Saturday, September 18

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I suddenly miss blogging. I was too occupied for some time now since Gil's been out of the scene but I still take time to read posts once in a while.

Just for an update, I've been to Gumaca Quezon-my hometown for two consecutive months, last month to attend to my nephews 2nd birthday and last long weekend for more quality time with my family, which I consider a rare scenario since I only got to spend time with them during long holidays since I started working. But what's 6 hours of land travel anyway? Shorter time of travel if thru private cars.

Coming from Manila, Gumaca is the 8th town of Quezon province passing along Tiaong, Candelaria, Sariaya, Lucena, Pagbilao, Atimonan, Plaridel then Gumaca. Two more towns on the south, Lopez and Calauag and you'll be right at Bicol proper, Camarines Norte.

Gumaca is situated along Lamon Bay which separates Alabat Group of Islands (Alabat, Perez and Quezon) from the mainland; right behind those islands is the biggest body of water, the Pacific Ocean.

I have already talked about Gumaca's historical landmarks here. This time, I want to introduce to you two of the most interesting restaurants in town: Bulwagang Salakot and Kapitbahay.

Bulwagang Salakot Restaurant

Bulwagang Salakot is located at Ave-Sol tourists complex in Brgy. Rosario, just along the highway and in front of Shell Station thus it's an easy find for commuters. It's an all in one accommodation as the complex housed a hotel, function hall for big events, restaurant and cafe, boutique and souvenir shops.

This restaurant offers wide array of items on their menu but what interests me the most is their specialty-- bibingkang galapong. I heard a lot about it but, okay...I haven't tried it yet! Odd 'cause walking distance lng sya from our house. So what a curious me should do? I tagged along my sister Yca and both we had our first bite of it right inside their Cafe Soledad.

Bibingkang Galapong for only P30

It was soft and creamy and goes well with coffee. I was actually expecting it to be a bit chewy but since it was just re-heated, it wasn't served as is. I just hope they serve brewed or sprecialty coffees other than instant. But bibingkang galapong definitely is a must-try and a great choice as pasalubong.

Kapitbahay Food Center

Kapitbahay reminds me of my grade and high school days where most of the memorable experiences of my life were held. My staple? Palabok and Mais Con Yelo. :)

Kapitbahay started as a small restaurant only near Gumaca Public Market and eventually it opened another chain called Kapitbahay Reception Hall, a two storey restaurant for big events and celebrations. Kapitbahay prides itself in making the best and most affordable pancit in town--bihon, canton, miki, sotanghon etc (affordable as an order for less than P100 could be shared already by 4-5 persons). Aside from pancit, it serves wide choices on their menu from pizza, burgers, fries, Pinoy viands, desserts and a lot more.

Mais Con Yelo-P23

Pancit Palabok- P25

Fries w/ Thousand Island dip- P20

I was surprised to see these from old files (photos taken at Kapitbahay Food Center dated year 2008).

Mama and sister Bing

gil and I (mukha akong!)

And Ooopps! Try also my favorite toasted siopao from Marvelous Bakery near the public Market. A different twist on your usual siopao...sarap! :)

If you're to visit Quezon or Bicol, try to drop by Gumaca for a quick satisfying meal over at Bulwagang Salakot and Kapitbahay. Not only that they're amazingly named (like their names actually) but they serve amazing foods as well. Take it from a native Gumaquena! ^-^

Special thanks to my dear sister Yca for the ride. *Hugs!


GIL said...

okay nakuha mong model wah hehe.zeb ilibre mo nmn ako ng bibingka at toasted siopao! i miss gumaca & i miss you! iloveyou po!

mishi said...

huh? natikman mo na toasted siopao db? dalhin kita sa bulwagang salakot paguwi dahil jan, umuwi ka na!haha! mishu zeby..yabyu tuh! :)

kg said...

tagal mo nga nawala mishi! i missed you!

it's nice to read something abut gumaca...we always pass it by when we went to bicol before. [taga bicol kasi mother ko.]

Chyng said...

ako din gusto ko toasted siopao!
pag free tayo lets go to binondo!

(honestly, ayoko na din magonline para maiba naman. everyone's online. kakasawa)

kayni said...

mais con yelo fan ako. nakakagutom. it's lunch time here. i hope all is well.

pusang kalye said...

when in Quezon--talagang food trip parin. ang galing naman ng town nyo---parang Ilocos ang dating,.. nasa tabing dagat yung road tapos hills na......

SimpleMomRizza said...

katuwa naman ng iyong pagbabalik sa Gumaca Mishi :) kain to the max!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate it. - Kapitbahay


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