Friday, June 4


Gil and I were using ‘Engage’ status on FB ever since we joined the social network group and just recently (Friday night), I changed my profile and included his name (automatically linking it to his FB acct) saying “Engaged to Gilbert (Surname).”

The following night, I was surprised to see long piles of notifications referring to that “changed status.” Comments flooded my previously unnoticed account since I mostly just play Tiki Resort and Restaurant City than chat around friends. For the record, we’re not really active members and hardly update the accounts, posting only few pics to share. It’s just so surprising to read comments as “Congrats”, “Congratulations” “I’m happy for you” among sooo many greetings wishing us well as ‘newly’ engaged couple from close friends, not-so-close friends and from mga simpleng kabatian lang. Those who LIKED the issue were another story. Saya saya! :)

To quote my reply:
“Hala! Anong nangyayari d2? Haha! It’s still unofficial though…wala pang singsing (parinig!) Hehe! But this is for good na. And as I found my ‘the one’, I wish the same thing to everyone. Just believe in God’s plan and God’s perfect timing. Cheers to us! :)”

Why am I writing this anyway? Because Gil just learned that we’re ‘officially’ engaged the following night when he saw the comments from his friends on his own FB account. Haha! We burst out in laughter as I kept on saying, “What have I done?” Haha! :)

But seriously speaking, we couldn’t find the right term between ‘In-a-relationship’ and ‘Married’ other than ‘Engaged’. ‘In a relationship’ is an understatement since we’re not anymore on the pa-tweetums stage of the relationship. We could read each other’s mood in a single glimpse, we compliment each other for so many reasons and for 2.5 years of being together (we go to the same office, we live in the same village as in 5mins walk lng cguro), we knew each other too well and accepted not just the good side but each flaws as well. More importantly, we knew we’re heading to a more serious stage in the next months to come. :)

Now my problem is that, how can I broadcast to all that I’m “officially” engaged comes the engagement ring? Or even without the ring (I don’t even consider e-ring important), how could I shout out to the world that he finally (and officially) asked me to marry him and be with him for the rest of his life?

I was just so naïve to know (and remember) that every single action you made on your fb account will be visible to all your friends (and everyone in fb in particular if you didn’t apply some privacy settings). See? I’m yet to discover more bout it. Haha! :)

Good day everyone! :)

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evey ♥ said...

Hey there mishi! Firstly, I wanted to say thank you dropping by my site. :)

your journal is so cute. And am yet to explore more in days time. Hope you don't mind if i will add you.

Anyways regarding FB. I don't like putting so much status in there like sharing of the "day-to-day " do's and don'ts of life. It's too public for me. Like you said people connected to your network would come and go giving you all the blah blahs hehehe..Nakakatamd sumagot minsan! :P

Congrats on your engagement! :) see you around . take care!

princess_dyanie said...

Hi Mishi! You can set your privacy settings naman in FB eh. Like kung anu lang yung mga gusto mo ipakita sa mga friends mo ganun. Pwede rin na ihide ang relationship stat. Basta lahat nasa Account click mo lang yun.

Congratulations!!! Woohooo!! I am inspired to see happy couples! Go go go!! :)

Dea said...

Hi mishi! Super-duper relate ako!

Abet and I are on the same page as you--yung limbo stage that you are talking about where you feel na you’re beyond bf-gf stage na but you’re not yet married. We talked about marriage on Day 1 of our relationship, so all these years we’ve been together were leading up to that. By our first anniversary we decided na we’ll get married on our 5th anniversary, and in 2009 we booked our church for our 2011 wedding. Syempre ang daming nagtatanong if we’re engaged na, and ang hirap sumagot, hehe. Parang ang weird naman pag sinabi ko na, “yes, he asked me to marry him the day naging kami.” :P I don’t believe in proposals pa naman, yung the girl has to wait for the guy to decide when he wants to get married, parang di fair, para sa akin dapat mutual decision to na dapat pinag-uusapan.

Anyway, I’m still learning to let go of labels and enjoy the ride na lang. Basta we’re happy and we’re getting married soon, yun na yun.

Ayan napahaba reply ko, paranga isang buong blog post na, hehe. Nakarelate lang talaga ako! All the best to you and your Gil!

kayni said...

that's one thing about social networks, can you believe that one of my friends got over a hundred bday greetings even from people she doesn't

hmm...i think that you and Gil should enjoy the greetings right now. it's fun.

happy weekend.

Chyng said...

