Lucban Quezon. It is a healing center located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, a compound with the statue of Jesus Christ situated on the topmost part of the hill, and the church at the foot of the slope where the healing masses officiated by Fr. Joey Faller were celebrated every Wednesday and Saturday, 9:30-12noon. (See more of the mass schedules here).

I first visited the church and vow some personal wishes and gratitude for another year He has given me. Thankful for I’m not anymore confused asking the usual ‘Where am I heading at in this life’s journey?’ I’m excited actually of what lies ahead of me…for I believe in His plans and that He has something in store for me in the future.

We’re to look for the Garden of Eden gate since the front gate beside the church was closed when Gil noticed these prayers, dedications and footprints written and marked on the church’s façade.

Kamay ni Hesus is an ideal destination during Holy Week Pilgrims where life size images of saints were displayed depicting the Station of the Cross.

Noah's Ark- still under construction

We first stopped at one corner to light color-coded candles according to intentions (5 different colored candles at P20/pack).

Okay, seems I’m ready to climb up! The guard on duty instructed us not to spend too long upstairs since the gate will be closed at 5:30pm (It’s around 5pm then). No worries, coz it’ll be a swift climb for me (I thought so). Gil was, well, will just wait for me downstairs…church’s side. ;)

I actually didn’t start from point 1 to 2 and so forth. My goal was to reach the top and experience the feeling of being closer to heaven thus I just shoot some stations I passed by. 



After few steps, I looked down…
I’m getting there…

Getting closer…

It actually took me some stops to catch my breath. Lol! This trek was really tiring and leg breaking. I don’t even have bottled drinks or hanky with me. I should have known….Haha! 


The view from the top was foggy and breathtaking! Trees were surrounding the area with benches underneath…a simple way of nature as if saying ‘Come and rest for a while. I know you’re tired. I prepared this shade for you.” I stayed for a while to recharge and savor the experience. If only Gil knew what he’s missing. Hehe! ;)

Don’t ever think that the trek going down will be as easy as I thought. It’s not! Stairs were steep and of large intervals. 

And Gil? There he was…waiting. ;)

Glad to have visited Kamay ni Hesus for the first time. It’s my day today…and I really feel blessed.
the Pieta

We just crossed the street for our last stop before we hit home. That one--on my next entry! ;)

Going to Kamay ni Hesus:
From Lucena Grand Central, hop in a Lucban bound jeep and ask the driver to drop you off Kamay ni Hesus or grotto (the most common term among locals). Fare is at P30/ea. From Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, fare is at P13/ea.


Kayni said...

My first time to read about this. Thank you for sharing.

GIL said...

Napagod din naman ako sa pagaantay ;)

princess_dyanie said...

congratz mishi! nakaakyat ka sa taas! wala din kaming water on hand nung umakyat kami so imagine mo nalang na super uhaw kami haha. pero worth it naman dba pag nasa taas na. :)

Kat said...

Sounds like it's perfect nga for a Holy Week pilgrimage! :)

mishi said...

u'r welcome kayni. My pleasure. ;)

haha! cge na nga! Next time try mo ah. yabyu!;)

yah, worth the pagod talaga.Kaya lng the following day, di ako halos mkatayo hehe.Thanks dyanie! we made it! ;)

yah, dinadayo sya ng mga namamanata eh. All in one destination tlga sya for pilgrimage.

Chyng said...

The place is nice pala, I thought plainly church lang. Next time my mom will visit this palce, try ko sumama. Thanks for sharing! Ü

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sana makapunta din ako diyan..

mishi said...

sama ka's actually a compound, malawak as in di nmin alam kung san pupunta as we enter the gate.A sacred place for Catholics, iba ung feeling. U'r welcome.

yep, of course u will, very accessble nmn ung lugar. ;)

kg said...

the only time i climbed that was the first time we went there. after, sa baba na lang. he he!

we always go there during healing masses (for my mom), kaya madaming tao. good thing you were there na di masyado crowded. :)

mishi said...

i heard of it nga being jampacked during healing masses and holy week season. This place must really be something. Prayers for your mom. ;)

P. Geraldine E. Belarmino said...

my friends and i are planning to go this December. You mentioned that gate closes at 5:30pm. what time do they open? thanks for sharing-luv ur blog

mishi said...

Hi, I'm not sure what time it opens but to be safe, mga 9am cguro open na sya. Anyway, pwede nmn kau magstroll muna around the compound while waiting for the gate up Kamay ni Hesus to open. Enjoy! ^^


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