Wednesday, June 23

Missing Baguio

Our scheduled Baguio visit this year will not push through anymore for Gil’s not comfortable commuting. Been planning already of it since I learned of Camp John Hay’s Camp Manor’s Irresistible Baguio promo of almost half the price OFF. Can’t blame Gil though for we’ve been obviously experiencing catastrophes from different sides of the world, and commuting all the way to Baguio wasn’t a great idea (Sour graping). Lol!

I just remember exactly how it feels traveling with Gil alone for the first time, 3D2N. How we struggled to get the ‘chance passengers’ tickets at Victory Liner station in Cubao at 1am and reached Baguio city proper just after the sun showed up. Gil was so excited visiting Baguio for the first time so as soon as we get off the bus, we asked for a cab to take us to Philippine Military Academy.

...then take advantage of the cool breeze along SM City Baguio’s veranda…

...before we looked for a hotel to stay. It was a long weekend and lucky us to get a room at Golden Pine Hotel even without reservations.

After a decent dinner at Andoks, we savored the cool breeze at Rizal Park and stroll around the city proper later on till our legs cramped up…

...good thing our room has bath tub we’re able to have hot bath that night and the night after that.

I remember so well how excited we were the next day for we’re to go strawberry farming at La Trinidad’s Strawberry farm.

..but it was too hot (we actually had sunburn) we decided to visit our next stop, the Bell Church.

...had some photo ops at Baguio City Hall, lunch at KFC Session Road then visited Baguio Market for some fresh fruits after.

We enjoyed the first half of that day but got to enjoy more the rest of the day as we continue our tour and proceed at The Mansion…

...Wright Park just across The Mansion…

...and experienced being lost at Camp John Hay…

Good thing we still able to attend the Palm Sunday mass that night.

Dinner was a take home feast of pizza and lauriats.

The next (and last) day, we found ourselves at Mines View Park first thing in the morning…

...and head to Botanical Garden after that.

Burham Park was intentionally put at the last part of our list since it’s located in the heart of Baguio proper…

...and since Orchidarium is within Burnham Park’s premise, we paid off a visit as well…

...before heading back again to Baguio Market for some goodies as fresh strawberries, jams and Lengua de Gato as pasalubong.

It was our first ever do-it-yourself getaway and though we really did enjoy the trip, we admit that it was one heck of a tiring experience jumping from one point to another. And so we thought of going back to Baguio the 2nd time around…to just savor the cool June breeze, to get lost again at Camp John Hay’s ground hand-in-hand, to run around CJH eco trail, to sip the best coffee while chillaxing, to feel his arms around me while walking and talking about anything possible, be it nonsense or otherwise…to just steal some quality time together…

We could still visit Baguio anytime of course, but…okay, not now…not in the next five months

...for I only have seven days left remaining before he fly back to Japan. *Sigh.


kayni said...

your photos made me miss Baguio a lot. this is where i spent a lot of my vacations when i was a kid and my dad's hometown.

you're right, there'll be a next time. i hope you two can visit Baguio again soon :).

Chyng said...

very memorable talaga yung 1st trip together. good idea to still blog it kahit matagal. you need to document. masarap basahin yan pagtanda nyo.

(me thinking kung ano gusto ko ipabili sa japan- actually meron!!!)

kg said...

aawww...goodbye for the meantime na naman? sama naman sa japan! he he!

it's been a while since i've been to baguio...3 years na ata! with your post, parang gusto ko uli tuloy pumunta!

mishi said...

i still could feel the cool breeze pag nakikita ko pics nmin. Hope u could visit Baguio again someday pagdalaw mo ulit ng Pinas. Good wednesday morning to u kayni! :)

korek! Hehe! :)
Sure chyng, PM mo ko or Gil ng ipapabili mo. Kaya lng by December pa uwi nya. Pag may uuwi earlier than Dec, I'll let u know. :)

yeah, goodbye for the meantime ulit. Sad! :(

Nkakamiss tlga Baguio! Btw, will wait for more of ur US trip posts. Have a nice day kg! :)

princess_dyanie said...

hay memorable talaga ang 1st trip together. eh sandali lang naman pala si gil sa japan eh. super keri mo yan! after 6mos eh pinas na ulit sya. pwede pabili kay gil ng mga pagkain? ahahahha! ;)

mishi said...

hi dyanie,
mejo sanay narin ako kz pang 4-5 hatid ko na ata 'to sa knya sa airport.Sad lng kz part na sya ng everyday routine ko, yun...nkakamiss tlga. Haha! U serious? May bilin ka rin ba? :)

Dea said...

Hay, I miss Baguio rin! Last year every month akong nasa Baguio kase first year yung kapatid ko sa PMA. Ngayong 2nd year na siya, di na namin masyadong nadadalaw, nakakauwi na kase siya.

I agree, super memorable ang first trip together. Ayan, eto kami ngayon, addict.

Keep yourself occupied na lang. Before you know it, andyan na ulit si Gil.

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

aww..wonderful pictures..i havent been in Baguio but i want to go there someday :D

phoebe said...

naku, magpapa-miss na naman pala si Gil:) Dalawin mo rin kasi siya dun! tapos daan ka dito bago ka umuwi!haha maikli lang ang six months, he'll be back in no time. at least you'd be sooo looking forward to christmas this year.. or new year na ba?hehe :) amishu! *tsup!*

dong ho said...

actually there's much to see in baguio other than the usual spots. that gives me the reason to plan a trip there again. but not so soon as the rainy season comes in.

mishi said...

Di kita masisisi kung maaddict ka magtravel. Iba ung feeling to explore new places tapos kayo lng dalawa hand-in-hand. Everything's fresh and exciting + you get to know each other better pa.Thanks Dea!^

Hi Ayu! B4 u knew it, you're on ur way to Baguio na for a trip so be ready! :) Thanks Ayu for droppin in! ^^

hi ate pheng,
Oo nga eh, sad!^ We're working out for my visa ***OOps! Pero ang higpit ng japan eh!Anyway, matuloy or hindi, ok lang nmn kz halos araw araw din kmi magkausap. Im still positive we cud visit u there anytime in the future. He'll be back Dec.1^ Amishu ate pheng! Kelan ba uwi mo?

@dong ho,
Oo nga, there's much to see in Baguio pero kz 1st time nya kya I needed to tour him around the famous ones muna. Thanks Dong Ho sa pagbisita! :)


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