Wag magpapressure, bahala sila. Pero dun din naman punta nyan, na-una lang announcement. :)

phoebe said...

LOL kaw kasi. People,esp the ones from hs, bihira kang maramdaman! Ayan tuloy, mega react dahil nawindang sa status mo!haha I even sent you a message ah! Have you read it? Anyways, lagi ko namang sinasabi na i'm happy for both of you. I'm just sooooo looking forward to the day you say your "I do's" *huggies!*

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

haha..youre right..status is just one of the most commented infos in FB..:P

(p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

Ibyang said...

ganun talaga sa FB, nae-excite ang mga tao lalo status na.

congrats for finding your "the one" :)

my husband and i were engaged for two years and i only received my e-ring three weeks before our wedding. never really thought about it much. i was more focused on getting myself ready for our marriage.

we never told a lot of people that we're engaged, but it was common knowledge that we were serious. nagulat na lang ang mga kaibigan namin nang maka-receive ng wedding invite hehe.

mishi said...

same here. I seldom write thoughts or something sa fb, diretso games agad.haha!I enjoyed my visit at your site.Sooper gurly! Will link u up. Thanks for visiting back evey! Nice to meet you! ;)

@hi dyanie,
belated hapi bday ah. di pa ako mkaonline ng matagal ngaun kya super di ako mkapagbloghop for comments.Di ko alam pwede pla i-hide stat?hehe!Actually, I put on some privacy settings na rin pero syempre,may mga nagiging fb frens ka rin though di kayo masyadong acquainted. Thanks dyanie sa info.Hapi bday!;)

twice na 'tong super relate tayo dea (rmmbr the bar/board exam?) Nkakatuwa!I sooper agree w/ ur statement na dapat mutual ung consent ng couple to enter marriage. Para both of the parties eh nkakapagprepare. Engage stat also means u’r not anymore available to anyone but to that person uv chosen already. Thanks for the chat Dea, I enjoyed this. Best wishes to you both! ;)

mishi said...

I agree. It feels good din reading greetings from everyone we knew, nkakatouch! For sure ur friend was overwhelmed sa surprise! Have a great day kayni!;)

Lol! Sabi ko kay Gil that night, Ayan ha…in-announced ko na engagement ntin, pakasalan mo nako! (Habang nagtatawanan!) Pero honestly, we’re more on natouched, not actually pressured. :) Thanks Chyng…FB friends na rin tayo! ;)

Naguilty pa daw ako nung mabasa ko message mo haha! Sooper natouched ako upon reading it and sori for not answering yet, baka tonight. No need for coming over for the event if ever, db we’ll be the one to visit u jan? It’s an honest mistake (mistake? Lol!) but glad to hear old friends’ greetings and best wishes. Love you ate Pheng. You’ll be one of the 1st persons to know about the details, promise! Mishu! *Huggs*

korek! Haha! may naencounter nako before eh (single to In-a-relationship, In-a-relationship to single) tapos super mega reactions tlga! Eh ako nmn Engage to Engage to Gil, big deal pa rin pala! Haha! Thanks ayu! ;)

Baka ung e-ring, sign of formality nlng noh? When u’r really serious with getting married, marriage should be the main focus, not the wedding. Cge babawi nlng kmi. Next time around cguro, I’ll post the wedding pics na, tsaka na ung nagging preparations. Haha!Thanks Ibyang for sharing your thoughts. Welcome to my site! ;)

pusang kalye said...

totoo yan--so better be careful---it could either make or break your day---kahit na subrang small change in status lang sa FB...that's how it is....

...about the ngagement thing---it ruined it..pero look at the brighter side, nauna na yung announcement, pag dumating yung actual day na me ring na and official na talaga...that will be your time to celebrate it in private...after all, engagements are for the 2 of you...cheers~~~~

Kero said...

Congratulations, Mishi!

I added you to my bloglist as well =)

Cheers from Dubai!

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello... thanks for visiting my blog... i already followed yours, hope you follow mine too...

with regard to your post... don't worry, if it is God's will, everything you hoped for will turn out right...

Calvin said...

congrats mishi! malaking bagay yang engagement so dapat matuwa mga tao and i-congrats ka. hehehe. =)

mishi said...

i like ur to celebrate it privately.

nice meeting u kero! :)


haha! Naman! :)

Nicely said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you :D

Sana si Yobs din magpropose na, with matching singsing, nang maibroadcast na din sa fb. Wish ko lang sana... Hahaha!


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